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Table of Contents

  1. Email Signature Definition and Meaning
  2. What Is an Email Signature?
  3. 10 Types of Email Signature
  4. Email Signature Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in an Email Signature? Parts?
  6. How To Design an Email Signature
  7. Email Signature vs. Email Ad
  8. What’s the Difference Between an Email Signature, Email Newsletter, and Email?
  9. Email Signature Sizes
  10. Email Signature Ideas and Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Email Signature

Email signatures

Email signatures are blocks of text that are generated automatically at the end of email letters after the recipient receives the email. Email signatures provide the recipient with information about the sender, including their name, company, and job title, for the recipient to acquire and gather necessary details about them.

Email Signature Definition and Meaning

Email signatures require the sender to incorporate necessary information, including their name, job title, contact details, and company branding.

Some email signatures also contain images, hyperlinking, and call-to-action statements patterned after products or services following client needs.

What Is an Email Signature?

Email signatures are a part of the overall image of a brand, more than just the name and job title of the sender. It serves as the ender or footer of an email letter to clients and other email recipients. It provides the receiver with information about the brand and company and helps them identify it.

10 Types of Email Signature

Construction Email Signature

Construction companies often send out promotional emails or newsletters that target previous purchasing customers. As such, a construction email signature helps recipients identify the company sending promotional events. Make sure to incorporate the brand logo to make it easier for a receiver to identify the brand.


Yahoo Email Signature

Yahoo remains to be one of the top search engines that people use in the present time, despite the rise in market competitors. That is the reason why there are still companies and individuals that utilize their mailing platform, Yahoo Mail, to send emails to clients. Use fancy Yahoo email signatures to your advantage and make your brand stand out.


Gmail Email Signature

Google remains to be the top search engine for searching relevant keywords due to its user-friendly interface. Gmail rose to prominence as the platform used for many companies and individuals, providing different interfaces. Get a cool and composed Gmail email signature you can use for your business today.


Speaker Email Signature

Providing special events and office conferences require individuals to find the most suitable individuals to present or speak in front of an audience. Reply to the conference requests using an attractive speaker email signature. Make sure to include all the necessary contact information in the signature.


Shipping Email Signature

Shipping items locally or internationally requires detailed shipping instructions and information from the recipient and sender. Send clear details of shipping addresses and contact information by using a shipping email signature at the end of each email letter. Incorporate the name of the shipping company and logo for brand awareness.


Spa Email Signature

Get creative when delivering newsletters and promotional materials to clients through eye-catching email signatures. Inform customers of promos and sales offers for the spa business regularly to keep them up to date. Attach a spa email signature for clients to contact the salon with ease.


Kindergarten Email Signature

Inform parents of news releases and other school activities and announcements by sending out email letters to parents. These letters come from teachers or school representatives that interact with parents regularly. Incorporate kindergarten email signatures into email newsletters to inform parents of contact details.


Insurance Agency Email Signature

Insurance agencies send different promos and offer to individuals, setting appointments for meetings to converse packages suitable to their financial situation. Agents send out newsletters and alert emails about these possibilities to target audiences. Attach an insurance agency email signature for potential clients to reach insurance agents for any questions or clarifications.


Gym Email Signature

Many gym subscriptions come with regular newsletters coming from the establishment. These email letters contain events, activities, and other promotional materials for a given month. Incorporating gym email signatures allow recipients to identify the brand, branch, and additional contact information they need to inquire about the contents.


Digital Marketing Email Signature

Digital marketing is one of the effective ways to sell products and services at the present age. It is more convenient for marketers and companies to send newsletters and brochures through their mobile phones. Along with these attachments, attach a digital marketing email signature that allows clients to reach company representatives.


Email Signature Uses, Purpose, Importance

Companies use corporate email letters as a medium to communicate with clients and potential customers. A consistent branding method must always be present, conforming to build the design of the email signature. The section below details several reasons for having unique email signatures to solidify a company’s identity.

Show Legitimacy and Professionalism

People will always prefer to do business with companies and organizations that show familiarity. Creating a cohesive image that the organization displays in its email letters signifies that they are well-established. Make sure that the email signature is consistent and easy to recognize.

Sets the Business Apart From Its Competitors

Setting up an email signature for the company is an opportunity to showcase and brand every message the company sends to its clients. It establishes and reinforces who and what a company is all about. It also ensures that the company stands out from its competitors.

Serves as a Digital Business Card

The email signature informs its recipients of the kind of company sending the letter through its visual elements and brand logo. The email signature must reflect what an organization says or does. It is a way to connect with customers, representing the company’s willingness to communicate.

Generates Referrals

When someone has a great experience interacting with an organization, they will likely communicate their experiences with other people. It makes the brand a credible marketing tool. Using professional email signatures results in higher visibility translating to general referrals.

Personal Association

A photograph of the employee in the email signature contributes to a deeper connection. It allows email recipients to create a personal association with the email sender. Branded email signatures build a sense of trust, allowing recipients to recognize the label and render them to respond and interact with the company.

What’s in an Email Signature? Parts?

First and Last Name

The complete name of the sender must be available in the email signature. It ensures that the recipient identifies who sends the email. It is most commonly the first line of the email signature.

Job Title and Department

The section is known as the affiliation section, comprising of information like the job title, the company name, and the department. Incorporating this information gives more context to the conversations and the sender’s role. Affiliating with a well-known brand also helps with forming credibility and trust.

Contact Information

Secondary contact information demonstrates other ways to contact the email sender. It includes phone, fax, and any modes of communication the sender wants to specify. It allows recipients to create contact with a company representative more than an email reply.

Social Profile Icons

Social media presence is a significant component of a personal brand. It tells recipients how they interact with others and how they portray themselves. It also helps drive traffic towards online content if the person posts ads or links that lead audiences to the content.

Company Information

The company information contains details about the company an individual works for, including its address, contact information, and brand logo. Incorporating the contact information allows the recipient to contact the company directly. The brand logo helps recipients to identify the sender and the company.

Call To Action

Call-to-action statements are straightforward, up-to-date, and in line with the email style that the company produces. Select a message that aligns with current business goals. As such, be sure to update them when there are changes in organizational goals.

whats in an email signature parts

How To Design an Email Signature

1. Determine an email signature size.

2. Specify the purpose of creating the email signature.

3. Pick the email signature template.

4. Attach company logo or personal photo.

5. Present accurate contact and company information.

6. Finalize changes and save your work.

Refer to the article below that learn how you can create email signatures using a different service platform:

how to design an email signature

Email Signature vs. Email Ad

Email signatures are valuable tools in communicating professionalism to audiences, providing adequate information to contact the individual or company sending the email.

Email ads, on the other hand, are paid advertisements or internal promotions that companies incorporate in emails or newsletters to drive more profit.

What’s the Difference Between an Email Signature, Email Newsletter, and Email?

An email signature is a block of text that includes the contact information of a sender automatically incorporated into the end of an email message.

Email newsletters are electronic letters companies send to subscribers and clients to inform them about the latest news, activities, and promotions for a period.

Emails are messages that people use to electronically distribute mail to individuals or a group of people through a network.

Email Signature Sizes

Email signatures come in a standard size. However, companies also ensure they optimize email signatures for different devices and services. The section below covers email signature sizes that companies can use to their advantage.

email signatures sizes

Email Signature Ideas and Examples

Remember that email signatures are effective marketing and branding tools individuals and companies use for sending newsletters and personal emails. Incorporating this element into a corporate or subscriber email lets recipients know who and what the company is. We have compiled a list of email signature ideas and examples you can use below.


What is a good signature for email?

Good email signatures are simple, informative, and professional, emphasizing all necessary information upfront.

How to add a signature to your email in simple steps?

Using Gmail, log in to your account and click on the Settings menu, select See All Settings, find the Signature section, edit the content, and insert the signature into the email.

What should be avoided in an email signature?

Avoid incorporating too much information, using outdated information, using quotes, and removing call-to-action links.

What should be included in your email signature?

Email signatures must have the person’s complete name, job title, department, contact information, social media links, company information, and call-to-action statements.

What is the proper signature for business emails?

A valid signature for business emails must have a fitting composition, combining different elements to create visually pleasing content with relevant information.

What to include in a personal email signature?

For a personal email signature, incorporate the sender’s name, job title, department, company name, personal contact information, and picture headshot.

What is the best practice for creating email signatures?

Use corporate colors in the email signature, keep the banner size low, use a singular and readable font type, and make the signature responsive across different devices.

What is a standard email signature?

A standard email signature contains all necessary information that introduces the sender of the mail.

What format should an email signature be?

When creating email signatures, ensure that the image formats are JPG or PNG.

What should an email signature look like?

Business email signatures possess uncluttered and simple designs, use serif fonts, and have low color saturation, flat icons, and HTML signatures.

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