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Table of Contents

  1. Vision Board Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Vision Board?
  3. 10 Types of Vision Board
  4. Vision Board Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Vision Board? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Vision Board
  7. Vision Board vs. Mind Map
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Vision Board, Mood Board & Goal Setting?
  9. Vision Board Sizes
  10. Vision Board Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Vision Board

Vision Boards

Vision boards are practical design tools to foster creative and inspirational settings for individuals to achieve career and personal goals through an art form. Many individuals and organizations develop these vision boards to make it easier for people to picture or envision their aspirations and directions toward the life they wish to live.

Vision Board Definition & Meaning

Vision boards describe a physical and visual representation of various items to represent and affirm a person’s goals and dreams.

Visions boards consist of different collections of objects, including pictures, magazine clippings, quotes, and phrases to represent the goal-setting process.

What Is a Vision Board?

A vision board, also known as an inspiration board or dream board, is a collage of images representing an individual’s or company’s future goals and dreams, incorporating cut-out photos and text that inspire and manifest dreams. Developing vision boards is a way to activate the Law of Attraction, enabling an entity to attract people, resources, and opportunities to help make their dreams come true. There are different instances for individuals to create their vision boards, whether for objectives like fitness, weight loss, spiritual health, and other matters like love, success, life, family, career, money, and wealth.

10 Types of Vision Board

Corporate Vision Board

A corporate vision board enables an organization or company to visualize and set its goals for annual corporate planning methods that can help in various planning processes throughout the institution. These corporate vision boards allow a business to plan and perform diverse work ideas with finesse and preparation, ensuring a clear set of goals and objectives, guaranteeing the success, growth, and development of an organization and its community. Corporate vision boards focus on ideas and work activities to enhance the overall growth of the business.

corporate vision board

Monthly Vision Board

A monthly vision board is a motivational tool that helps a person plan and set goals for a specific month, focusing on various objectives, including health, career, relationships, etc. The vision board’s contents include positive affirmations, goal photos, helpful tips, and other design elements to represent the different activities person plans to achieve over a month. It is also appropriate to make the goals more personal, achievable, and measurable for the given duration instead of developing long-term goals that take more time to accomplish.

monthly vision board

Interior Design Vision Board

Interior designers use interior design vision boards to reflect and visualize a client’s ideal space for a room or an event they are hosting through tables and text elements. Interior designers can use the design tool to incorporate various themes and designs to support the vision of a client, including styles, furniture, wallpapers, technologies, and colors generating liveable space. Due to its creativity, vision boards can be of varying designs and elements, incorporating snippets from interior design magazines and portfolios to develop fitting concepts for a party, conference, and event.

interior design vision board

Kids Vision Board

Encourage high school students to create their vision boards at school for an assignment or project, visualizing their goals and aspirations for the school year or moving forward to college. Kids’ vision boards allow students to conceptualize meanings of success in their futures, along with ideas on the process of achieving their goals to match their future aspirations. Let kids show their uniqueness and creativity, combining various concepts and elements into the document to clearly and intelligently show their desires and dreams.

kids vision board

Agile Vision Board

Agile vision boards or product vision boards visually represent how an Agile team wants to see their products perform and how they can affect or help clients with their needs. The board allows team members to separate various ideas into clear sections to guarantee that they cover all aspects of product development for creativity, planning, and production. Developing vision boards enables members to work collaboratively with emphasis on proper communication to create a group activity that can provide feedback on ideas, plans, and processes.

agile vision board

Planning Vision Board

Planning vision boards are visual tools to help individuals sort out various processes and procedures to develop and create personal, business, or career plans using photos and text. Vision boards allow individuals to freely express their creativity, developing a vision board to suit their personality using DIY materials to compile and represent their goals and aspirations for the future. Individuals can utilize various themes, colors, and elements to designate specific ideas and group together similar sentiments they want to achieve for the following years.

planning vision board

Work Vision Board

Work vision boards are helpful visual devices that help an individual employee sort out an activity, plan, or project according to its significance and the goal they want to achieve after completing these tasks. Workers have the option of customizing and designing their vision boards in a way that they can understand and visualize the steps and goals they need to accomplish. Allowing employees to develop work vision boards that are unique to them lets them balance their careers with their personal goals, knowing that their successes contribute to their overall success.

work vision board

Project Vision Board

Project vision boards help individuals or teams design and create visual representations of goals and objectives to execute a project or program successfully in the future. Members must have constant communication and collaboration with one another throughout creating and planning the vision board, providing the necessary feedback to each activity kit or group. Openly accepting and reevaluating goals and objectives makes for a successful project, and every team member must have an open mind to revise the contents of the vision board as necessary.

project vision board

Digital Vision Board

Digital vision boards allow an individual to develop their vision boards through an application, program, or an online browser, allowing them to incorporate different design elements in a more organized manner. Digital vision boards also enable teams to work remotely yet collaboratively, constantly communicating about changes and additions to the specifications of a project as necessary. There is also more room to correct errors without the quality of the vision board having to suffer, saving more time and resources for individuals to develop or create new ones.

digital vision board

Travel Vision Board

A travel vision board is a creative and fun way to plan and develop travel goals and dreams for individuals, incorporating photos and texts that motivate or inspire reaching different destinations. People can personalize and customize their vision boards to suit their personality, adding different themes, colors, and images, including an activities list for each destination. When creating the vision board, guarantee that the goals follow the SMART goal-setting process and not go overboard or off-track when planning trips in the future.

travel vision board

Vision Board Uses, Purpose, Importance

Vision boards relate to an individual’s life, including personal, career, relationships, emotions, travel, finances, and everything else in between. Developing the vision board as a creative tool allows a person to reference and view various themes and scenarios that can emerge.

Clarify What an Individual Wants

Developing and completing a vision board acts as a visual representation of a person’s goals and aspirations, displaying them through a vivid and tangible process. If an individual is still unsure of their dreams and objectives in life, creating a vision board helps with providing clarity into future ideas and plans. Creating a vision board is a creative and personal procedure, presenting vague sentiments and refining them as the days pass to motivate and entice people to do better.

Helps Set a Person’s Intention

The road to success often begins with having clear intentions. Through having these intentions, an individual can process and create ideas, bringing them to fruition by having a vision board that sets up choices and follows through with intended actions. A person visualizing and believing that they are getting better or stronger can improve their capabilities, especially for everyday activities or long-term goals.

Fosters Motivation

A person seeing a vision board provides them with positivity and motivation to pick themselves up and keep moving forward. Having a vision board set up in an environment where the individual has constant exposure to it makes them regularly think about what they want to achieve and increases their drive and grit. Vision boards are most effective when they include small and manageable goals, helping people stay motivated toward achieving much larger goals as they see themselves making progress.

Promotes Focus

Different individuals, regardless of their occupation, must learn to keep their focus in line with the work and schedule they have to function to finish everyday activities. During the process, people have the possibility of disregarding their goals, especially through their busy schedules, and with the help of vision boards, they can keep individuals focused on everyday activities. Vision boards help redirect the focus of individuals to complete assigned tasks and activities toward reaching their goals, keeping a target on concentration, and maintaining dedication towards success.

Gives Room for Reassessment

Taking a step back to view and take in the contents of a vision board reveals a lot about the owner, where their mind is currently, and what they hope to accomplish in the future. The images and words on the vision board represent what an individual wants to achieve in the future in their current state. However, there are instances where priorities change, goals develop, and new things emerge, and vision boards provide the freedom to rearrange and reassess goals to fit their needs.

What’s in a Vision Board? Parts?


Words and quotes provide individuals with a way to express their feelings and emotions and demonstrate past experiences through short and brief text. They are also good for effectively conditioning a person’s mindset to do and be better to achieve their goals.


Contrary to incorporating quotes, self-affirmations are personal statements from the person, influencing their views and non-restricting their beliefs. Having a sense of self enables individuals to minimize their stress, anxiety, and doubts while keeping an open mind about various scenarios or events.

Doodles or Art

Crafting doodles as a centerpiece or title to a vision board enhances a person’s vision through profound and detailed imagery. Individuals can choose to draw their life maps toward successful careers or dream vacations by playing with various shapes and colors.


If an individual does not want to doodle or create an artwork for their vision board, they can always resort to using images and pictures, pinning, gluing, or attaching them to the vision board. Depending on the type of vision board a person creates, they can choose to incorporate photos of successful individuals or scenarios to evoke emotions.


Attaching souvenirs from various places shows a person’s strength and ability, motivating them to strive for their dreams and aspirations. These items range in size and variety, including appreciation notes and letters, trinkets, ribbons, patches, magnets, etc.

Goals and Aspirations

A list of goals and aspirations is the most vital component of a vision board, detailing what the person wants to achieve at a given moment. Be creative when incorporating these goals and objectives, creating graphs, tables, and other maps to connect them.

what’s in a vision board parts

How to Design a Vision Board

1. Determine the Vision Board Size
2. Specify the Purpose of Creating the Vision Board
3. Pick the Vision Board Template
4. Develop a List of Goals
5. Collect and Organize the Needed Components
6. Customize and Personalize the Contents
7. Finalize Changes and Save Your Work

how to design a vision board

Vision Board vs. Mind Map

Vision boards are visual tools and representations of a person’s or organization’s goals using images, quotes, and other visual elements.

Mind maps are tools that focus on concepts and ideas where individuals make connections or relationships between one subject and another.

What’s the Difference Between a Vision Board, Mood Board & Goal Setting?

Vision boards are visual representations of goals and aspirations through a photo collage, inserting texts in the form of quotes and sentences.

Mood boards, otherwise known as inspiration boards, are visual tools that use collages to represent a thought or idea common in fields of design, including interior, fashion, and graphic design.

Goal setting is a process that an individual uses to formulate active approaches and methods to achieve an ideal outcome or future.

Vision Board Sizes

Individuals can create and express their goals and aspirations through a vision board of varying sizes to accommodate all their objectives. Multiple vision board sizes are available for creating or electronically printing the visual tool, with standard sizes being the A3, A4, Legal, and US letter sizes.

vision board sizes

Vision Board Ideas & Examples

Vision boards are expression tools unique to diverse individuals who want to organize their goals and objectives for various aspects of their life. Develop multiple vision board ideas and bring them to life to inspire, motivate, and focus on future pursuits and successes.


What should a vision board include?

A vision board must incorporate a list of goals and aspirations, words, quotes, self-affirmations, doodles, art, photographs, and souvenirs.

What color should a vision board be?

A vision board can be of any color or shade, depending on an individual’s wants and likes.

What makes a successful vision board?

A successful vision board must start with a visualization process, planning out the different elements and ideas, gathering necessary materials, making updates or revisions, and setting it up where the individual has a vision of it.

Do vision boards actually work?

Vision boards are effective motivators for people because they are a constant reminder of a person’s intention, thoughts, actions, and feelings, giving a clear direction of where they want to be in life.

What is a vision board for students?

A vision board for students represents their short-term and long-term goals for the end of a semester, school year, or life in an educational setting.

Why are vision boards so powerful?

Vision boards are powerful motivational tools because they are visual instigators of manifesting the law of attraction.

Who invented vision boards?

Rhonda Byrne is responsible for introducing vision boards, using her self-help book entitled, The Secret, using the Law of Attraction.

How do vision boards keep you focused?

A vision board serves as a guideline or compass for an individual to keep moving in the direction of their dreams.

What do vision boards activate in your brain?

Vision boards activate and stimulate the reticular activating system or RAS in a person’s brain that filters out unnecessary information, focusing on the necessary details instead.

What does a vision board do?

A vision board is a collection of images and text using a collage that helps individuals to manifest and accomplish their goals and aspirations.

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