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19 Best jQuery Business Website Templates

A business website should be as professional as possible although that does not mean that it has to be basic. You can add interactive features to the website to give it a visual appeal while still maintaining an air of professionalism at the same time. While there are numerous website templates around for businesses we are going to show you 20 of the very best jQuery business website templates to make your site stand out from the crowd.

1. Porto from Theme Forest

A fully responsive website template that comes with a full width slider to display images and promote certain aspects of the site. The slider comes with many transitional effects to create a well-designed and aesthetic template.

2. Synergy from Theme Forest

A template that is best used in a portfolio setting. Has a grid-like display that features overlay text and with a navigation bar subtly placed on the left of the page. The design is well matched for displaying art or linking to business pages.

3. Invention from Theme Forest

A retina-ready and responsive design from Theme Forest. This template supports jQuery and has a nice image slider effect at the top of the page which can be used for promotional purposes or to highlight certain features.

4. Astrum from Theme Forest

A well designed and clean looking website template that can show a portfolio or image show. Its minimal design means that much more emphasis is placed on the content & the images on the site, and the template comes with jQuery progress bars too.

5. Elegant and Minimal Business Template

elegant and minimal business template

6. Felius from Theme Forest

Responsive website template. Has an attractive slider at the top with text overlay and benefits from a clean design. Very useful for a business who need a feature-laden template but which is also fairly minimalistic and simple too.

7. CoWorker from Theme Forest

CoWorker features many different design styles. The slider at the top can be presented in many different ways and with a fully responsive design it can be great to use for a business portfolio or as a main professional site.

8. Portfolio Business Blog Theme

portfolio business blog theme

9. Goodnex from Theme Forest

A large image and layer slider is the center piece of this template. With its clean and professional layout, it is perfect for a business portfolio or information site, and it also has a prominent navigation bar at the top for ease of use.

10. EKO from Theme Forest

If you want to give your business a different look than most professional sites then EKO gives you this option. With its unique slider capability and artistic design, this HTML5 template is a great choice for creative businesses that want to showcase their work.

11. Statti from Theme Forest

An animated template that will give you something a bit different to your business site. Full screen images with a slider effect navigation allows Statti to be one of the more creative templates out there especially for a business site.

12. City College Theme

city college theme 788x

13. 47 Deliciously Flat from Theme Forest

Comes with responsive sliders and also uses a soothing mix of green shades to ensure a good-looking design. Great for a business site given that it combines the practical with simplicity in a well-rounded, fully finished design.

14. Surreal from Theme Forest

Surreal is a one page template that makes heavy use of image sliders and hover text. If your business needs a portfolio-like theme then Surreal provides an artistic take on it with the ability to incorporate full screen video as well.

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