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12+ Portfolio Website Themes for Photography

Photography has never become as fashionable as it has been these past few years. Anyone with a camera or a smartphone can take beautiful pictures of anything, anywhere. That is why professional photographers are experiencing a hard time in getting people to take their services. On the other hand, there is still a niche group of tasteful people who crave for good quality photos, so they look into a more serious solution.

As a photographer, an extensive portfolio that showcases your best works is all you need. And with the high-tech environment we have nowadays, a personal portfolio website is as essential as your life blood to survive in this industry. So, here are some themes and templates that you can use for your portfolio websites or find inspiration from to set your works of art apart from the influx of amateur photos and images.

Photography – Responsive Theme

photography – responsive theme 788x

Above is a responsive photography template made in WordPress and features a clean and well-structured design. Photography has a vast number of pre-defined layouts to choose from and an easy-to-use content builder so you can personalize your portfolio according to your needs or preferences. Aside from its advance gallery editor that lets you upload bulk images and reorder them through drag-and-drop,

Aside from its advance gallery editor that lets you upload bulk images and reorder them through drag-and-drop, various client options are also added to this template so you can present your artworks in a professional way. Photography also features a direct purchase link integrated into the gallery slideshow so you can sell your photograph.

Toppic – Portfolio Photography Theme

toppic portfolio photography theme 788x

Toppic is a responsive website theme that is specially made for photography portfolio and other creative portfolio websites. It has a clean and minimal layout so, it highlights the content of your website–the photographs. Packed with essential powerful features such as fullscreen photo sliders, parallax headers, five creative menus, skin manager, a choice of boxed or wide layout, super easy photo gallery management, and a fullscreen video background support among others. All these makes

Packed with essential powerful features such as fullscreen photo sliders, parallax headers, five creative menus, skin manager, a choice of boxed or wide layout, super easy photo gallery management, and a fullscreen video background support among others. All these makes Toppic perfect for different types of photography like weddings, street, fashion, studio and much more.

Levita – Creative Photography WordPress

levita creative photography wordpress 788x40

What sets creative photography apart from other types of photography is its defiance of the standard norms of this form of art. Levita embodies this principle in its design that is why this is easily the best template to choose as it features one-of-a-kind works of art.

With four shop pages, ten new styles of galleries, eight hover effect, ten portfolio styles, and three different homepages; you have a big set of components to create a unique website that will truly represent your style and aesthetics. Levita is a stunning WordPress theme, so it’s compatible with a lot of available plugins and boasts a number of features.

It’s quite common sense that a photography website should be image-oriented that is why we recommend Diamond. This website template is characterized by a full-screen image-based homepage which lets you highlight your best work.

It also features an image-heavy wall gallery that provides your online portfolio a well-organized and dynamic layout. Diamond is a fully responsive website template so you are assured that your photos will look good no matter what device your audience use.

Another image-based website template is Oyster. This time, it arranges your photos in three-column blocks across the whole screen. It provides your viewers a great view of your photographs as the images appear large and well-detailed.

It is attributed with a full-screen and responsive design that ensures sharp and clear images on every device. Moreover, Oyster also boasts of different gallery layouts that let you choose between listing and image flow to impress your viewers or clients.

Soho is a portfolio website template that has a simple yet stunning design that allows your photographs shine under the spotlight. With a custom image slider full-screen homepage that supports both photos and videos, you can make your portfolio website more eye-catching and impressive.

Aside from this, Soho has a wide range of options to showcase your artworks. One of them is the Gallery Albums feature that you can use to organize your photographs based on genres, dates, relevance, and others. Or, you can arrange them with a masonry-type layout to handle your images beautifully while saving space.

Photo Studio Responsive Website Template

photo studio responsive website template 788x

A subtle and beautiful theme specially made for photographers who are running photo studios. This template presents a full-screen muted image for a background to highlight important texts in the homepage. Its attributes include a responsive layout so your website can adapt to every screen size of various devices.

Another is a custom web page slider that provides a great way to highlight your best works. You can also market promos and discounts of products or services if you’re also using your website for business. Additionally, a Contact Form is built in for clients to get in touch with you easily.

Intense – Photographer Portfolio Website Template

intense 788x

If you’re a photographer who specializes in black and white imagery or avant-garde photography, then Intense is the right portfolio website template for you. With a monochromatic color layout, plain and simple design, and minimal characteristic; this theme lets you create creative and stylish photo galleries.

Loaded with features, Intense is highly flexible and customizable making it easy to use even without extensive design skills. It’s also integrated with the ever trendy social icons so users can easily share your content across the Internet, generating more interest to your works.

JohnBlack – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

photography portfolio wordpress theme

FirstGlance – Free WordPress Theme

firstglance 788x

FirstGlance is another WordPress theme that has a black and white color scheme which will give your photography website a refined and elegant look. Whether you monochromatic or full colored photos, it will definitely make your works shine through its effortless design.

Presenting a robust list of features, including a dynamic content loader, custom sidebars, custom widgets, contacts page, a responsive layout. Using the FirstGlance template, you can create a stunning website not just for your online portfolios, but also for other creative items.

So, this is the end of our list and we hope you were able to choose the right template to showcase your photography skills. You have to remember, though, that your photography portfolio websites should not just showcase beautiful images. You have to make sure that it tells a compelling story that touches your readers. And that is what these templates are made for.

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