What Is a Fresher Resume?

A resume is a document that contains a person's summarized educational background, credentials, and accomplishments. They are tools used to apply for a vacant job application. Fresher resumes are usually for fresh graduates of high school or college. They can also be used by people who have less than ten years of job experience.

How to Make a Fresher Resume in Adobe InDesign

There are many ways to create a resume. You can make it a single page or even two pages. Some people tend to get creative and opt for making a photo resume. People typically use the likes of Microsoft Word; however, there are programs like Adobe Photoshop or even Adobe InDesign that can help you make your resume. Here, we will be going through some tips for creating a fresher resume using Adobe InDesign.

1. Create a Layout

The first thing you need to do is to plan the layout for your resume. You will have to create a series of rough drafts to help you decide which layout is to your liking. Having around three to five is probably the safest amount to help you decide. You're going to have to mark the areas to know which area you're going to put a section of information. You can make your draft on a separate sheet of paper or even use Adobe InDesign. If you're using InDesign, you can save time by using a single tab and adding different layers. Lock the ones you won't be using and hide them from view so you can focus on a single draft.

2. Choose Your Photo

The next thing you can do is select the photo for your resume. It's similar to creating a photo resume. You just need to find an appropriate photo. You have the option to use your graduation photo. Make sure the photo you're using looks professional enough to make your potential employer your future employer.

3. Make a Header

For this type of resume, you're going to need to make a header. Usually, you just write your name, but you can include other details like your profession. You also have the option of adding your contact details such as your mobile number, landline number, and email address. Graphic designers usually add their websites if they're making a graphic designer resume as a reference to showcase their works.

4. Organize Your Content

Using your draft, fill in the content according to your markers. You have the option to follow three resume formats: chronological, functional, or a combination of both. However, it's best to use the chronological format. Use this to highlight your educational experience. If you have had internship then you can include it as well.

5. Highlight Your Achievements

Because you're a fresh graduate, you won't have that much work experience to include in your resume, so what you can do to make yourself desirable to the company you're applying to is add your achievements in your time at school. This will convince the recruitment team that you're a valuable asset.

6. Review

As you finish your resume, it's advisable to make a quick review to ensure you haven't made any grammatical or typographical errors. If you do find them, immediately fix them. Make sure your details are concise.

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