How To Create An Experience Resume In Adobe InDesign?

If you present a resume with no experience, it will turn out to be flimsy and would likely be rejected. According to statistics, 91% of the employers are likely to be favorable with those resumes who establish work experiences. Also, 61% of the total number of employers wanted to read relevant work experience in your resume. As a result of this research, to achieve your dream work, a work experience resume fits for you! To learn more about modern writing of experience resume, stay on this article, and read further about it.

1. Write Your Experience List

Before writing anything on your experience resume, you need to make a checklist of all of your job experiences. As a senior or executive in your field, your experience can be your passport to land on your desired work destination. If you are a nurse with 2 years experience of working, whether in a public or private hospital, include it. If you are a software engineer with experience being an online software engineer in a company, then write it. Whatever you may consider as an experience and would benefit you for your resume, you can write it down.

2. Choose Your Experience Resume Format

There are certain types of resume format that you can consider. Whether you will use a chronological format, functional format, or a combination format. Out of these formats, combination format is the most preferable format for an experience resume. It will surely highlight your experiences as it is a hybrid of the two formats which you will have a functional format in chronological order. It will be an effective way to arrange your experience that is beneficial for your resume.

3. Download Experience Resume Templates

If you have decided on the two factors that you need in your experience resume, you can now download a template. We, at, we offer hundreds of options of experience resume templates that you can download. Why download templates at We guarantee you that we are producing infographic templates that are best for you. Our templates have original suggestive headings and contents that are 100% customizable base on your preference. Our experience templates are also downloadable in Adobe InDesign and other file formats that you want.

4. Fill Out Information

With your downloaded experience resume template, you can now insert the first two steps you made. First, whether you will put your portrait or not, it is optional. Afterward, fill out your personal information or curriculum vitae (CV) and include your contact number. Then, make a space for your experience list. You can present it from your latest experience to the oldest. Also, organize it through bullet points. Afterward, you can insert other information needed, such as your educational background, awards, certificates, skills, languages, and interests. Make sure to be specific and accurate as possible.

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