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When applying for a job, the resume you send over to job recruiters acts as a marketing tool that helps you sell yourself, specifically your skills and experiences. To gain access to a resume that exactly does this, make sure you get to download any of our free Experience Resume Templates in Microsoft Word. Improve the way you market your capabilities with resume templates such as Senior Civil Engineer Resume Template, Banking Resume Template, Experienced School Teacher Resume Template, and many more. What makes these templates even better is that you can further customize it according to your personal needs without hassle. Ensure making the best first impression using any of our free easily-editable and 100% customizable resume templates.

How To Create An Experience Resume In Microsoft Word

A resume summarizes your expertise, skills, and achievements. It's a rapid unveiling of who you are. They serve as a "snippet" of yourself to attract and accentuate interests and secure an interview. To advertise yourself to hiring managers, writing a resume is an instrument. You might get an interview if your resume is appropriately composed. If you have difficulty in securing one, then, your resume may be inaccurate. If you have an interview, however, but is not hired, then the problem is probably the way you behave yourself in the interview. 

The main highlight of a resume is to describe your work experience, so why not compose an experience resume? Template.net is here to help you in producing an effective resume that will emphasize your experiences. Read and follow our steps written below.

1. Choose The Chronological Resume Format

A chronological resume could be the easiest resume to compose and is usually the layout that employers prefer. It is a resume that enables employers to browse through swiftly and get to know for your work experience and skills. That is why we highly recommend using this resume format since you aim to make an experience resume. Using this format will enable you to highlight and emphasize your work experiences before whether it is paid or unpaid.

2. List Your Previous Jobs

The primary thing that a hiring manager will look at is your work experience resume. The best way to pique their interest is to list your previous works in reverse-chronological order. It means that you will list your jobs from the latest ones. Start listing from your most current job, the one before it, and so on.

3. Compose The Other Resume Information

An experience resume does not only composed of your experiences but, it also contains other important information about you. Since you are done highlighting your work experiences, it is time for you to write additional information. Make a heading on each essential details like your work objective, personal information, achievements, and references. Remember that whatever resume type you will be making, you still need to have a clean resume as an outcome.

4. Make Each Section Stand Out

Even though the main point of your resume is your experiences, it does not mean that the other factors that were written are not necessary. Everything in your resume is what made you, so you need to emphasize each heading stand out. To achieve this, use fonts that are bigger than the other fonts and make it bold, underlined, or italic. Anything that you deem will make it easy to be seen.

5. Seek Help With Ready-Made Templates

Be quick and instead of starting from nothing, use resume templates. Download one of our experience resume templates and have a comfortable life. We have ready-made templates that are perfect for any professional job you are aiming for. We have here an executive creative resume, modern engineering resume, photo resume, and many more. When you download and customize our templates, use Microsoft Word as the software. Microsoft Word is perfect for any type of word document and will allow you convenient typing.