What is a Simple Coupon?

A simple coupon is a marketing material used by businesses to grant the holder discounts, rebates, or special promos. A coupon is a small piece of paper which can also act as a promotional tool at the same time for small business.

How to Create a Simple Coupon

Experts recommend every business type to have their own sample coupon to use for marketing and promotions. Customers love going back to stores where they can get the most out of every purchase. Here are some tips on how to create a simple coupon.

1. Choose the Right Coupon Size

Picking the right coupon size is important when making a coupon template. There are various coupon sizes to pick from, the most common coupon sizes would be 2.5" by 6" and 3" by 8". The coupon size must be taken into serious consideration because an inappropriately small coupon would be easy to lose and might cause an error to the machine. While a too large coupon might be too bulky to carry around.

2. Pick the Appropriate Font Size and Type

Just like the coupon size, this is another element that must be thought well. If you are settling for a small-sized coupon, you have to make sure that the texts would be legible and easy to read. Meanwhile, if you want a large-sized coupon, you have to pick a font type and size that won't overcrowd the entire layout. Choose between a casual font type or a fun font type, depending on your preference.

3. Settle with a Striking Headline

To make your coupon template equally attractive, choose a striking headline that will catch the attention of anyone. You can tie it up to a benefit to make it more appealing. Mention what they will be getting and the benefits that come along with it. Use the active voice when constructing your headline to make it easier to read and understand for your customers.

4. Use the Right Images, Designs, and Graphics

Feel free to design your coupon template however you want to but always make sure to use relevant designs and images. Always remember to keep your coupon designs professional and simple. Never overcrowd your discount coupon with stickers or art that will make it looked childish or poorly done.

5. Set an Expiry Date

All good things must come to an end. Setting an expiry date on coupons is important as it regulates consumer behavior. Putting an expiry date on your coupon helps create a sense of urgency to the customer. The best time to use coupon is always on the same day after you got them. Expiry dates also help manufacturers in their financial liability towards the customers.

6. Set Right the Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are a set of rules and guidelines that the customer must agree upon in order to avail of the privileges or offers given to them. Terms and conditions avoid chances of abuses to the privilege, gives you the upper hand on terminating accounts, and also it sets liability limits which are very important.

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