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What Is a Printable Food Menu?

A food menu is a written list of all the food and beverages that a restaurant will be serving. Sometimes the food and beverages have their corresponding price listed on the menu. Food menus are useful for customers by giving them time to read and choose carefully the desired food they want. The food menu is important and needs to be pleasing to the eyes of your customers because the decision making of your customers all depends on it. Aside from that, a food menu is one of the factors and qualifications of having a restaurant. Food menus are not only limited to restaurants but it can also be used at home, for weddings, or even for your simple food truck.

How to Create a Printable Food Menu

printable food menu template

In making a food menu, there are a lot of things to consider. You should come up with a menu that is unique but will still attract the attention of your customers. Your menu needs to be crafted beautifully and pleasantly because it is one of the first few things that your customer will need upon visiting your restaurant. To help you make your desired food menu, we listed five steps below for you to guide you in making your sample menu.

1. The Theme

This part all depends on the service you offer and the ambiance of your restaurant. You can't have an aesthetic and colorful theme in your food menu if your restaurant has a cowboy theme. The theme of your food menu should be in line with the total atmosphere of your restaurant for uniformity. If you have a Chinese restaurant then the theme of your restaurant menu should be in a Chinese concept.

2. The Outlook

You need to think about the perfect text size, graphics, background and the form of your creative menu. Your text size should all be readable for all your customers even with those who have problems in their sight. The graphics and backgrounds should complement your theme but at the same time not that overbearing to look at. As for the form, you should decide on what type your menu will look like. It could be a menu that will be plastered near the cashier or a menu that will be distributed individually to your customers.

3. The Items

Proper listing is important. Never forget to include even one food, beverage or other offered services on your drinks menu. Aside from losing a possible income on that item, you can possibly disappoint your customer if ever they are looking for that item from your restaurant. You can also include in your list the price of each item so that your customers will be aware of the price of their order.

4. The Categories

Some menus were divided according to the stages of food eating. It can be categorized into side dishes, meals, desserts, and beverages. You can also divide it into the appetizers, main courses, desserts, and cocktails. Just choose what type of category you want as long as you categorized your food for the convenience of your customers.

5. The Menu

You are done following all the mentioned steps above so your menu is ready for business. Remember that your menu can also be distributed digitally so make sure that you make a copy of your menu for online purposes. In printing your menu, be sure that the graphics quality of your design should remain upon printing. It is advised to let official printing businesses print your menu because they are experts in that field.

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