Email Signature Sizes

Email signatures are unique to each company and each member of the organization. As such, there is a variety of email signature sizes that the business can make to accommodate how they want to portray themselves to different audiences, and the article below details everything you need to know about them. email-signature-sizes

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Email Signature Sizes Standard

The standard size from email signatures has the dimensions of 200 × 600 pixels for desktop view and an adjustment of 150 × 320 pixels for mobile for optimal viewing.

Email Signature Sizes for Digital – Email Platforms

Email Signature Sizes for Google Mail

When incorporating an email signature image using Gmail of Google Mail, follow the width of 300 to 400 pixels and a height between 70 to 100 pixels, with the file size being below 102 kb.


Email Signature Sizes for Yahoo Mail

For Yahoo Mail, ensure that the email signature is within the standard parameters of 150 to 200 pixels in height and 600 pixels in width.


Email Signature Sizes for Microsoft Outlook

The best and optimum size for email signatures in Microsoft Outlook measures 170 pixels high and 200 pixels wide.


Email Signature Sizes for Apple iCloud Mail

When uploading an email signature from Apple devices like an iPad or a Mac, keep the dimensions within 70 to 100 pixels high and 300 to 400 pixels wide with a DPI of 72.


Email Signature Sizes for Print

If a company needs to print email signatures, the measurements must be between the standard size of 150 to 200 × 600 pixels and 3.97cm × 15.88cm, with the graphics having a resolution of 72 DPI.


Email Signature Sizes for Business

Business email signature sizes also follow the standard 150 to 200 × 600 pixel size and 90 to 150 × 320 pixels for mobile, whether using an iPhone iOS or an Android phone for readability.


Email Signature Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

Adjust the canvas size of the document to 150 to 200 × 600 pixels or 39.675 × 158.75 mm, saving it under a JPG or PNG format.


Email Signature Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

Similar to Adobe Photoshop, adjust the image size to 150 to 200 × 600 pixels to accommodate the standard size of the email signature.



What size should your email signature be?

An email signature must not increase 650 pixels in width and must be between 150 and 200 pixels in height.

What is a good size for an email signature image?

The perfect size for email signature images or pictures has dimensions of 70 to 100 pixels by 300 to 400 pixels.

What is the best width size for an email signature?

The best width size for an email signature is limited to 600 pixels.

What is the recommended logo size in an email signature?

The recommended logo or icon size for email signatures measures 100 × 100 pixels.

What is the size of an email signature banner?

An email signature banner must have a width of no more than 650 pixels and a height between 90 to 150 pixels.

How to adjust the image size in email signature Outlook?

Open a new email message in Microsoft Outlook or through Microsoft Office 365, select the Insert tab, choose the signature that you want to resize, select the picture in the email, and drag the edges to adjust or change its size.

How to shrink the logo size in an email signature?

Using Microsoft Outlook, select the File menu, click on the Mail tab, select the Signatures button, open the email signature in HTML format using Microsoft Word and adjust the size of the logo, dragging the edges to reduce the size of the template.

Should email signatures have different font sizes and color?

Avoid using more than two colors and too many font text sizes for email signature designs.

What pixel size should an email signature be?

The pixel size for an email signature on any digital platform that can also appear on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram must be 150 to 200 × 600 pixels with a maximum width of 650 pixels.

What are the dimensions of an email signature?

The dimensions of an email signature must be between 150 to 300 pixels in height and 600 to 650 pixels in width.