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Table of Contents

  1. Roll Up Banner Definition and Meaning
  2. What Is a Roll Up Banner?
  3. 10 Types of Roll Up Banner
  4. Roll Up Banner Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Roll Up Banner? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Roll Up Banner
  7. Roll Up Banner vs Announcement
  8. What Is the Difference Between a Roll Up Banner, Banner, and Billboard?
  9. Roll Up Banner Sizes
  10. Roll Up Banner Ideas and Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Roll Up Banner

Roll Up Banners

Roll up banners are one of the most popular marketing tools in the business world because they are relatively simple, versatile, and easy to transport. Thanks to its portability, it is one of the most convenient and efficient types of banners to use, especially for roving marketers.

Roll Up Banner Definition and Meaning

A roll up banner is a portable banner made of durable material that can easily be rolled up and stored.

This type of banner contains text and graphics that are meant to inform and educate anyone who chances upon it.

What Is a Roll Up Banner?

A roll up banner is a marketing collateral made for advertising events, products, and services. It is often used as a standee during trade shows and conferences.

10 Types of Roll Up Banner

Marketing Roll Up Banner

A roll up banner is a simple, cost-effective way to market a service or product. For advertising agencies that cater to different clients, the content of a marketing roll up banner should be directed to the agency’s target market. Easily create one using our beautifully-designed marketing roll up banner designs.

0 modern marketing roll up banner template

Real Estate Roll Up Banner

It’s common for real estate agencies and companies to use roll up banners, especially in events such as an open house. A warm color palette, as seen in the real estate roll up banner design below, is attractive and easy on the eyes. Try customizing one for yourself today.

real estate services roll up banner template

Product Roll Up Banner

The design of your roll up banner should reflect the brand and message you’re trying to put out. Make your roll-up banner stand out from the crowd as much as possible to reach your target market. The bold colors used in this cosmetic product roll up banner give off a fun and youthful vibe.

modern product roll up banner template

Cleaning Service Roll Up Banner

If you’re a cleaning service, consider a minimalist and elegant design. Minimalism promotes cleanliness and orderliness. A cleaning service roll up banner that reflects these values would work well.

clean services roll up banner template

Sports Roll Up Banner

A good sports roll up banner suggests and promotes an active lifestyle. If you want to feature the candid movement of your subject, then a sports roll up banner is what you need. The colors, photos, and design elements used for the banner example below show a perfect visual of an excellent sports advertisement.

sports club roll up banner template

Insurance Roll Up Banner

Insurance agencies are always on the lookout for new clients. If you prefer a simple yet effective marketing strategy for your business, then you can’t go wrong with an insurance roll up banner. Its witty and reassuring tagline will surely grab the attention of your audience.

life insurance business roll up banner template

Studio Roll Up Banner

Whether it’s a yoga studio, dance studio, or even an art studio, a strategically-placed roll up banner can help spread awareness about your business in no time. Create one for your studio today! The studio roll up banner below offers a simple yet sophisticated classic black and white theme that is versatile for any event or activity.


Corporate Roll Up Banner

Who says corporate life is dull and boring? Add life and color to your corporate marketing activities using corporate roll up banner designs. Below is an example of a corporate roll up banner that uses striking and contrasting colors bold enough to attract attention.

download creative corporate roll up banner template

Training Roll Up Banner

All success is a product of consistent and dedicated training. If you want a simple training roll-up banner for your team, just place the main title of your course, your company logo, including your attention-grabbing imagery, and voila! You have an effective training roll up banner to inspire new and existing members to attend your upcoming training, seminars, and workshops.

surf training roll up banner template

IT and Software Roll Up Banner

If you’re selling a service or product, you can include a brief description of the company in your roll up banner. The IT/software company roll up banner below provides a short ‘About Us’ section in addition to the list of services offered. Try making one for your organization using our predesigned templates at

it company roll up banner template

Roll Up Banner Uses, Purpose, Importance

Roll up banners are highly versatile. As a marketing collateral, they can be used in multiple and various ways. Whether it’s a career fair or a trade exhibit, a roll up banner can be a practical and useful addition to any promotional event.

Product Promotion

Whether it’s a luxury resort or a bottle of wine, roll up banners can effectively promote featured products when it’s conveniently set up at supermarkets and other retail spaces.

Compact and Convenient

The size and material of a roll up banner make it ideal for traveling. It’s relatively lightweight when compared to heavier marketing tools such as billboards.

Instrument for Information

Like all marketing material, roll up banners are a tool for conveying information. The information should not only be relevant but must also be arranged so that it’s plain enough for the reader to understand the overall message of the banner.

Visual Aid

Roll up banners can help marketers and salespeople do their job better since there is something tangible to present visually to an audience.

Space Saver

As a marketing collateral that’s not too bulky, roll up banners can be set up practically anywhere. They can conveniently be placed beside exhibit booths or on the floor; plus, they don’t take up too much space.

What’s in a Roll Up Banner? Parts?

Main Text

A roll up banner is primarily an information tool. There must be text or a central message in the banner. Make sure the main text is large and legible enough for the readers or passersby to understand.

Graphic Design

Graphics are a vital element in a roll up banner. Depending on your taste and preference, these designs can be simple or elaborate. You can include pictures, graphs, logos, infographics, or whatever suits your overall message.

Supporting Text

A standard roll up banner can accommodate relatively a lot of text. The supporting text is meant to expound on the main text or title. These can be taglines, subtitles, and other relevant information that readers might be interested in.

Contact Information

Interested participants may likely have questions or clarifications about the product or event featured on the banner. To anticipate this need, you must place contact details on the roll up banner, including your working contact number, email address, official website, and social media pages is helpful.

what’s in a roll up banner parts

How to Design a Roll Up Banner

1. Choose a roll up banner size

2. Decide the Purpose of the Roll Up Banner

3. Select the Roll Up Banner Template

4. Arrange the Layout and Placing

5. Input Key Information

6. Customize the Graphics and Imagery

how to design a roll up banner


Roll Up Banner vs Announcement

A roll up banner is used for marketing and promotional purposes. It uses both informational text and graphics to convey a message.

On the other hand, an announcement can come in any form, including a roll up banner type. Announcements are purely informational and rarely have graphic design incorporated into them.

What Is the Difference Between a Roll Up Banner, Banner, and Billboard?

A roll up banner is retractable and can easily be transported.

A banner can come in various shapes, sizes, and pop-up types that can be framed or suspended.

A billboard is much larger and more expensive than a banner. It can be traditional or electronic such as a LED billboard.

Roll Up Banner Sizes

Roll up banners come in different sizes. Choosing the right size would depend on individual needs and preferences. Although banners can be customized according to one’s preferences, the sizes below are common and universal for a standard roll up banner.

roll up banner sizes


Roll Up Banner Ideas and Examples

You can easily design a roll up banner that’s both functional and creative. Check out the dozens of mock-up designs for more roll up banner ideas and inspiration.


What should be on a roll up banner?

A basic roll up banner should contain information and graphics to market a particular product, service, or event.

What to include in a roll up banner?

It must include a core message and other relevant information that the reader can easily understand.

How do you use a roll up banner?

You use a roll up banner, also known as a pull-up banner, by attaching it to a stand and displaying it for passersby to see.

Why choose a roll up banner?

A roll up banner is more practical and economical than other marketing collateral.

How to make a roll up banner using Photoshop?

Using Adobe Photoshop‘s editing features, create a new file and set the dimensions accordingly, then customize your banner’s background, text, colors, etc.

How to Create a Custom Event Roll-Up Banner?

Create an event roll up banner by professionally designing it from scratch or customizing a predesigned roll-up banner template from

How to advertise your business with a roller banner?

Including a list of your services, a brief description of your business, and your contact information helps advertise your business with a roller banner.

What Are Roll up Banner Stands?

A roll up banner stand helps correctly display the banner’s position either in portrait or vertical mode.

What should be on a business rollup banner?

Short description of the business, contact details, and a list of products or services offered.

Which material should I choose for my roll-up banner?

You can choose from several materials, but vinyl, PVC, and canvas are the most common materials for roll-up banners.

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