A work from home proposal or a bid is a formal document that is provided for a client from a freelancer who is working from home. It can also come from the employees themselves, requesting the upper management to work from home. A typical work from home proposal includes a brief background about the business or the writer of the proposal, scope of work, pricing, and terms. This outline does not apply to all proposals because it depends on the purpose or matter of said proposal.

Every so often, clients have difficulty searching for people to do the work or project for them. They advertise or promote the set of skills that they need at the moment in hopes that a freelancer will submit a proposal. For your proposals, take a look at Template.net’s printable work from home proposal templates. These templates and its design or format are editable through the website’s editor tool. Just click your chosen template and you will be taken to the editor tool. However, you can edit these templates through various file formats such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages, and Adobe PDF. You will be required to sign up for a membership before you can download the sample proposal.

According to Furst Person, working from home or telecommuting saves a lot of time of money for the employer and the employee. Businesses who allow their employees to work from home save over $11,000 a year per half-time telecommuter. The employee, on the other hand, saves more than $4,000 annually by spending less on auto repairs, gas, food, etc.

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