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How to Create Raffle Tickets with Adobe Illustrator

Did you know that in 2014, America took in $70 billion from the lotteries sales in that year? That is more than all the sales spent by 50 sates in America on sports tickets, books, video games, movie tickets, and recorded music sales. Businesses tend to use this marketing strategy to gain more revenues and clients with this promising offer brought by the raffle tickets. But raffle tickets won't be sold if they look dull and unattractive. If you are planning to give out raffle tickets, then make sure to have the ticket design attractive and alluring. For your benefit, we have some tips and steps below to guide you on how to create a raffle ticket effectively.

1. Select a Ticket Theme

Tickets are like other marketing materials—like business flyers, brochures, etc.—they need to have a concept. For your raffle tickets to get recognized, you need to choose a theme for your raffle draw. Are you doing it for the Christmas holiday? Or are you having the draw for charity? Holding raffle draws could mean a lot of things. The theme concept will help your audience know the purpose of your event. You can also base your ticket layout design on the theme.

2. Pick the Raffle Prizes

Raffle tickets are like discount vouchers. You can redeem prizes using this numbered small piece of paper, but it has to be drawn by the organizers—or you won't have rewards to claim. For you to catch people's interest, you need to put up a price worth buying a bulk of raffle tickets. Prizes can be free movie tickets, concert tickets, appliances, and many more. Some businesses put up a grand luxury prize for a single winner among hundreds of participants. You should think of a product or service that you know your consumers would want to take as a reward. Other raffle draws select more than one winner. You can also do that raffle drawing, so long as it fits your event budget.

3. Choose a Layout Design

You need to choose an organized ticket layout for your raffle ticket. Just like any other event ticket, it has to have the essential details that your audiences need to know about the lottery. As mentioned earlier, the designs of your event tickets should incorporate with the theme you have chosen.

If you don't want any hassle, you can always look for ticket templates available online. These downloadable templates are editable in any device you have. Since it comes in different styles and formats, you can choose any ticket template that suits your preferences best. Have them downloaded on your device for editing.

4. Customize with Adobe Illustrator

Start customizing your tickets using a reliable editing program like Adobe Illustrator. This application offers you features and simple tools to use when adding images, texts, and graphics—making your task a lot easier and faster.

Since you already have a printable ticket template, you can start filling in the details you need for your raffle tickets. Modern raffle tickets usually have ticket numbers, the name of the event, prizes involved, and the date of announcing the winners. Your tickets will also serve as an infographic about your event. Make sure you place these details to keep your audiences guided accordingly.

5. Print and Share

You can print your printable tickets on a high-quality paper after finalizing it. Make sure you have reviewed the details to avoid any conflicts and misunderstandings with your customers. You can post your raffle ticket sales online as well for the convenience of your audiences.

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