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What Is a School Menu?

A menu is a guide for customers before they order food or beverages. It usually comes in a list that enumerates meals and refreshments that are available and ready to be consumed. A menu can be digitally represented or printed on a medium like a high-quality paper. There are restaurants that put menus outside their establishment. Similar to a typical restaurant menu, a school menu is a list of food and drinks that can be consumed by the students. However, unlike fast food menus, a school menu is preferably healthy options for its consumers.

How to Make a School Menu

The crucial part of crafting a school menu is how to create well-balanced school meals. In making a meal for students, you have to ensure that they have the nutrition they need throughout the day to learn. Research shows that receiving free or reduced-price school lunches reduce food insecurity, obesity rate, and poor health. Since there are restrictions on the students' diet, there are tools online that could help you provide a well-balanced school menu. The school meals must meet a consistent set of science-based nutrition standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Follow these steps in making a school menu to ensure that students are served with nutritious food.

1. Plan the Menu

In planning a school cafeteria menu, remember what meal you are going to serve the students. Most often, the school serves breakfast meals, middle meals or snacks, and school lunch meals. During the planning of the menu, you can consult a professional nutritionist to you with the food menu. The nutritionist will help you look over the things that students need to get through the day and learn. Major studies have shown that children are eating more of their nutritious school lunches and wasting less food.

2. Select a Template

Though you can make a school menu out from scratch, we recommend using a printable menu template. With the help of a school-menu template, you will spend less time figuring out what meal will be available in the cafeteria on that day. With a template, you can organize a set of healthy meals that you will serve for the day. Templates are customizable so even if you are planning for a month-long set of meals for the students it is doable. Also, having a template is very handy in making a day-to-day basis set of meals.

3. Fill In the Template

If you have consulted a nutritionist, by this time you already know what kind of food you are going to serve for the students. It is very important to consult a professional in making healthy options when you feed young minds. If you have set out your meal plan and food checklist already, you can allocate them on what day the meal will be available. You can label your menu with the set of food and the day the meal is available.

4. Edit the Template

Once you are done filling all the important parts in your menu template, try to look for misspelled words, incorrect quantity, or wrong information. If you wish to decorate your menu to entice students to avail of the meals in it try to use colors that appeal to the appetite and high-quality images to entice your consumer.

5. Save and Print

When you are done with your school menu, save the document. Print your school menu in a high-quality paper. After printing, you can place your sample menu on tables, counter-tops, boards, or even on digital screens.

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