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People love ice cream. I repeat, people in general love eating ice cream. Not just children, but adults as well. What’s not to love about ice cream? They’re sweet, cold, and just overall tasty, you might even say that ice cream has the capability of promoting positive emotions no matter how down a person is.

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We all know how big the ice cream business is with the likes of Baskin-Robbins and Häagen-Dazs, so you might want to keep up with the pace. Luckily, we have beautiful ice cream website templates that you can use to promote your business, check out the templates below.

Elements of a Good Ice Cream Shop Website

Every website should consist of different elements, and these elements have their own role in the marketing of the products and in promoting the business in general. Below is a list of the elements that should be included if you are building an ice cream shop website, you might want to write these down and turn it into a checklist to ensure that every element is added.

1. The business’ background: Even though sharing how a business started has nothing to do with the products and services being offered, it does help in the business’ formation of a trusting and professional image. There are people who look into how a business is formed before deciding whether or not that business is worth trusting.

2. Description of yourself and your business: While the background explains the business’ past, this element describes the business’ present status. A good website shouldn’t hide information about the business, it should identify the people running the business as well as describe what the business does for its customers. This way, a visitor can easily find out who and what they’re dealing with.

3. Reasons why you stand out: Every business will claim that they’re different from their competitors, and this is a common yet still effective sales strategy. In the case of ice cream shops, you may say that your shop only uses natural ingredients, or you may also want to talk about how creamy your ice cream products are. Whatever you think makes your business stand out, share it to your readers by mentioning it on your website.

4. Share buttons: People love to share content on the internet, whether it’s for a social media page or other purposes, people often get information from one website and share it on another. Of course, having your content shared is quite flattering since it only proves that your website was able to produce content that’s interesting and worth sharing. Because of this, it would be a good option to include a share button on your website to allow visitors to share your content with a touch of a button.

5. A call to action: When promoting something from a business, make it a point to include a call to action along with your contact details. Even if you have already written down your contact details on the website, most people won’t be able to notice that right away or they may see it but they aren’t sure what to do with it. With a call to action, you are actually telling them what to do, and if they haven’t seen your contact details, they will have to look for it after reading the call to action.

6. Speed optimization: This is one website element that is commonly being overlooked and considering that many users nowadays want the website’s content to load immediately, you should start treating this as a priority element. Having a slow website can have a negative impact not only on your website but also on your business. A few tips to optimize your website is enabling file compression, minimizing HTTP requests, and choosing a good hosting service.

7. A positive experience for visitors: As much as possible, you would want the overall experience of the visitors to be as positive as possible in order to increase the traffic. Also, a good user experience can also lead to a more positive impression towards your business, which in turn, can help you generate more and more customers.

6+ Ice Cream Shop Website Templates

Ice Cream Website Template

ice cream website template

Ice Cream & Juice Bar WordPress Theme

ice cream juice bar wordpress theme

Responsive Ice Cream Website Template

responsive ice cream website template

Free Ice Cream Website Template

free ice cream website template

Ice Cream HTML Website Template

ice cream html website template

Ice Cream and Bakery HTML5 Template

ice cream and bakery html5 template

Steps to Designing a Good Ice Cream Shop Website

After looking at all those samples and templates of ice cream shop websites, you might also want to read about how you can build a really good one. Even if you’re already experienced in building websites, the step by step process below might still be very handy for you.

1. Choose a theme for your website: When building a website, it should always start with deciding on a theme, which is something that should be consistent with not only the entire website but also on all materials used to promote the business.

2. Collect images to be used on the website: If you wish to promote something visually, then it would be a good idea to have images prepared, but not just any images, they should be actual images of your products. And since you are trying to promote your ice cream shop business on the website, you should include mouthwatering images of your products to entice visitors into buying them.

3. Write a draft of the content: After gathering the images, the next thing that you will need to do is to add the content. However, instead of writing it directly while building the design, write a draft of the content on a separate medium. This way, it will be much easier for you to make revisions while being able to keep track of it.

4. Download a website template: After preparing all the needed things for the website, it’s time for you to actually start building it. You may build your website from the ground up if you choose to, or you may also use pre-designed templates. Website templates can be found all over the internet, and these will simply require you to edit the design instead of having to start building the website all the way from the bottom.

5. Edit the downloaded template: As we said, templates will only require a few modifications to its design and content before you can actually publish the website. For the templates that we have in this article, every single one of them is fully editable, but you can only enjoy this capability if you edit the template using a compatible website builder.

6. Publish the website: After making all the needed changes to the website design and testing whether the website is responsive enough, the only thing left for you to do is publish the website. Take note, that after you publish a website, you may still need to make more changes in the future in order to update its content.

Simple Tips for an Excellent Ice Cream Shop Website Layout

  • Keep the layout simple.
  • Organize the elements properly.
  • Add white space to de-clutter the layout.
  • Use creative yet legible text.

Types of Websites

While it may seem irrelevant to talk about the types of websites especially when this article is all about ice cream shops, we are, after all, discussing about websites and it may come in useful for you to learn the other different types in case you might need to make another one in the future, whether it’ll still be related to ice cream shops or not.

1. E-commerce website: E-commerce refers to the process of selling and buying goods, and this type of website specifically works for that purpose wherein it serves as a channel between the seller and the buyer. Other functions of e-commerce websites include fund transfers, marketing, data interchange, and data collection. This type of website is common among both small and large businesses.

2. Business website: While e-commerce websites focus more on the buying and selling transactions among two entities, business websites have a much broader role which includes e-commerce tasks as well as simple marketing tasks. What the latter means is that some business websites focus on just promoting themselves and their products and services.

3. Brochure website: This type of website is a rather minimal version of the business website, wherein it consists of only a few pages and the content is limited yet direct. Brochure websites are very common among small businesses and those that have just started, although as the business grows, the website might also grow to become a full-fledged business website.

4. Non-profit website: This type of website specifically focuses on promoting projects or activities, gathering recruits or volunteers, and for accepting any form of a donation to aid the organization with their projects. Non-profit websites are commonly being used by various non-profit and religious organizations.

5. Personal website: This type of website is common among bloggers, vloggers, and those who write online journals. As its name suggests, this type of website is simply for personal use, although there are people who can get a profit out of this if they are able to find sponsors.

FAQs about Websites

What are some of the best website builders?

  • BoldGrid
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • WordPress
  • Webs

What are some of the best web hosting services?

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator Cloud
  • SiteGround
  • Hostinger
  • Sitey

These ice cream shop website templates offer you more than just mouthwatering images of ice cream and exciting text, they also have a well-organized layout that will make visitors appreciate every single detail on the design. You will never go wrong with our templates, which is why you should start downloading one now.

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