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10+ Marketing Agency Website Templates

While businesses can always figure out for themselves how they can promote and increase their sales, they can also choose to hire professionals who are experts on this specific field. These professionals work under a marketing agency, and they are tasked at creating and implementing marketing strategies.

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Since these agencies are meant to assist businesses achieve their targets, how can they help themselves in achieving their needed number of clients? They can do it by promoting themselves on the internet, or in other words, through a website. Here, we have a collection of website templates that you can use for your marketing agency.

Elements of a Good Marketing Agency Website

1. Creative and functional design: In terms of design, it is important to ensure that the design is both visually appealing but also functional. The website design doesn’t only refer to the appearance, but also its coding and structure which is responsible in creating and managing the flow of information.

2. Usability: In connection to having a well-designed website, the visitor’s experience should also be taken into consideration. Even though the purpose of the website is to promote your marketing agency, the user’s experience will always be the primary contributing factor behind the success of the website.

3. Informative content: When adding the content to your website, you should make it a point that you are not trying to mislead them to something that is irrelevant. While using clickbaits isn’t discouraged, also ensure that you are baiting users to something that can provide them with the information that they need.

4. Contact details: It will always be vital for businesses to add their contact details on their marketing tools, and the same thing can be said when building websites. A website can also be considered as a marketing tool since it helps promote a business and its products and service, and how do you expect your prospects to contact you if you don’t provide your phone number or email address?

5. Call to action: Here’s another vital element that should be found in every marketing tool, which is something that motivates the visitor into doing what you’re expecting from them. The call to action always goes hand in hand with the contact details—the former tells them what to do and the latter are the information that they can use to do what you’re telling them to do.

6. Search engine optimization: The last and the most commonly neglected element of websites is the search engine optimization, and this, in fact, should even be the topmost focused element in websites. The reason behind that is because people commonly use search engines to look for information that they need, and if your website is optimized for search engines, it might even be the first one to appear in the results.

10+ Marketing Agency Website Templates

Smart Marketing Agency Website Template


Kystick Marketing Agency Website Sample


Business Partner Marketing Agency Website


Media Office Marketing Agency Website


Keypoint Marketing Agency Website Layout


Hard Marketing Agency Website Sample


Loptus Marketing Agency Website Design


Upper Marketing Agency Website Template


Promotal Digital Marketing Agency Website


Upturn Marketing Agency Website Design


Steps to Designing a Good Marketing Agency Website

1. Choose a theme for your website: Before you start building your website, you should first think of a theme for your website. When choosing a theme, make sure that it can easily be associated with your marketing agency. The reason behind this is because having a consistent image across all your marketing tools can help in making your business distinguishable from your competitors.

2. Download a website template: After you have chosen a fitting theme for your website, it’s time for you to download a template. Using a pre-designed template can give you a head start on your website and will actually help in saving you a lot of time and effort. Website templates can be found all over the internet, and you can simply download one that you wish to use as the base design for your website.

3. Edit the downloaded template: The great thing about downloadable website templates is that they are also fully editable, but they only work if you are using the right editing tool, and this is where website builders come in. If you haven’t installed a website builder yet, now is the time to choose one, and make sure to use the one that’s compatible with the template that you downloaded.

4. Publish the website: After editing the website design and adding the necessary content, it’s time for you to publish the website, that is, if it no longer needs further editing. If it does, do the necessary changes before settling with the final, publishable product.

Simple Tips for an Excellent Marketing Agency Website Layout

  • Make sure that your text is legible enough for the readers, and you can do this by using a font type that’s easy to read, a font color that contrasts with the background image and the other graphical elements, and a font size that’s big enough.
  • You might also want to play around with colors, it brings life to the website design. When adding colors, try not to overuse it since adding too many colors can result in a distracting layout.
  • Don’t be afraid to add white space (also referred to as negative space), this can actually provide the design with some breathable room, and having a breathable room between elements can be easy on the eyes.

Types of Websites

1. E-commerce website: This type of website is responsible in making buy and sell transactions through the internet, and they often make use of various online tools in order to do fund transfers, marketing, data interchange, and data collection. This type of website is common among both small and large business, and they rely on this in order to communicate their products and service through the internet.

2. Business website: This type of website is another that is very common among companies and corporations, but unlike the e-commerce type, business websites focus on simply conveying who they are and what they do. Business websites are often used simply to convey their branding or identity towards the public.

3. Brochure website:This is another type of website that is business-related and also is intended to showcase products and services. However, the main difference with this type of website is that it consists only of a few number of pages. Brochure websites can be considered as the small and simplified counterpart of business websites, and are commonly used by small or startup companies.

4. Entertainment website: Over the recent years, the internet has been used in the same manner as televisions and radios wherein people can watch movies and listen to music with it. With video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime, internet users can have access to over millions of movies and television shows. These websites are referred to as entertainment websites, and they do indeed provide its audience with a source of entertainment.

5. Media website: Unlike entertainment websites, this type of website offer more content other than just movies and music. Media websites have a wide range of content which includes updates on what is happening all over the world, spreading awareness, and many more. Although this may seem like another source of entertainment, media websites can also be taken as a source of information and knowledge.

6. Non-profit website: This type of website is common among non-profit and church organizations, and they are intended to promote charitable projects, to recruit members, and to encourage people to participate in certain activities. In connection to promoting projects, non-profit websites are also used by their respective organizations to motivate people into contributing to the cause by either donating money or by volunteering.

7. Educational website: As the name suggests, this type of website offers any form of education for its visitors, and this may range from short-term tutorials to actual long-term courses. Some educational websites offer their content for free while others offer theirs for a fee.

8. Personal website: And the last type of website among this list is the personal website, which is obviously for an individual’s personal use. Personal websites include blog and vlog sites, online diaries, and social media sites, and they are commonly used for sharing a person’s day to day experiences, travels, and for voicing out opinions.

FAQs about Marketing Agency Websites

How long does it usually take to build a website?

Usually, websites take about 14 weeks to build, and this starts with 2 weeks discovery, 3 weeks design, 3 weeks revisions, 3 weeks initial development, and 3 more weeks of modifications.

What are usually needed when building a website?

  • Domain name
  • Business email address
  • Web builder
  • Web host
  • Website template
  • Logo
  • High quality graphics
  • Graphics editors

Were you able to find the template that you need to make your website? With the templates that you have just seen, you’ll be able to make not just any website, but an impressive website that’s worth visiting and re-visiting. You’ll have nothing to lose if you use any of our website templates, and that’s a guarantee.

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