Comic Strip Sizes

Comic strips come in a variety of sizes as these could be found in various reading periodicals such as newspapers, magazines, websites, and comic books. To help you start working on your next comic strip project, let us explore the different kinds of comic strip sizes in this article. comic-strip-sizes

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Comic Strip Sizes Standard

Comic strips come in a variety of sizes, and these sizes are often determined by the country or region where the comic strip has been created and published. Here are the standard comic strip sizes to help you identify which works best for your creation.


US size standards are 6.875” × 10.438” inches bleed, 6.625″ × 10.1875″ trim line.


EU standard size is  8.4″ x 11.6″ inches bleed.

Japanese Comics

Japanese comics or Manga have a size standard of 5″ × 7.5″ inch trim size.


Comic strips found in magazines and newspapers follow the size standards of 8″ × 10″ or 4″ × 5″ inch print format.

Comic Strip Sizes for Digital

General Websites

For webtoons or comic strips found on public websites, you can adjust the strip size to 800 x 1280 pixels.



For Facebook, uploading a comic strip would require the size for landscape orientation of 1200 × 630  pixels, portrait requires 630 × 1200 pixels, and for square images, the standard size should be 1200 × 1200 pixels.



Instagram landscape images require 1080 × 566 pixels, portrait orientation is 1080 × 14350 pixels, and square photos are 1080 x 1080 pixels.



Twitter requires images to be 1600 × 900 pixels. The aspect ratio is between 2:1 and 1:1 on desktop and 2:1, 3:4, and 16:9 on mobile.



Posting a comic strip on Pinterest requires the image size to be 1080 × 1920 pixels. The maximum file size is 20 MB with an aspect ratio of 9:16.


Comic Strip Sizes for Print

Comic strips that are to be printed may follow the size standard of 6.875” × 10.438” inches with bleed with a trim of 6.625″ × 10.187″ inches.


Comic Strip Sizes for Email

When sending a comic strip via email, you must take note that different email providers follow their own email size and storage limit. Yahoo Mail and Gmail’s email size is 25MB, while Microsoft Outlook and iCloud email size is 20MB.


Comic Strip Sizes for Business

Comic strips are not only made for newspapers, graphic novels, or webcomics; because of their popularity, a number of businesses have adapted comic strips as a means to promote their brand. For business purposes, the use of the standard dimensions mentioned earlier applies.


Comic Strip Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

When creating a comic strip using Adobe Photoshop, the standard trim size is 6.625″ inches (width) × 10.25″ inches (height), and the image resolution should not be reduced to 300 dpi.


Comic Strip Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

When using Adobe Illustrator to create a comic strip, the trim size should be 6.6.625″ inches (width) × 10.25″ inches (height).



What is the size of the comic strip?

The standard measurement of a comic strip is 6.875” × 10.438” inches bleed or 8.4″ × 11.” inches bleed.

How many panels are in a comic strip?

A comic strip has a minimum of three panels and a maximum of five panels or six at the most.

What is an A4 size comic strip?

An A4 size, for a Bristol paper sheet, has a size measurement of  210 × 297 mm or 8.27″ × 11.7″ inches.

What are comic strips: horizontal or vertical?

Comic strips usually take on a horizontal layout or box-type format to draw the cartoons.

What size are comic strips drawn at?

Comic strips can take on a number of sizes depending on the cartoonist; single panel strips are about  3.5″ inches × 4″ inches while a multi-panel comic strip is 13.25″ inches × 4.25″ inches.

How long is a comic strip?

A comic strip would only take a grid of half a page, roughly 10 inches high and 14 inches wide.

What was the first comic strip?

The first comic strip was called The Yellow Kid, which was the first to use speech bubbles and was later followed by prominent comics with famous character names such as Popeye, Garfield, Archie, Peanuts, and many others.

How many pages is a comic strip?

A comic strip can vary in page count, from a single page like what you read in daily newspaper editorials or about 48 pages long for graphic novels.

What size are comic book panels?

A blank comic book panel can take up a  6.875″ × 10.438″ inches bleed, and the artwork within its panels of around 6″ × 9.5″ inches.

What are comic book frames?

A frame or panel is a major part of a comic strip as it is the structure that holds the art, drawing, and fonts, and this creates spaces that separate one frame from the other.