Table of Content Sizes

Table of contents can come in plenty of sizes but it can be challenging to add the right one in alignment with your unique content. Read on to find out how you can format your outline at the right size as they turn the first page.

Table of Content

Table of Content Size Standard

12 points

This is the standard for size for a Table of Contents. This is commonly used in a lot of works from the layout of a presentation to a research journal.

Table of Content Sizes for Books & Publications


The font size of the content in books is between 10 and 12. This will also apply to the writing for the table of contents. It is pretty evident in books like kid’s story books and novels.


Magazines tend to have their content in the range of 8 to 12 points. This means their table of contents will also fall within that range as well.


Most of the recipes written in cookbooks are in a size range between 10 to 13 points. This means the size of the table of contents should be the same as well. It might include fancy clipart of food in the background.

Table of Content Sizes for Print

As mentioned in the above section, when you design your table of content for print, it is advisable to set it on the font size of 12 points.

Table of Content Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

Like most of the options above, it is advisable to have your table of content have a font size between 8 to 13 when working with Adobe Photoshop.

Table of Content Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

The recommended size for a table of content in Adobe Illustrator is around 20 points. This is ideal for when you make business-related content such as a portfolio or an aesthetic infographic art.


What should be the font size for a table of contents?

The common font size for a table of contents is 12 pt Times New Roman, especially for content in research journals for example.

Should a Table of Contents be single spaced?

There is no specific rule that it should be single-spaced, but it is advisable to make it double-spaced as per APA guidelines.

How to reduce the size of the table of contents?

To reduce the size of your table of contents, you need to first click anywhere on the table, move your pointer on the Layout tab and choose your options on cell size.

What size is an A4 table of contents?

210 x 297 mm is the size of an A4 table of contents.

How to change the look of the Table of Contents itself?

For an easy change, go to the References tab, click on Table of Contents, then Insert Table of Contents, and finally the Select Modify tab where you can easily change the look itself.

What is the prerequisite of the table of contents?

A tale of contents must have the headings, page number, main content, and sections all listed in proper order.

What is the Automatic Table of Contents?

It is a type of table of contents that can help you keep track of page numbers and section titles with ease.

What is the best font for table of contents?

The recommended font for a table of contents is Times New Roman.

What is the purpose of table of contents in digital documentation?

A table of contents in digital documentation allows viewers to know what contents they’ll have ahead of time before going through the digital documentation.

What level headings can be indexed in the Table of Content?

Headings 1 to 3 are the level headings that can be indexed in a table of content.