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How To Create An Hourly Schedule In Microsoft Word?

Study shows that they are multiple health benefits of having a routine. So as a busy individual such as yourself, who might be at risk of health problems caused by daily, weekly, and monthly work stress, you should have a routine of your own. It might be a struggle at first, but don't worry. Creating an hourly schedule or planner will make it a lot easier. Not only that; we will also guide you. Whether you're a student, an employee, part of an office management workforce, the tips we've gathered in creating an hourly schedule will undoubtedly help you.

1. Launch Microsoft Word

You might be thinking, why Microsoft Word? First of all, Microsoft Word is readily available in almost every computer system. So there's no need to spend your money on installing other word processors and editing software. Second, Microsoft Word already has everything that you need to personalize your hourly schedule as much as you can. Other word processors and editing software may have superior features and tools, but they're not ideal for the likes of schedule sheets. Plus, they're very costly. To sum it all up, we simply encourage you to opt for Microsoft Word since it's more practical.

2. List Down All Your Daily Tasks

Using a separate sheet or any piece of paper, list down all the tasks that you regularly do each day in your 7-day work schedule. We advise you to list each task or event chronologically so that it'll be easier for you to integrate them into your hourly schedule sheet/form. You may also use a timeline chart for this matter. Remember that what you're making is an hourly schedule to establish a daily routine, not a work schedule. Hence, you should include your sleep schedule, leisure activities, and other extracurricular endeavors of your 24 hour day as well.

3. Select An Hourly Schedule Template From Us

We understand that you're a busy individual, and you probably don't have any time to create an hourly schedule form from scratch. For that reason, we offer you to take advantage of our editable and printable Hourly Schedule Templates. Each of them already has a pre-made format. So no need for you to formulate your hourly schedule from nothing. You can even modify them in Microsoft Word should there be any need for you to do so.

4. Integrate Your Listed Tasks And Add Notes

With the list of tasks you've made, integrate it accordingly with your chosen Hourly Schedule Template. Of course, this time, it should be arranged in chronological order. In addition, you can also add some notes to each task if necessary. For example, if the task is purchasing your weekly groceries, and there's an additional item you need to purchase that's not part of your regular grocery list, you must take note of it by integrating it as well in your schedule. Lastly, make sure that the number of hours that you'll allocate for each task is sufficient.

5. Pin It Together With Your Calendar And Test It

Once you've printed your hourly schedule, it's best to pin it together with your wall calendar so that you can conveniently check on it from time to time. The following day, test run your established hourly schedule and assess its effectiveness. Make some adjustments with it if it's not as effective as should it be. After a few tests, you may be able to have the perfect hourly schedule.

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