Vacation Letter Word Templates

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Vacation! It's the time when you can chill, have fun, and leave stress behind. But, if you have to or want to tell people about your vacation, you can always send them letters. Whether you want to share your fantastic vacation with someone or request vacation leave at work, you can choose from our high-quality templates. Get one from our original stack of Ready-Made Vacation Letter Templates in Microsoft Word. You can edit, tweak, customize, and print these templates all you want! These are professionally written for your convenience, too. Download one now and get positive responses from your recipients! 

How to Create a Vacation Letter in Word

A lot of people look forward to vacation. But did you know that most Americans don't use their vacation (even when it's paid), The Washington Post stated. They are afraid to leave work or don't just have enough money to have one. But, regardless of this fact, you should take time to have an absence from work. You need to have a break to avoid too much stress. Moreover, if you're planning for a vacation from work, you should file a vacation letter. Are you having trouble to make one? Don't worry, because we'll help you write a simple letter. You can follow these tips below:

1. Know Who Your Recipient Is

The first thing you have to consider in writing a vacation letter is your recipient. Knowing the person who'll read your letter is going to help you choose the language and the tone of your simple letter. Since you're writing a vacation request letter, we can assume that you're writing it to someone who has a higher rank than you. So with this, you already know that you should write a formal letter.

2. Be Polite

You should always make sure that you're polite throughout the printable letter. You should always show your respect by showing it through your use of words. Your voice should show that you're requesting the leave and not demanding it. This way, when the recipient reads the letter, he or she will understand you.

3. Explain the Reason for the Leave

Your recipient should know about your whereabouts. Although your recipient would know that your letter is for your annual leave, it's still your responsibility as an employee to tell them the reason behind it. For example, you can state that you want to use your leave for a holiday to spend time with your loved ones. Also, don't forget to include the schedule of your leave so that your manager will know the date of your absence from work, and when you'll come back.

4. Show Your Concern

The company should feel that you still care for it even when you're on leave for vacation. You should show it in your leave letter. You can also explain in the letter that you asked other co-workers to attend to some of your responsibilities while you're gone. By doing this, your employer wouldn't worry about the workload that you left behind.

5. Use a Vacation Leave Letter Template

A vacation leave letter template is going to help you easily construct your letter. You can use the content of the template and just change some of it to fit your purpose. For that, we have an easy route for you. Don't look anywhere, the templates above are written by professionals to help you. You can use the template content as your sample letter, too. You can edit the template in Microsoft Word. After that, you can print the letter and send it weeks in advance to your recipient. Have fun on your vacation!