Job applicants are becoming more and more competitive. To compensate for your lack of skills or experience, go all out when it comes to crafting your resume. Your traditional resume may go unnoticed in a pile of other resumes. Ditch the standard. Out with old, in with the new. Make your resume eye-catching now by downloading one of our free Creative Resume Templates. These are preformatted with a colorful blend of colors and decorative layouts. We offer 100% customizable, printable, high quality, professional, quick, and professionally written templates. Available in A4 & US letter sizes and MICROSOFT WORD. Hurry and download any of these free creative resume templates now!

What Is a Creative Resume?

A Creative Resume is a document that showcases your credentials and qualifications in an organized manner. Job seekers submit this document to companies in hopes of landing a job. Modern resumes are sent either in person or through email. Your resume should match the position that you are applying to. Resumes are commonly used by working professionals and high school and college students. Creative resumes are appropriate for interior designers, architects, graphic designers, photographers, animators, etc.

Your elegant resume will surely catch the eyes of a recruiter. However, it pays to know your limits because 40% of recruiters lose interest over an overdecorated resume. You can be decorative or creative in your resume as long as it does not overwhelm the recruiter. Resumes contain stereotypes such as "Hardworking, Reliable, Great Listener, etc." Try to avoid these as much as possible because 50% of recruiters discard employees who have these in their resumes.

How to Create a Creative Resume?

Your resume should represent you in the best way possible. To help you create a competitive resume, go through our guidelines below.

1. Decide on the Resume Format

Your resume's information should be arranged from the most recent to the least recent one. Include only the relevant job experiences in your printable resume. Recruiters spend less than a minute scanning your resume. Take advantage of this information by highlighting critical information from the start.

2. Update Your Contact Details

Do not forget to update your contact details before you submit your corporate resume. You might have an obsolete phone number or email address. You can also provide your LinkedIn account. Again, do not forget to double-check.

3. Use Fonts Responsibly

Ensure readability in your professional resume by responsibly using an appropriate font. Fonts such as Arial or Calibri are suitable for a formal report. Applicable fonts sizes should be between 10 and 12 only. Irresponsible font usage may discourage the recruiter from reading further.

4. Use Numbers

Providing numbers in your worker resume will increase your chances of being hired by 40%. You may include, "Increased sales by 50%," Numbers contribute to your credential's weight.

5. Download Our Free Templates

If you want less hassle in creating your creative resume, download our free templates here at Aside from creative resumes, we also provide simple resumes, modern resumes, and many more! Our models allow you to modify the default colors and fonts to your liking. No need to look for a graphic designer or artist. These also have high-quality images and artworks for free! Where else can you get a great bargain?

6. Proofread Your Resume

Spelling and grammar errors are what you should look out for before submitting your resume. 59% of recruiters are more likely to reject you because of these errors. Ask a friend or a colleague to proofread your resume for you.

Creative resumes are not limited to certain positions. It can be used for business executives, supervisors, HR Managers, and administrative assistants alike. Keep the layout to a minimum so as not to overwhelm the recruiter.

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