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What Is a Business Voucher?

A business voucher is a document that can entitle the holder to discounts, special access, or in-store freebies in either the electronic format or the traditional paper. It is used to get discounts on certain products and services and can come in the form of either a gift certificate or coupon. It is a marketing tool used by retailers, marketers, and restaurant owners to attract customers to come and visit again.

How to Create a Business Voucher on Adobe Illustrator?

Vouchers are effective marketing tools that can benefit both small and big businesses. Although initially starting off in the form of paper, they have evolved into the electronic format since the digital age arrived. No longer done in the traditional handcrafting process, computer programs have been the most effective tool in creating vouchers. One of these programs is Adobe Illustrator. It is widely recognized for its user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Below are steps that can guide to creating an effective business voucher using Adobe Illustrator.

1. Planning Your Content

The first thing you need to do in creating a business voucher is planning what it has to offer. Take a minute to step in your customer's shoes. Now think, what do I need? That or try to entice the customer to think that they need something. Make an effective plan for your discount scheme that doesn't negatively affect your profit margins. You can decide between giving a discount by percentage or giving the cash price they need to pay.

2. Creating Your Layout

Next thing you need to do is open your Illustrator program. Set your format to landscape and adjust the dimension according to the size you want. The standard voucher template size is 3x8 inches but you can adjust the width. You're going to have to make a couple of rough drafts to focus on your layout. What you can do to save time and serve as an alternative to opening multiple tabs is create several layers on the single tab, lock the ones you won't use, and hide them. That way you can focus on one layout after another.

3. Designing the Voucher

When you've decided on your layout, you can proceed to the visual design. Import the image or images of your choice and drag them to your designated spot. Make sure the image is of high quality. Avoid using stock images. You're going to want to showcase your products or services to your customers. If you don't have time to take pictures yourself, you can always create vector images. Modern vouchers have been using them as an alternative. The last thing you add to your design is the font for your content. Adobe Illustrator already has preset fonts. However, if you're looking for different kinds you can always go through a few sites to find one to your liking.

4. Review Your Work

When you finish, you can take a step back and breathe. Take some time off before you review your work. When you come back, look out for anything that might be out of place or the template itself. Elements that are usually outside of the box end up getting printed along with the design. Fix that and then proofread the content for any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors. When you've changed everything out of place, you can save the file or export the image into JPEG.

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