Leaflets, aside from flyers and brochures, can also be a simple way to market what a company is all about in a condensed form. If you want to know the basics of leaflets, then carry on reading this article for further information. leaflet

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Leaflet Definition and Meaning

A leaflet is defined as a small printed sheet that is usually folded and is intended for free distribution.

Like pamphlets and flyers, leaflets are used for advertising and they are distributed in areas with high foot traffic for maximum promotion opportunities.

What Is a Leaflet?

Leaflets are small, foldable pieces of paper (usually with a shiny finish) that contain bits of information regarding a certain company, event, product, or service. They are either handed out personally, delivered to a customer’s mailbox, or stapled to a certain product upon purchase. They usually differ from pamphlets since pamphlets use higher quality stock.

10 Types of Leaflet

Conference Leaflet

Leaflets have countless uses, and one of them is for conferences. A conference leaflet can contain the entire program for a company’s conference or advertise when and where a business conference is going to take place. It usually contains elements such as graphics and information pertaining to the conference event.


Business Leaflet

Leaflets are also useful if you’re in the business world. For example, a business leaflet can be a perfect tool to promote your business enterprise. It should generally contain information about the business being promoted (ex., restaurant business), and you can have a look at the example below to see what it typically looks like.


Promotional Leaflet

Just like a brochure, leaflets can also be used for promotional purposes. Such is the case for a promotional leaflet, which can be used to promote the products and services of a certain company or brand and is a cheap way of doing so. Additionally, this type of leaflet can also be used to promote a sale, promote a new travel route, or promote the launch of a new product.


Education Leaflet

Educational institutions need to encourage people to enroll in their specialty school or college. One way of doing so is by utilizing an education leaflet. Here, all the necessary information regarding their school, their key staff, their facilities (such as a laboratory, library, or even a gym), and their education programs are present.


Charity Leaflet

A charity is defined as an institution engaged in helping provide relief to the less fortunate. Charity leaflets can encourage people to donate to their cause or even join them in giving aid. This type of leaflet usually contains encouraging messages or calls to action and the necessary information about the institution.


Clinic Leaflet

One should take their health seriously. Because of this, facilities such as clinics need to promote themselves to as many people as possible to give them a chance to take care of their health, and using a clinic leaflet is one way of doing so. This advertising tool usually contains information about the clinic and the services that it offers.


Startup Leaflet

If you want to be successful at your business, you’ve got to start somewhere. If you don’t know where, then a simple startup leaflet may be the key. This leaflet contains details and ideas regarding where, when, and how to create and grow the startup business that you’ve been looking for.


Laundry Leaflet

Laundry shops exist to do the hard work of keeping people’s clothes clean and fresh if it proves to be too much of a task for them. To reach as many customers as possible, they can make use of promotional materials such as a laundry leaflet. This normally advertises the shop’s services and their advantage over the competition.


Construction Leaflet

Construction services for a facility or a residential property can be a hard thing to come by especially if it involves complex work. This is why construction companies need to promote themselves to those who need them. Making use of a construction leaflet that lays out who they are in bite-sized information is one way of doing so.


Kindergarten Leaflet

Education needs to be instilled at a young age, and kindergarten schools can do that. To promote their services to parents who are willing to enroll their kids in the school, a kindergarten leaflet can be of great help. This normally contains information regarding their school, their contact information, their programs (such as emphasis on child safety), and their advantage over the competition.


Leaflet Uses, Purpose, and Importance

Leaflets are one of the many cost-effective methods of advertising used by companies to promote their identity to potential customers. They are easy to make, can be folded so it won’t take much space, and can be non-hassle when it comes to distribution. Here are some other uses of a leaflet as well as why they’re important:


Companies promote offers in order to entice their customers to do business with them and learn more about them. Offering them any form of incentive will certainly be of great help in the long term. Additionally, companies resort to using leaflets since taglines such as “50% off on next food purchase” don’t take up a huge amount of space.


Alongside trifold brochures, leaflets are also handy methods of letting a business represent its brand in an effective way. The simple act of distributing them to customers already is a great help in creating more leads, which can lead to more sales. In order to be effective, however, it needs to have key marketing messages that mean a great deal to the people reading it.


Leaflets can be sent out by stores or businesses during the delivery of products being purchased by their customers to remind them of the other products and services that they offer. Sending them as reminders can have the chance of customers to re-engage business with that particular store.

Website Engagement

Leaflets can also be a great and creative way to increase engagement in a business’s website or social media profile. But in order to do so, the leaflet should contain the necessary contact information so that customers know where to go.


Making use of leaflets in product exhibits or expos can be an easy way of letting the attendees know that they can have something to take away if they want to know more about the product being exhibited. In this way, companies have a great chance of turning the attendees into their customers should they get interested enough.

What’s In a Leaflet? Parts?

Brand Colors/Logo

This serves as the key identifier of the business identity, which makes them easily recognized and remembered.


Since leaflets are used as marketing tools, it is only right that they should include the name of the event being promoted or the product/service being offered, such as the opening of a theme park, promotions, new products, and so on.

Event Location

If the leaflet promotes an event, it should also include a map of where the event takes place as well as the landmark, such as a popular tourist spot.

Event Date and Time

Alongside the location of an event, a leaflet should also indicate when the event takes place, which can be on single or multiple dates and timeslots.

Images and Graphics

This is the part of the leaflet that catches the reader’s eye most frequently, and in order to achieve that effect, it needs to have a perceptible contrast (it needs to popup) against its background.

Call to Action

This part of the leaflet entices the reader to perform a specific action after reading the contents of the leaflet, which includes statements such as “avail now!”, “get it while it lasts!”, and so on.

Contact Information

In order for the readers to know more about the event or product being promoted in the leaflet, contact information should be added.


How to Design a Leaflet?

1. Choose a leaflet size.

2. Decide on the purpose of the leaflet.

3. Pick a leaflet template.

4. Modify the contents of the leaflet template according to the chosen purpose.

5. Add the appropriate graphics/images.

6. Finalize and download.

You may also refer to these relevant articles on how to create leaflets in other file formats:


Leaflet vs. Pamphlet

A leaflet is usually folded, only made from a single sheet of paper, and is used to market general information about a particular business.

A pamphlet can consist of several pages, is made from a high-quality stock, and is used to inform people about a particular topic.

What’s the difference between a Leaflet, Flyer, and Poster?

Leaflets are singular pieces of paper and usually consist of only a front page.

Flyers are slightly bigger than leaflets and can fit more content since it consists of a front and back page.

A poster is generally much larger, and while leaflets and flyers are made to be distributed and/or picked up, posters are designed to be mounted on walls, doors, and so on.

Leaflet Sizes

Leaflets have a variety of sizes. Here are the most popular ones in use:


Leaflet Ideas and Examples

Here are some creative leaflet ideas and examples that can help you when you’re on the lookout for one:

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How to make a leaflet in Photoshop?

Making a leaflet in Photoshop involves selecting a template, picking the right size, and editing the template according to your chosen purpose.

How to design a leaflet in Publisher

Open MS Publisher, browse through the various template designs, pick one according to your chosen purpose, and then edit the contents of your template in Publisher appropriately to match its purpose.

What is a patient information leaflet?

It is a type of leaflet that is generally included inside a pack of medicine containing information about the medication.

How to print a leaflet in Word?

Printing a leaflet in Word involves finalizing the leaflet being created, hitting the print tab, selecting the right printer, and exploring the printer settings to make sure it’s of the highest quality possible before you click the print button.

How do leaflets help in promotion?

Leaflets help in promotion through their ease of distribution in populated places and getting customers to know more about the event or product being promoted by including bits of information.

Why images are important in printed leaflets?

They help the readers know what the product or service looks like by giving them a visual representation.

What is leaflet advertising?

Leaflet advertising is the creation and distribution of specially designed leaflets to people in a particular area.

How to make a leaflet online for free?

There are various online websites that let you do so, and it involves picking the custom site of your choice, and from there, use the steps listed in this article as a rough guide.

Why do businesses use leaflets?

Businesses looking to change their advertising game use leaflets since it is a great and cost-effective way of increasing awareness as to who they are and what they offer.

How to write a commercial leaflet?

It involves creating enticing titles, focusing on key details, getting straight to the point, adding the graphics/drawing, and finishing with contact information and a call to action.