How To Create Modern Resumes In Adobe Illustrator

A modern resume is a brief written summarization of a job applicant's personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experiences. Compared to other sample resumes, this type of resume are usually presented in a creative and artistic manner, which makes it stand out from other forms of resume. These documents are very useful in finding jobs, and how you make and present them can be one of the determining factors to consider whether you'll get accepted or not.

On average, it only takes 5-7 seconds for a recruitment manager to scan and analyze your resumes. That is why you have to make a resume that would surely be able to catch their attention in just one glance, well if that's the case, then a modern resume can surely be a big help for you. Learn how to make and design a clean yet creative looking modern resume in Adobe Illustrator with the help of some simple guide tips that we have provided below.

1. Don't Over Complicate Things

The last thing that you don't want to happen to your resume making is to complicate its details. Remember that your primary purpose in creating it is to gain your employer's interest and to be able to schedule an interview the day after. To possibly do that, you have to keep your modern resume as clear and concise as it can be, make it easy to follow so that the hiring managers can easily read and spot the important information stated in it.

2. Include Big Achievements

Next, provide some past and present achievements which you think can be a great asset in creating professional resumes. State them in your resume by including specific details about what you have achieved in these previous roles together with some powerful words like 'launched,' 'influenced,' 'increased/decreased.'

3. Use Formal Fonts

Resumes should be made in a formal and professional manner, and one of the ways that you can achieve that is by using appropriate typefaces. For formal documents like this, opt to follow the standard fonts that are much simple and easier to read. Times New Roman, Verdana or Arial Size 10 or 11 are the best typefaces that you should use and apply in your modern resume making.

4. Avoid Using "I"s & "Me"

Strictly avoid using pronouns like "I's" & "Me" in your resumes, particularly one-page resumes. This will just come out redundantly if you would use them. The recruiter already knows that the resume is all about you, so words like "I" & "me" won't be necessary for this. If you want to state goals that you have achieved with the help of others, strictly use "we."

5. Provide Professional Looking Informations

Make sure that all the details presented in your basic resume are professional and understandable, especially when it comes to your email address. Statistics have shown that 76% of resumes get rejected because of its use of an unprofessional email address. If you don't want that to happen to your modern resume, then you probably have to start changing your email ad now.

6. Tailor It To The Job

Lastly, make sure that all the skills you are going to provide in your printable resumes are tailored perfectly to what your potential employer is looking for. For instance, if you're applying for a project manager or software engineer position, make sure that your management and problem-solving skills exceed the expectations of the hiring manager.

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