Traveling can be a pain if you don't have any clear budget-friendly plans with where to go, where to stay, where or what to sightsee, etc. As much as you want to create your travel itinerary from scratch, there are just too many things that you also need to prepare. But fret not, we have created ready-made Travel Itinerary Templates that you can use for your domestic or international travels, family vacation, personal tours, and even for your travel agency. These templates are simple yet creative; you can easily customize them in any versions of Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages to suit your day-by-day schedule. Plus, these are detailed, easily printable, and easy to use. Don't waste a good vacation with a messed up itinerary, download our professionally created templates today!

What Is a Travel Itinerary?

A travel itinerary is a simple document that contains the schedule of activities that you intend to do during a planned trip itinerary. It usually contains the places or destinations along with the specified times that you want to go. The means for transportation to move from those destinations are also included. Generally, a travel itinerary is used as a guide to ensure that you can have a clear idea of your supposed whereabouts on certain days in specific locations to maximize your time and enjoy the place without blowing your intended budget.

How to Create a Travel Itinerary

1. Start with Your Travel Time Frame

As much as how you want to spend a long period of time in the country or state that you want to visit, certain responsibilities will not permit you. Hence, you have to set a time frame for your travel. You need to determine when you will be leaving and when you will be coming back to plan your simple budget and activities accordingly.

2. Do Your Research

Whether you're booking a flight spontaneously or not, researching will help you out. Research will help you find the perfect country or state to visit, cheap flights, discounted hotel bookings, must-try restaurants, and must-see places. Hence, before you even start packing for your trip, you need to know how you can get there and what activities you can do to make your trip worth it.

3. Decide on What Medium to Use

As you know, you can now easily create your travel itinerary on your phone's built-in notes app or through a third-party app. But since your gadgets' battery can be drained throughout the day, having a hardcopy of the sample itinerary might come in handy. With that said, deciding on what medium to use will depend on your comfortability, but since having both digital and traditional copies will not hurt, so why not just use both?

4. Fill In the Day-by-Day Slots

After doing your research and choosing your preferred medium, you can proceed to fill in the day-by-day slots of your event itinerary. This is where you write down the museums you want to check out, the restaurants you want to try, the destinations you want to head to, and so on. You need to specify the time of your departure for each slot and ETA; make sure you allocate enough time for unexpected delays or certain issues. You also need to include the means of transportation for each activity or location.

5. Save and Distribute Copies to Family

After filling in your day-to-day schedule, make sure to save your output on your device or email. As you know, going on a solo journey can be fulfilling but it can also be challenging. Aside from money and time constraints, it can also be physically dangerous when you travel alone for the first time in certain countries or states. Hence, you should provide copies of your Business itinerary to your family so that they have an idea of where you are on certain days.

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