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Table of Contents

  1. Testimonial Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Testimonial?
  3. 10 Types of Testimonial
  4. Testimonial Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Testimonial? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Testimonial?
  7. Testimonial vs Feedback
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Testimonial, Review, Case Study
  9. Testimonial Sizes
  10. Testimonial Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Testimonial


Testimonials are genuine validation of the positive attributes of a product confirmed and affirmed by its users. These are authentic and unscripted statements often about the benefits and impact on the lives of ordinary consumers, testifying how a certain problem has been solved upon using it.

Testimonial Definition & Meaning

A testimonial is an expression of appreciation for a particular product or service that has given a person maximum benefits and satisfaction.

It is a proclamation made to extol the virtue of a product that plays a major role in communal marketing upon which the sales pitches are attributed to ordinary individuals with authentic product experiences.

What Is a Testimonial?

A testimonial is a statement given under oath on the effectiveness and quality of a product or service. In advertising, it’s particularly used as communal marketing where customers with certain product experiences relish their satisfaction, causing other consumers to pursue and purchase the same product without necessarily endorsing it just like the paid celebrities do. It’s, thereby, a mere testimony of how well the item has brought a certain change in their lives.

10 Types of Testimonial

Social Media Testimonial

Fuel your business and make it grow in no time by harnessing the power of social media testimonials. Social media is no doubt the best place to expand your market reach, so get your creative mind to curate out-of-the-box client testimonials and make your business stand out. These powerful marketing tools can encourage future buyers while generally boosting sales and revenue.

social media testimonial

WhatsApp Post Testimonial

WhatsApp is a great platform to communicate your incredible product offerings to your existing and soon-to-be clients. With a great WhatsApp post testimonial, your product orders can exponentially explode, especially if you never fail to get great words of praises on a regular basis. So get out there, and don’t hesitate to interview your loyal brand advocates and see how their testimonials can take your business further.

whatsapp post testimonial

Twitter Post Testimonial

Tweet a highly intriguing Twitter post testimonial and you’ll be in for a big-time marketing success. Just keep it professional and to the point as nobody appreciates a wordy testament of a product they’ve yet to know anything about. Don’t forget to mention your client by hashtagging their brand, so they, too, can get the same amount of exposure. They’ll surely appreciate it.

twitter post testimonial

Instagram Post Testimonial

Instagram is the holy grail of modern-day influencers where overnight success can happen. What’s more, it’s home to oodles of potential brand loyalists who can definitely deliver to the world the nicest words about you and your product. And for all you know, one Instagram post testimonial can become your one-way ticket to being the next big thing in your industry.

instagram post testimonial

Facebook Post Testimonial

If there’s one place on the planet where the east meets west and the north meets south, Facebook is the only place to be. It’s the king of all social media platforms and having your Facebook post testimonial in all your contacts’ news feeds, you’ll be one step closer to having a greater yield. So, keep the posts coming and inundated your followers’ pages with awesome deals.

facebook post testimonial

Training Testimonial

Being able to make people delighted with your extraordinary training strategy is one thing. Helping them attain the goals they’ve committed themselves to is another. And by getting an astounding training testimonial from all these people you’ve helped is an achievement of a lifetime any trainer would fondly yearn for.

training testimonial

Staff Testimonial

The workforce is the heart of an organization. Without them, no institution can stand and make its way to the end. With each employee being the key to organizational success, it’s unarguably important to give them the best care possible. And in return, getting a good staff testimonial from them opens several windows of opportunities to make greater returns.

staff testimonial

Volunteer Testimonial

Devoting a few hours of the week to reach out and help others literally makes a world of difference. Being a volunteer is a gift you can give to anyone in need. So help open the eyes and hearts of other people around you by encouraging a colleague to share their humbling and wonderful experiences by creating an inspiring volunteer testimonial and have it posted on your page for others to be inspired to take part in your next charitable project.

volunteer testimonial

Website Testimonial

Being able to help boost sales and improve website performance makes your organization a profound investment to any company that requires massive online exposure. And for you to be highly visible to your prospective business partners, make sure to add terrific website testimonials to your own. These will incite them to start reaching out to you for help.

website testimonial

School Testimonial

The success of every student is also the success of every teacher. Getting a fantastic school testimonial from a former underclassman is a definite driving force for the faculty to give their best, and even more. So, gather all the good words of your grateful alumni and reel them out on your website to attract more eager minds to join the fleet.

school testimonial

Internship Testimonial

Internships prepare students to land the job of their dreams. Giving them the best internship program rings out their future successes. When they do, get them to write the best internship testimonial, flaunting the greatest things about being your apprentice. An excellent mentor deserves excellent cheers and admiration, but for whatever it’s worth, being able to light up one’s way to their dream is enough of a self-commendation.

internship testimonial

Testimonial Uses, Purpose, Importance

A testimonial is an integral part of marketing, subtly presented in a form of a client’s statement magnifying the marvelous nature of a product intended to stir the interest of other consumers. It’s used as an introduction to a company for which it creates a context of the product or services, as well as the client’s relationship and loyalty to the company he or she is endorsing. Meanwhile, the following are the uses, purposes, and importance of a testimonial.

Sales Tool

Testimonials provide social proof that showcases the company’s reputation and the proven quality of its work. Having your name on a testimonial means giving your approval and trust not only in the product but the brand, itself.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

No matter the size of the business, companies need solid testimonials from previous buyers with real experiences of the product. This will give companies an impressive appeal to a mass audience without having to hire an expensive entertainment icon to vouch for the product.

Foster Trust and Confidence

Credibility is an elemental aspect to build, not only in business but also in personal affairs. Testimonial is one of the most strategic techniques employed in giving a background of the characteristics and benefits of the product that goes beyond the validity of its logo and graphic design.


With strategic and intelligent use of testimonials, successful business promotion is never an improbability. And with high online visibility and website traffic, the stronger the company’s reputation gets.

What’s in a Testimonial? Parts?

Quotes or Original Content

A testimonial itself is a statement shown in a quote. It becomes more personal when emphasized between two quotation marks.

Attester’s Name

For a testimonial to be credible, it has to include the name of the person attesting to the incredible features and merits of the product. If the testifier doesn’t allow their full name affixed to their testimony, you can at least get their initials and include them.

Job Title

The job designation or company position of an attestant has to be indicated along with their name as this will give more believability and authority to the testimony.

Company or Department Name

Besides the person’s name and job title, a good testimonial should also affix the company or the department this individual is working for as it can give a more imposing impact on the general audience.


Having a photo of the attester solidifies the testimonial even more. Of course, no one would get their photos out there if they are not sure about the product they’ve been testifying about. Their pictures are the truest manifestation of their loyalty and belief in the product.

what’s in a testimonial parts

How to Design a Testimonial?

1. Choose the testimonial sizes here.

2. Decide on the purpose of the testimonial.

3. Select the most befitting testimonial template to use.

4. Determine the kind of story to tell (if it’s about the product or the business itself).

5. Formulate specific questions.

6. Keep the testimonial short and conversational.

7. Provide the customer’s name, job, company, and of course, a picture.

8. Quote the testimonial.

how to design a testimonial

Testimonial vs Feedback

A testimonial promotes your business through the impressive statement from your past customers, detailing how your product or service has been able to help them. It builds trust and boosts conversion rates as your happy customers brag about their incredible experiences.

Feedback, on the other hand, is a critical assessment of the information produced, hence, serving as proof of the validity of the testimony made.

What’s the Difference Between a Testimonial, Review, Case Study

Testimonials are statements gathered by the company from its past and current customers, attesting to its ability to fulfill their demands and desires.

Reviews, in general, are articulations or statements provided for a product or service that are gathered by third-party management, without having any business involvement with the company being reviewed.

Case studies are carried out by the company with the intention of providing consumers a fair bet of its ability to solve their problems or given challenges using their products or services.

Testimonial Sizes

Generating sales through mastering the art of creating a highly effective testimonial begins with the right design, dimensioning, and formatting. Here are the standard testimonial sizes you need to take into consideration to help you win over customers.

testimonial sizes

Testimonial Ideas & Examples

Testimonials maximize marketing impact and these testimonial ideas and examples are some of the best ones you can practically derive yours from.


What should be included in a testimonial?

A credible testimonial should include the name (or initials), job title, company, and a photo of the person giving testimony.

What makes a great client testimonial?

An excellent testimonial contains factual, reliable, and direct testimony about a particular topic or subject matter.

What is testimonial evidence?

Testimonial evidence is a verbal declaration of a credible and competent witness before the court, which serves as proof of the veracity of the matter being asserted.

What is a testimony for church?

A church testimony is an act of sharing someone’s relationship with God and their spiritual witness of the Holy Spirit.

Why should your business be using customer testimonials?

Customer testimonials establish social proof of the quality and effectiveness of the product is supported, allowing future consumers to hear about the experiences of real people and their genuine validation of the ad or post they keep seeing on mainstream media and street posters.

What is the format for a testimonial?

A testimonial should be short and conversational (not too formal nor too technical), written in the tone of a customer.

How long should testimonials be on a website?

No one is patient enough to read a winding testimonial on a website or an app, so write them with fewer paragraphs, most preferably below 200 words only.

What is a testimonial page?

A testimonial page is a platform that features the positive impact of your shop, product, or service on the lives of others.

What does a testimonial UI look like?

A testimonial UI for a B2B business is typically in a form of a video where a customer tells their story of how they’re able to benefit from the product.

How to make your testimonials stand out?

For the testimonial to stand out, consider putting a headshot of the customer and then link it to their website, while including a product-specific customer review or quotes on your homepage.

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