Yard Sign Sizes

Yard signs have a variety of sizes depending on their purpose and where they’re going to be installed. It is important for people who are going to use this to know what size is appropriate for them, and they’re going to be discussed below. yard-sign-sizes1

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Yard Sign Sizes Standard

Yard signs are small pieces of cardboard or corrugated plastic that are placed on a street-facing lawn, garden, or property. As for the sizes, here are the most common ones in use:


This size of yard sign falls on the small end and is ideal for company logos and directional signs for pedestrians.


Yard signs using these dimensions can fit more content but are still suitable in areas where there is not much space available.


This is the size that most people use for their outdoor home yard signs since it can be installed on areas with average amounts of space available and can fit the most common content, such as offer phrases, contact info, and so on.


This yard sign falls on the large end of the spectrum. People can also opt for this slightly larger than standard size if they wish to include more content in their signs or they wish for it to be seen at a further distance.


This is the largest yard sign in common use and is ideal as a political, election sign, or campaign sign since its content can be seen from at least 100 feet away.

Yard Sign Sizes for Digital – Social Media

If your business specializes in making yard signs, you may also upload some of your sample signage designs to your respective social media accounts. In this case, they only need to follow the recommended pixel sizes to have the best quality possible. For LinkedIn, the dimensions would be 1350×440. For Facebook, it would be 1200×630 pixels, while for Instagram, it would be 1080×1080 pixels.


Yard Sign Sizes for Print

Some of the yard signs that are commonly printed include an outdoor advertising banner (such as a home remodeling yard sign), an event yard sign (such as a Christmas yard sign), or a personalized yard sign. In this case, the most common size is currently opted, which is at 18×24 inches or 45.7×60.9 cm. This allows for ample room for content and great visibility at a distance, and once printed, it should be secured on its plastic frame and properly mounted to the ground using a stake.


Yard Sign Sizes for Email

You can also email your yard sign templates for it to be double-checked by the appropriate people, especially if it has a custom design. For this case, the file size should be around 1-3MB, and the file types can be JPG or PNG. Sticking to this file size allows the image to load properly in the email while still retaining the best quality possible.


Yard Sign Sizes for Business

Businesses can follow various sizes for their yard signs, and it all depends on what they wish to put in them. More commonly, the size of 18″x24″ (or 457.2 x 609.6 mm) is used. This is because this size is ideal for “For Sale” signs with room to be included for some contact information and a call to action.


Yard Sign Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

Yard signs can be designed for Photoshop, and in fact, it is one of the recommended applications when designing these signages (for example, a real estate yard sign). As for the sizes, it is recommended to follow a blank canvas size of 457.2 x 609.6 mm and an additional 3-5 mm of bleed on all sides, which allows exact room for the standard yard sign size of 18×24 inches. Having bleed makes sure that when printed, the design takes up the entire finished product without any white edges.


Yard Sign Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is also one of the recommended applications when designing yard signs. Since it is largely similar to Photoshop, designing a standard yard sign size of 18×24 inches is also possible here. Also, having bleed space around the edges when designing in this application is also recommended to ensure that the design takes up the entirety of the printed document.



What is the average size of a sign?

The average size of a yard sign is 18×24 inches.

How big is a 24×18 yard sign?

A 24×18 yard sign is not too big but also not too small, as it is the average size used to fit the content that most users wish to include.

How tall are the letters on yard signs?

In industry-standard yard signs (18×24 inches), the letters are around 5 inches in height, which allows them to be viewed 50 feet away.

What size are for sale yard signs?

The size of a for sale sign to be installed on outdoor lawns uses industry standards, which is 18×24 inches.

How do you make big yard sign letters?

To make big yard sign letters, first, choose a yard sign that falls on the average to the large end of the spectrum, then you can have the letters painted on the plastic sign, or you can have them custom made as a vinyl sign to stick on the plastic board.

What is the good font size yard sign?

The ideal font size used for yard signs should be 360pt or 5 inches.

How to choose the right yard sign font size for you?

To choose the right yard sign size, make sure that your yard has enough room, as you can’t fit larger signs on small lawns, then, decide on its purpose, since, if you wish to fit more content, you’re going to need a large-sized yard sign.

What is the standard size for a political yard sign?

The standard size for a political yard sign or a political lawn sign falls at 18×24 inches.

What sizes are available for custom yard signs?

The sizes that are available for custom yard signs include 24″x6″, 24″x18″, 18″x12″, 2’x2′, and 4’x4′.

What are the dimensions of a yard sign?

The dimensions of a yard sign depend on the content being included on it, with the industry-standard dimensions being 18 inches high and 24 inches wide.