How to Create a Shopping Voucher in Word?

Coupons, gift cards, and shopping vouchers help businesses profit more in the long-run. For one thing, they bring in more customers to your business, generates more revenue, and helps you compete with other businesses. Creating a shopping voucher is quite easy, simply follow these few simple steps and you'll create one for yourself in no time.

1. Choose a Layout for Your Voucher

The layout of your voucher is very important for the presentation. Choose the right one that can accommodate both your information and design. You may download some of our shopping voucher designs in PRO which can be edited in Microsoft Word. Simply select a template category and customize your shopping voucher, then you are ready to go.

2. Provide an Amount for Your Shopping Voucher

How much do you intend to give your customers your shopping voucher? Is $1000 big enough? Or would you rather decrease it to $500? What's important is you're generating more revenue with vouchers. Once your customer receives a shopping voucher, what comes to their mind are free money or a discount coupon. This means that they will be spending more than the value of your voucher because it makes them feel like they have saved a huge amount of cash.

3. Write the Necessary Information

Your voucher needs information for your customers to know what it's all about, and for you to trace your transactions. Write the specific store your voucher is applicable, and the amount of discount or monetary value you are giving your customers. Create blanks for your customers to fill-up their names, email address, phone numbers, and signature. Don't forget to simply list your terms and conditions about your voucher and it's validity.

4. Create Limitations on Your Voucher

Studies show, that people in general love discounts, sales, and promos to save their budget. But, no matter how good your offer is, your voucher needs an expiry date. How long will your voucher last? A month? A year? Decide on the period of validity of your vouchers, and specify the stores it is only applicable. At the same time, identify if your voucher applies to online shopping or regular shops.

5. Get Creative with Your Designs

A good presentation has a huge impact on your customers. Your design will automatically tell your customer what type of shopping voucher they received. Is it for a birthday promo? A Christmas sale? A grocery voucher? Or a fashion voucher? Make sure that your colors and design are complementary to each other. Add pictures for your background if necessary, and emphasize your discount.

6. Distribute Your Shopping Vouchers

Where and how do you like to distribute your shopping vouchers? Commonly, these shopping vouchers are distributed through membership signing for their first purchase from a specific shop, first 10 people to win in a raffle draw, or the first 100 people to subscribe to a channel in some website. The way you plan to distribute your shopping voucher shall depend on you.

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