Whether you want to promote your sports, spa, salon, or bookstore, there’s a perfect template you can use in this vast array of ready-made Book Voucher Templates in Adobe Illustrator. All templates are made with creative image suggestions for better presentation with suitable fonts, colors, text, textures, backgrounds and more. These templates are fully customizable in all versions of Adobe Illustrator. Each of these high-quality templates is tailored for any type of business, so downloading one can save you time and money. Make your business grow when you grab one now from these ready-made Book Voucher Templates in Adobe Illustrator!

What Is a Book Voucher?

A book voucher is a redeemable gift certificate that can be exchanged for benefits and perks. It entitles the holder to get discounts or even access to an exclusive sale of a certain brand. Vouchers are great for promoting businesses as it allows them to introduce whatever products and/or services they have to offer to their customers. In academic settings, bookstore vouchers are widely used because financial aid can greatly diminish their chances of incurring excess funds while attending school. These bookstore vouchers would enable holders to purchase books and other program-related materials.

How to Make a Book Voucher in Adobe Illustrator?

People find certain ways to entertain themselves while trying to save big. Discounts give them the chance to enjoy the many perks of traveling, dining, relaxation, and even education. Making a book voucher is really simple. You only need your idea, a good looking template, and application of these tips to create a good book voucher people would want to have. So to help you make one, here are a few tips that will teach you how to do so via Adobe Illustrator.

1. Target Market Research

Conducting a target market analysis will help you create an idea of what you would have to include in your book vouchers design to determine what kind of customers you want to attract, whether they are enthusiastic new readers or loyal clients who have been around for a while. For example, a spa business can target housewives or office workers. Owning a bookstore can mean that you can distribute your vouchers to schools and other academic institutions.

2. Creating a Rough Draft

Before you start making the actual voucher you’ll have to create a couple of rough drafts to determine which one is the most effective. You can create your draft on a sheet of paper or even Adobe Photoshop. When you pick out your design, you can scan the paper to import it to Illustrator. If you were using Photoshop, you can save it as a JPEG file and just trace over it in your Illustrator. Just remember that an important factor in creating a voucher is the layout. Your content has to be properly spaced to avoid shoving them all into one tacky looking visual appearance. An alternative to creating a rough draft is by following a customizable certificate and just have it personalized.

3. Determining The Service and Validity

You need to determine the kind of services that your voucher can offer, whether it’s a discount by percentage or a fixed price off. You also have to include information like how many books the voucher is valid for, what kind of books it can purchase, the branches that it can be used in and its expiration date.

4. Executing Your Design

Now, this is the fun part. Since you have a chosen design, you can put a couple of layers (it depends entirely on you how many you want) above the reference. As for your colors, make your settings CMYK to give it the same color for when you have the design printed out. You can also adjust the size to inches to give you an idea of what it’ll look like in the actual dimensions. When you finish the design, save two copies. One in .ai format in case you want to change a couple of designs and the other in JPEG format when you come up with a final design.

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