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Digital signages are a convenient form of advertising since they allow you to change the contents of the display at a moment’s notice. If you want to know more about digital signages, then feel free to read on. digital-signage

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Digital Signage Definition & Meaning

Digital signage is a form of visual communication that makes use of an electronic display (most commonly an LED display).

This is usually seen in an outdoor location such as an office lobby, shopping mall, restaurant, or airport, and is sometimes interactive in its design.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a tool that displays multimedia or video content for informational or marketing purposes. It makes use of LEDs or LCDs to showcase its content, which can be related to a new business, supermarket products, healthcare technologies, and so on. It is also a powerful way to influence a customer’s experience, behavior, and decision-making process.

10 Types of Digital Signage

Food Advertising Digital Signage

If you own a restaurant business and are looking for ways to spice up your advertising, then a food advertising digital signage may be for you. You can use this to display your appetizing advertisements for your food products or your brand. Also, you can make use of this to market promo offers such as discounts for every food purchase.


Company Digital Signage

company digital signage is beneficial for those who are looking to advertise their brand to the people. To have the maximum chance of exposure for this purpose, you can install this near the kiosk at a business expo. Its design usually varies between different companies and the message that they’re trying to convey.


Recipe Digital Signage

A recipe digital signage is perfect for restaurants looking to share their recipes with the public via social media platforms. This works great should the restaurant elect to have a sign in their indoor setting. The design of this one is usually striking and should catch the viewer’s attention while they are inside the restaurant.


Coupon Code Digital Signage

Businesses that are looking to promote their product sales and discount offers for every retail purchase may make use of a coupon code digital signage. This is handy for them since it is changeable at any time should the offer end. It is usually installed in places with high amounts of foot traffic for maximum chances of engagement.


Christmas Digital Signage

A Christmas digital signage is typically used to promote any event during the Christmas season. Be it a Christmas concert, Christmas sale, or charity event. The design elements of this type of digital signage usually revolve around the Christmas theme such as its colors and Christmas gift boxes.


Soccer Digital Signage

Tournament organizers may look at using a soccer digital signage to get people to attend the game. This is perfect for promoting an upcoming school soccer tournament or a large soccer event between two cities. Its design elements should revolve around the game of soccer to match the event being promoted.


Business Hours Digital Signage

Establishments that operate at specific times of the day may look at business hours digital signage to display relevant information. This usually states the business hours of a small convenience store, cafe, or bank. This type of digital signage is normally presented in a vertical manner and is located near the establishment’s entrance.


Price List Digital Signage

A price list digital signage is usually common at establishments that offer in-house services such as a beauty parlor. This normally contains details such as the name of the shop and the price list of the different services they offer. Like the business hours digital signage, this is usually located right at the entrance.


Travel Deals Digital Signage

travel deals digital signage is used by travel agencies to promote deals that exist when someone travels to a certain place. This usually contains elements such as the images of the place that has the travel deal, including the net cost after the discount has been applied. Since this is meant for promotional use, this signage type is installed in areas with large foot traffic.


Father’s Day Digital Signage

Father’s day is usually one of the most anticipated days of celebration for dads everywhere. A Father’s Day digital signage can be used to promote activities or events that relate to the occasion. Companies can also use it as a simple greeting to their customers who are fathers.


Digital Signage Uses, Purpose, and Importance

Digital signages can either be promotional or informational or both of them. They are usually identified by the public as a monitor or a screen that displays all relevant information by the party that utilizes them. Here are some uses that digital signages can bring.


In the old times, people used to look at small maps when they were at malls to direct them to their intended store. Nowadays, digital signages make wayfinding much easier. Digital signages that are built for this purpose are usually interactive, such as having touch screen capabilities.

Ease of Deployment

Digital signages are important to businesses because of several factors, one of which is their ease of deployment. And, in a few clicks or updates, the contents of digital signage can be changed to adapt to the demands of their target market.

Company Memos

Instead of using old-fashioned bulletin boards, companies can make use of digital signages to deliver important announcements within their workplace. The management team of the office can easily deliver important updates within a moment’s notice to their employees. An advantage of this one is that it is normally engaging and eye-catching to everyone in the office.

Emergency Reminders/Announcements

Digital signages can also be used to relay reminders or announcements on what to do in case an emergency happens. This usually contains a video regarding what to do, directories on where to go (such as the nearest hospital), and some emergency contact numbers. Having digital signage allows the opportunity for important safety and emergency messages to be safely and efficiently distributed.

More Attention from People

Digital signages are also important for businesses since it lets them gather attention from people who would normally just walk past their establishment if the signage is not present. It can be also used to leverage motion from customers to get them to enter their place of business.

What’s In a Digital Signage? Parts?


This part of a digital signage system can refer to the monitor or the screen to be used as the main display.

Support Hardware

This refers to the hardware that is used to support the digital signage display, such as a mount, wall bracket, and so on.

Media Player

This refers to the device that is connected to the main display and is used to play the media that serves as the content of the digital signage.

Content Management System

This can refer to the open-source software (such as the android operating system) that is used to update and manage the contents of the digital signage.

Main Content

This part serves as the heart of the digital signage and refers to the text, the photos, and the graphics that are displayed on the monitors.


How to Design a Digital Signage

1. Choose a digital signage size

2. Decide on the purpose of the digital signage

3. Pick a digital signage template

4. Modify the contents of the digital signage template according to the chosen use

5. Add the necessary graphics/photos and colors

6. Finalize the template and download


Digital Signage vs. TV

Digital signages are essentially devices that can be used to promote content and will usually need dedicated devices such as media players to expand their capabilities.

TVs are devices that are fully-functioning systems with built-in tuners and sound systems and other capabilities that allow them to function as a stand-alone unit.

What’s the Difference Between a Digital Signage, Digital Display, and TV?

Digital signages are devices used to promote informational or marketing content and can be interactive.

Digital displays also display content but compared to digital signages, they are not interactive and only serve as a display.

TVs have built-in systems such as reception tuners and sound systems, and other components that make them function as a stand-alone unit.

Digital Signage Sizes

There are many different screen sizes when it comes to displaying digital signages. Here are some of the most common digital signage sizes in use:


Digital Signage Ideas & Example

Here are some creative digital signage ideas and examples that can help you when you’re on the lookout for one:

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How to create digital signage

Creating digital signage involves picking the right size for the signage, deciding on its purpose, selecting a template, modifying its contents, and adding the necessary graphics or photos.

What components will I need for digital signage?

The components needed include the display, media player, mounting hardware, management system for the content, and the content itself.

Why should my business/organization use digital signage?

Your business or organization should use digital signage because it is capable of catching the eye of passersby and will leverage their motion to enter your establishment.

What is a digital signage player?

A digital signage player is a form of media player that connects to the main display and is used to render the content to it.

How to make your own digital signage

To make your own digital signage, determine the purpose, decide how big or small it should be, and identify the elements to include in it.

Where can I use digital signage?

You can use digital signage in areas of high foot traffic to provide maximum chances of engagement.

What is required to set up a digital signage system?

The things that are required include the main display hardware, the media player, the support hardware, and the sound systems if you prefer to do so.

What kinds of digital signage displays are available?

The kinds of digital signage displays include LCD, LED, projector, and e-paper.

How do I manage my content on the digital sign?

To manage your digital sign content, you can use programs such as Easyscreen, Signage CMS, Google Slides, and MS PowerPoint.

How to create digital signage with PowerPoint

To create digital signage in PowerPoint, start by putting together the graphics and content, setting up the slides, and then selecting kiosk mode in PowerPoint to make it run in a continuous loop.

How does digital signage advertising work?

Digital signage advertising works by getting more people to know about the product being advertised, which can lead to an increase in sales of that particular product.

How is digital signage used in product promotion?

Digital signage is used by placing it in areas with high foot traffic or in crowded areas to increase the chances of more people getting interested in the product being advertised.

How digital signage can help your business?

Digital signage can help by getting more attention from people and its relative ease of deployment and content management, which can be done at any time.

What type of hardware do I need to use digital signage?

The hardware needed includes the main display, the media player, and the supporting hardware used to fix the digital signage in place.