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Table of Contents

  1. Sign Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Sign?
  3. 10 Types Of Sign
  4. How to Design a Sign
  5. Sign Uses, Purpose, Importance
  6. What’s in a Sign? Parts?
  7. Sign vs. Signage
  8. Sign Sizes
  9. Sign Ideas & Examples
  10. FAQs
  11. More in Sign


Signs are a great way to send information to people without the need to vocalize it repeatedly. Whether they’re used for promoting a business, advertising an event, raising awareness, or even for campaign purposes, signs are large enough to get the public’s attention easily.

Sign Definition & Meaning

A sign is a printed object that contains text and graphics for conveying information to the public.

This means that it is used by businesses and government organizations to highlight something to people.

What Is a Sign?

A sign refers to symbols and messages of varying sizes that are placed on walls and near-certain places. They are used to give out instructions or a quick message to people once they look at the sign’s content. They are one of the quickest ways of communication for people to understand the printed details with just a glance.

10 Types Of Sign

Caution Sign

This is the most common type of sign. Caution signs are used by a lot of companies and government organizations. These signs are typically placed in areas where people need to be careful whether it is near a construction area or a slippery floor in the office.

free caution sign vector 9pbrq

Danger Sign

Danger signs are there to warn people of dangers in an area. It could be placed near a construction site or a power line. They are typically placed at a safe distance away from the actual danger and where people can easily notice it.

free danger sign template

Office Sign

Office signs are used by businesses for employees. They typically involve reminders and rules for people to remember. Office signs are usually hung on the walls or areas like the break room, restrooms, and workstations.

free site office sign template

Stop Sign

Stop signs are found on roads and in traffic areas. They are placed by the government to instruct vehicles on where they can stop. They are typically depicted as circular signs in red color.

university road stop sign template

Real Estate Sign

Real estate signs are used to promote the sales of properties. They are used by real estate firms and agents to attract the attention of potential buyers. They are usually found just outside the property.

free real estate sign template 880x1140

Restaurant Sign

Restaurants signs are a great way to attract customers. Restaurant owners make use of them and are usually hung either out of the business or within the walls of the place. Most of their content involves promotions and announcements on new dishes.

free business sign template 880x1140

Safety Sign

Safety signs let people know that the place or area they are in is safe from hazards. This is usually used in tandem with hazard signs, especially on roads. They are typically depicted in green colors so people recognize them right away.

safety sign template

School Sign

As its name suggests, school signs are placed on school grounds. Their content ranges from school announcements, directions to a room, or warning signs for safety reasons. This helps students and faculty navigate their way around the school grounds easily.

free school sign template 880x1140

COVID-19 Sign

As the pandemic is still ongoing it is important for people to be aware of the dangers of the virus. These COVID-19 signs are specifically tailored to share information regarding the subject. While they are usually found in medical-related areas there are also signs made for public spaces as well.

do not enter the facility due to covid 19 sign 880

Construction Sign

Construction work can be dangerous. That is why construction signs are placed in areas where work is being done. It is actually required by law that these signs are put up by the company.

under construction sign template

How to Design a Sign

1. Choose a Sign Size.

2. Decide the purpose of the sign.

3. Select the Sign Template.

4. Choose the shape and color.

5. Add your content.

6. Finalize layout and download it.

how to design a sign

Sign Uses, Purpose, Importance

Having professionally designed signage can make readers take its message seriously. Signs can help remind people of certain rules and regulations. Here are some uses as listed below.

To Communicate

Communication is key. Signs are a basic way of communication. Street signs and even arrow signs help people navigate or understand what needs to be said instantly.

To Convey Information

Signs can be used to guide and give direction. This allows readers to be aware of what is ahead. For example, user can make a sign that says ‘Crossroads Ahead’ allowing drivers to know that the road splits apart into different directions.

To Advertise

Signs can be used to advertise. Those used by businesses in aprticular make use of this. For example, a sign that says ‘Silence’ in the library can help people mind their voices when they are talking.

To Warn

Waring signs help prevent accidents. Signs such as Stop or Danger signs in particular can save lives. it allows people to know to slow down or avoid a place.

For Official Orders

Signs provided by the government or by professionals are way effective. Because using official signs give weight to the content. People would sooner pay attention to a professionally made signage than a piece of paper.

What’s in a Sign? Parts?


It is important for a sign to have colors. They must be eye-grabbing to get the attention of people passing by them. There should be a high contrast between the colors of the content and the background so it pops out really well.


The font of your sign’s content must be readable to people even from a distance. Make sure its size is big enough to see but also doesn’t take up too much of the sign’s space. There must be a good balance of words and other images if there is any.

Negative Space

Negative space refers to the part of the sign that lacks any design. It is important to have this so that the main symbol/word of your sign is a lot more visually striking, making it easily seen.


Spacing between the words and the symbols of your sign is important. Avoid putting them close together as it might make it difficult for certain people to understand or read them.

what’s in a sign parts

Sign vs. Signage

A sign refers to the post placed in an area that displays a message regarding the said area.

A signage refers to the content of the sign itself, as in the words, symbols, and images.

Sign Sizes

Signs come in a lot of sizes and each one is used appropriately for specific purposes. It’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with the different sign sizes to know which ones work best for the type of sign you’re planning to create.

sign sizes

Sign Ideas & Examples

If you are thinking of how to create your sign and what elements to include, you may take a look at some sign ideas and examples to gather inspiration for the design and content.


What are traffic signs and symbols?

Traffic signs and symbols are signs found on the streets where lots of vehicles pass through.

What does the shape of a sign mean?

Shapes of signs have different meanings from hazards to orders.

Why do we need to read and follow the road signs?

We need to read and follow road signs to ensure a smooth flow of traffic as well as prevent accidents.

What are safety signs for?

The purpose of safety signs is to provide information regarding safety and health.

What color are hazard signs?

Hazard signs are typically colored red as they easily draw the attention of people passing by.

Which is the sign and notice for prohibition?

Signs for prohibition are designed as a red circle with a diagonal cross at a 45-degree angle over a black-colored image.

What are identification signs?

These are signs that allow people to figure out where they are by pointing out landmarks and structures.

What should be included in a business sign?

Business signs should have a unique design, eye-grabbing colors, and an elegant look to attract the attention of customers.

How do you layout a sign?

When you layout a sign, figure out what design you are going for and then.

Why are safety signs green?

Safety signs are typically green because it is associated with the color of health.

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