For business professionals, attending professional conferences, group meetings, delegations, workshops, training, and seminars has a beneficial impact on the organization. In every business event that you attend, the event hosts usually present a decent courtesy like workshop certificates for them to appreciate the guests in giving their efforts by joining in the event or training. With our beautifully designed Workshop Certificate Templates in Word, the event hosts don't have to worry about spending another dime just to hire a graphic designer. Be it for participation certificates, attendance certificate, and more, these certificate templates will only serve you nothing but 100% customizable and high-quality features that can be used in any comfortable device that you can use. So, what are you waiting for? Use one of these certificate templates today!

How to Create a Workshop Certificate in Microsoft Word

A workshop is an organizational program that is mainly organized to educate, to implement new practical knowledge, skill, strategies, or innovations to participants in which they can use in the workplace or daily life. Workshops are usually arranged for students and much more for the workplace. As mentioned from Chron, training and development in the workplace are important because this can help address employee weaknesses, improve better performance, structured training, and job satisfaction. As the employees participate, they are going to receive a workshop certificate that signifies their participation in the event.

Since a certificate is intended to acknowledge the recipient for his efforts, every detail must be crafted in a way that is worth-keeping for the recipient. By using Microsoft Word on your computer or smartphones, we're going to create a personalized workshop certificate for you to reward people. Read and understand these tips below:

1. Specify the Name of Organization Holding the Event

Including the organization's name or company name in the certificate would make it more legitimate as it gives the recipient a degree of credibility and competence. Not only you are emphasizing the organization, but you also give its brand identity some respect and dignity. For you to be guided, you can also check out some other downloadable sample certificates and study the layouts.

2. Elaborate the Type of Award

Since there are many types of workshop certificates, you must specifically choose the main purpose of making a simple certificate in the first place. It is therefore recommended that the type of award or certificate should always be placed at the very top portion of the certificate every after the organization's name, whether it is a completion certificate, appreciation certificate, or course certificate, and more.

3. Always Highlight the Recipient's Name and the Accomplishment/s

Putting the recipient's name on the creative certificate makes it more special and worth keeping. Aside from being special, the recipient's name is the most essential piece of information, as it defines one from the other, indicating that other certificates belong to another individual with their names on it.

Also, the recipient's name should be set on the largest text among all the other texts in the basic certificate. Since the main purpose of awarding certificates is to recognize and honor the recipient, showing off the recipient's name in the large text will make it easier for the audiences to identify the awardee. As you highlight the recipient's name in large texts, elaborate on the following accomplishment/s that the recipient has achieved and highlight the details in italic or bold case.

4. Include Signatories

For a more legitimate certificate, include the names and signatures of the various officials of the organization. Doing the latter signifies that officials such as the CEOs, department heads, or managers authorize the award certificate given to the recipient. In return, the recipients will achieve a better job when they discovered that the efforts they exerted are being appreciated.

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