Call logs are lists of incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages. It records information on the details of the calls like the name of the caller, the purpose of the call, the phone number, and the time and date the call was made. A call log is a valuable tool that affects the productivity of a person or an organization in general.

If you want to manage your personal calls to take note of the unknown numbers and prank callers, connect with other people, and keep track on the messages you received over the phone, our sample call log templates can help you organize and detain the information you need.

If you are a salesperson or an insurance agent, call logs are imperative to your efficiency in getting more sales and in keeping records of your existing and potential clients.

If you are an employee of a service oriented industry like hotels and customer service companies, you need a call log sheet more than ever. This helps you keep track of the orders, service requests, complaints, and other messages that can affect the operations of the business.

Keep a record of your calls history and increase your productive interaction with our free and easy to use call logs template. These templates are professionally made and easy to edit. There are different designs that you can choose from to suit your preferences. Aside from Microsoft Word, these templates are also downloadable in Google docs, Apple pages, Google sheets, and Apple numbers and can be shared digitally.

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