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What Is an Email Signature?

An email signature is a group of words that are placed at the end of an outbound email. It generally contains the primary information as well as the contact information of the owner. This signature acts similarly to business cards; the only difference is it is used virtually and it is attached to every outgoing email. The recipient has the option to append his signature when sending a message or not. There are different kinds of email signatures. For example, there are company email signatures, personal email signatures, professional email signatures, promotional email signatures, and academic email signatures.

How to Create an Email Signature

how to create an email signature

An email signature is one of the most underrated marketing tools. However, if you think it through, there are a lot of marketing opportunities when it comes to sending emails. It is because everybody sends emails, especially in the world of business. A study conducted by a contact management solution company shows that of the 700,000,000 emails they processed, only 52% contained email signatures. So if you do not yet have one, you should start creating one now. Here's how:

1. Utilize an Email Signature Template

Make use of any of our creative email signature templates. We have a wide array of email signature designs that will suit your preferences. Do you want a modern email signature or a minimalist one? Select one that matches your personal or business needs. Make sure that it will represent your brand perfectly and effectively. Build the layout by customizing the templates. If you are a high-ranking person in a grand hotel and you want to make an email signature that will reflect on your workplace, you may choose a color combination that is similar to your establishment's colors. You can use a fancy font style for your name, but a simple font will do for the rest. It is to maintain clarity.

2. Highlight Your Basic Info

Creating a simple email signature and affixing it in every email that you send lets your recipients get to know you. If you are a company director, a marketing agency manager, a sales assistant, a fashion designer, a makeup artist, or a freelancer, you should emphasize your primary details to make people recognize you professionally. Write your name, active contact details, job position, and social media accounts. The "fake it til you make it" quote will not apply here because you have to make sure that your information is all true and not fabricated. So when people try to look you up, they can see and tell that you are who you claim to be.

3. Add Your Social Media Profile Links

You can internally link your social media accounts in your email signature. It is to provide convenience to your recipients, so they would not experience the hassle of having to search your accounts. With internal links, they can look you up in one click.

4. Branding

Branding helps in growing your business by building a better connection with people. Do not forget to put your trademark, company name, and logo on your email signature. Ensure that they are of the right size and not too big nor too small.

5. Add a Call to Action

Another design element that significantly helps in igniting interest within your prospective clients is the call to action. A CTA works best if you are sending it together with an email newsletter or a banner.

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