Yard Signs

Yard Signs are those types of signages that, at first glance, may be mistaken as a piece of decorative landscaping on someone’s lawn or front yard. Carry on reading if you want to know more about its details.

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Yard Sign Definition & Meaning

Yard signs are small signages that are placed on someone’s street-facing lawn, garden, or property.

Also known as lawn signs, these signages are usually used during the election period to express support for a candidate during his/her campaign.

What is a Yard Sign?

Yard signs refer to outdoor signages that are made of corrugated plastic with vertical fluting. This material is usually preferred since it makes the sign lightweight and durable in its composition. This sign is usually great for political campaigns, business purposes, or information purposes.

10 Types of Yard Signs

Real Estate Yard Sign

Aside from political purposes, yard signs can also be used to market a business. Such is the case with the real estate yard sign, which is used to market the services of a real estate agent, such as property leases. When it is used for this purpose, it usually contains the details of the property for lease, the name of the agent, his/her contact information, and any other supporting design elements.


Cleaning Service Yard Sign

Like the previous example, this type of yard sign is also used to promote a service. In this case, a cleaning service yard sign is used to promote a business focusing on cleaning services. As it is used for advertising, it is most effective when this yard sign is placed in areas where it can be clearly seen by passersby.


University Yard Sign

Universities can hold frequent major events such as class graduation. One creative way of promoting events like this is to make use of a university yard sign. Its design usually revolves around the school’s main colors and the event that is being promoted.


Carpet Cleaning Yard Sign

One particular housekeeping service that can be promoted through a yard sign is carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning yard signs usually advertise carpet, mattress, upholstery cleaning, and odor removal services. Its main content revolves around the type of carpet cleaning service that is marketed, along with the supporting graphics/images and contact information.


Roof Cleaning Yard Sign

Another type of yard sign that is used to promote a particular service is called a roof cleaning yard sign. It usually markets services such as general cleaning of a roof, or partial or total remodeling service. It also contains elements such as the type of roof cleaning service being advertised, a call to action, and contact information.


Sale by Owner Yard Sign

Yard signs can also be used to advertise a sale of a product or a property. This is the case of a sale by owner yard sign. This type of custom yard sign details important elements such as the details of the home being sold (such as the house number), the name of the owner that is selling the said property, a call to action, and different types of contact details.


School Yard Sign

A school yard sign can be an effective tool that is used to communicate with the students, employees, and faculty members. This can be used to promote events such as an open house or a graduation event, send an important message to everyone in the school, and so on. To be noticed by the target audience, however, it needs to be effectively designed and personalized according to its purpose.


Commercial Cleaning Yard Sign

A commercial cleaning yard sign advertises cleaning services that are carried out by commercial cleaning companies. It can market services such as general cleaning and internal cleaning of the facilities of a commercial business. To be effective, its design needs to have the service being advertised, any supporting graphics/images, and contact information.


Residential Cleaning Service Yard Sign

A residential cleaning service yard sign is used to advertise cleaning services that specialize in cleaning someone’s house. Services advertised here can include cleaning floors, windows, walls, and so on. It can also advertise housekeeping services.


Real Estate for Sale Yard Sign

Another type of yard sign that is used to advertise a sale is a real estate for sale yard sign. This type of yard sign markets the sale of a real estate property. Important details of this yard sign include the details of the real estate property being sold, the name of the real estate agent, and his/her contact details.


Yard Sign Uses, Purpose, Importance

Lawn yard signs can be used for political purposes, commercial purposes, or informational purposes. They are relatively small and simple and won’t take up much space on someone’s front lawn. Here are some of its uses and importance.

School Fundraisers

If a school is advertising an upcoming fundraiser event, then making use of a yard sign can be one of the ways to do so. This can work whether a fundraising event is a one-off or a recurring event. When properly designed and placed, a yard sign can lure many participants to the fundraising event.

Celebratory Events

Yard signs can also be used during celebratory events to direct guests where the event location is if it is in a relatively hidden place. Celebratory events can include a wedding reception, a baby shower, a Christmas feast, or a birthday party. This can also be used to direct guests to locations such as a restroom or designated smoking areas.

Random Uses

Yard signs can also be used for random purposes. It can be placing a funny or a sentimental quote, a simple welcome sign, or an inspirational message. To do so, one only needs to purchase blank yard signage and personalize it accordingly.

Political Campaigns

This serves as one of the many prominent uses of a yard sign in North America. A yard sign can be handy since, during elections, the name recognition of a candidate is essential. To become effective, it needs to have the candidate’s name in bold letters for maximum recognition along with its supported cause.


A yard sign can be an important marketing tool for businesses due to its affordability. This is because the materials being used in a yard sign, such as coroplast (corrugated plastic) are inexpensive while being durable, which makes them cost-effective. It is also durable in the sense that it can be left outdoors for extended periods of time without taking any deterioration.

What’s In a Yard Sign? Parts?

Main Signboard

The main signboard of a yard sign is usually made from coroplast, which is a hollow but strong plastic sheet.

Metal Stakes

The metal stakes are usually inserted into the flutes (small gaps or pipes in the coroplast sheet) on one end and are pushed to the ground on the other end to support the yard sign.

Main Content

This is the main written content of the yard sign and it usually depends on the purpose, such as campaign slogans, event announcements, and so on.

Supporting Graphics/Images

Any supporting graphics/images of a yard sign must also directly relate to its purpose, just like its main written content.

How to Design a Yard Sign?

1. Select a yard sign size

2. Decide on the purpose of the yard sign

3. Pick a yard sign template

4. Personalize its contents according to the given purpose

5. Add the appropriate graphics/images

6. Finalize and download

Yard Sign vs. Sign

A yard sign is usually visible on the front lawn of a particular property.

Signs are not necessarily mounted on the front lawn, as they can be magnetic in nature and simply magnetically placed on doors, walls, gates, and so on.

What is the difference between a Yard Sign, Signage, and a Sign Board?

A yard sign is mostly commercial or political in nature and is generally prominent on someone’s front garden or front lawn.

Signage is mostly informational in nature and may be used for displaying commercial, directional, or road traffic information.

A signboard is usually a board carrying a sign, or a board on which signs may be posted.

Yard Sign Sizes

Here are the most common yard sign sizes in use:

  • 12″x18″
  • 18″x14″
  • 18″x24″
  • 24″x24″
  • 36″x24″

Yard Sign Ideas and Examples

Here are some of the different yard sign ideas and examples that can help you when you need to make one:

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Are yard signs effective for business?

Yes, they are, since most businesses resort to using it due to its durability, affordability, ease of installation, and ease of marketing.

How do you make a waterproof yard sign?

It is usually done using weatherproof and UV-resistant ink for its graphics and content.

How do yard signs advertise?

They get the attention of passersby since it is located in someone’s front yard.

Elements for Successful Yard Sale Signs with Stakes

For it to be successful, it needs to have eye-catching written content along with the appropriate graphics.

What are the rules for a political yard sign?

The rules include no resemblance to traffic lights/directions, no signs near polling stations or public rights-of-way, and no tattered or faded signs.

How do you make custom yard signs?

It involves picking the right size, selecting a blank template, and starting from scratch according to what the intended purpose of your yard sign is.

How to make a DIY birthday yard sign?

To make a DIY birthday yard sign, choose your preferred size of the signboard, select a template from the internet or build from scratch, and add the appropriate birthday design elements to the sign.

How effective are political yard signs?

Political yard signs generally have little to no impact on voter turnout but can minimally affect the number of votes a candidate receives.

What kind of marketing is yard signs?

A Yard sign is a form of guerilla marketing technique.

What is a graduation yard sign?

A graduation yard sign usually promotes a school/university’s graduation program, or it simply contains a congratulatory message to all the graduates.