Coupons, along with vouchers, promo codes, and discount codes, are one of the best ways to save money considering that it certainly is a big deal for consumers to cope with the financial stress they are going through every day. You can apply these to everything ranging from essential groceries to hotel and restaurant bookings. coupon

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Coupon Definition and Meaning

A coupon is a ticket that gives a consumer the right to have discounts for specific products or services.

This piece of printed paper allows the consumer to save money when purchasing products or availing of services.

What Is a Coupon?

A coupon is a small piece of paper that is usually 3” x 6” in size. Its front side is printed with details that include the establishment’s address, email address, phone number, and the offered discount.

10 Types of Coupons

Discount Coupon

Discount coupons are traditional coupons that are used to give consumers weekly or monthly discounts, minimum purchase reductions, and percent-off markdowns. These coupons are often given and taken even without a special event going on.


Gift Coupon

A gift coupon is given to a customer who is significant to the brand or business. This is typically given to customers who are celebrating their birthdays, using the service or shopping for the first time, and picking out the best travel packages for their honeymoon.


Reward Coupon

Reward coupons are offered to consumers who are loyal to the brand or business for a long time. With these, deals such as redeemed points, cashback offers, milestone discounts, event attendance offers, and free shipping are given instantly.


Referral Coupon

Referral coupons are typically found through social media platforms wherein influencers and celebrities alike share promo codes for brands that they’re ambassadors of. These are also not limited to giving incentives for liking and following their pages and channels in exchange for codes and discounts.


Food Coupon

Food coupons are promotions offered by restaurants, cafes, and at times, hotels. These types of coupons are in most cases in the form of printed pre-launch offers, seasonal offers, and buy-one-take-one coupons.


Holiday Coupon

Holiday coupons are typically given on special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Weddings, and so on. Moreover, these are also made available in other usual yearly events such as back-to-school months.


Promotion Coupon

Promotion coupons are quite different from traditional coupons since these are given following a marketing strategy to promote the business, brand, or event. These are also repetitive to sharing the information or news about the establishment.


Subscription Coupon

subscription coupon is usually distributed through email or newsletters. When a customer subscribes to the brand or business, he or she immediately receives special coupons that are not found on any other website.


E-Commerce Coupon

Coupons that are in the form of promo codes, pop-up messages, and even emails or newsletters are what we call e-commerce Coupons. These are never printed and are only found on the internet like website coupons.


Simple Coupon

Simple coupons are printed or digital coupons that either are taken from magazines or newspapers. These kinds of coupons are also used to call handmade coupons that are made for fun by regular individuals.


Coupon Uses, Purpose, Importance

Using coupons will not only benefit the customer, but also the company that is selling the product or service. The following are the main purposes on why coupons are regarded as important:

Save Money

It doesn’t matter how much a consumer can save when they use coupons to avail of products or services, saving money means something. When they can spend less and buy more, they are more likely to come back every time they have coupons.

Build Connections 

Establish trust and provide for your consumers’ needs and wants by making specially designed coupons. Building connections with your consumers by offering new products or services at discounted prices will help build a lasting connection.

Implement Loyalty and Trust

Offering coupons and discounts in any manner to your customers will make them feel good about spending their money. Customers would keep coming back for more and eventually invite potential customers in as well. 

Feel Satisfaction 

It feels satisfying for consumers to collect the coupons for a specific brand or service. This can also make them feel that they have done something clever since they have purchased something other than what they find as discounted items in a typical sale. 

Control Marketing Costs

From the establishment’s perspective, using coupons will give them a chance to reduce their marketing expenses. This is because coupons bear the name, address, and contact details of the business, the same information seen on flyers and posters.

What’s in a Coupon? Parts

Although coupons come in rather small sizes, essential information is printed on its front side for the consumer to follow through when purchasing something. 

Offered Discount or Promo Code

The offered discount or promo code is highlighted in the coupon. The text is typically bigger and is of striking color to easily entice consumers. 

Name of the Store or Business

The name of the store is usually placed after the offered discount or promo code for the consumer to follow and visit. This could either be a physical store or an online one.


The store or business location follows right after the store name for the consumer to visit. This usually applies to physical stores only.


The store hours refer to the hours the store or business is open and available.

Phone Number

This section shows the telephone number or cell phone numbers the consumer can use to contact the store or business.


This is the official website of the store or business or third-party websites wherein the coupon is obtainable.


How to Design a Coupon?

1. Pick a Coupon Size

2. Decide the purpose of the coupon

3. Select the Coupon Template

4. Add your company’s logo

5. Specify the discount amount

6. Make the finishing touches and download

Kindly refer to the link below for learning how to create coupons in another file format:


Coupon vs. Voucher 

Coupons are special tickets that a consumer can use repeatedly to lower the price of payment.

Vouchers are one-time promos that a consumer can use during the time of purchase to avail of discounts or free samples.

What’s the Difference Between a Coupon, Discount, and Promo Code?

A coupon serves as an authorization for the consumer to avail of a certain product or service.

A discount is the given markdown, highlighted as a percentage, printed on a coupon.

A promo code is a specially created cryptogram that is applied under an online purchase to avail of limited-time discounts during a specific season or occasion.

Coupon Sizes

The two standard coupon sizes that are commonly used by brands include 3” by 6” and 2.5” by 6”. Some coupons are quite similar to business cards, they have dimensions of 2” by 3.5”.


Coupon Ideas & Examples

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How Do Coupons Work?

Coupons work as payment alternatives to cash, they have monetary values that are used up when there is a purchase of goods.

What Is a Digital Coupon?

A digital coupon is an offered discount or promotion seen in online stores and the company’s official websites.

What Can I Put on Homemade Coupons?

Homemade coupons can contain the same details as printed coupons, and these include but are not limited to the business name, promo code, and contact details.

What Is a Payment Coupon?

A payment coupon is a receipt that contains details of the payment. 

How to Create a Coupon Barcode?

You can create your very own coupon barcode through websites that issue a UPC (Universal Product Code) and a UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) like GS1 US. 

Can I Use Photocopies of a Coupon?

No, you not allowed to use photocopies of a coupon since it is considered counterfeiting.

How Many Coupons Can I Use at Once?

You can use as many coupons as you want as long as you are following the terms and conditions of the brand or establishment.

How Do I Get a Coupon or Promotional Code?

You can find coupons in newsletters, emails, pop-up images, books, magazines, flyers, and posters.

How Do I Redeem Digital Coupons?

You can redeem digital coupons by subscribing to the brand’s newsletters or paying an annual membership fee.

Why Use Insider Coupons to Save?

Using insider coupons will help you save especially when you are on a tight budget since these serve as limited edition codes that you can use anytime and anywhere.