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A creative agency is a company or a corporation that focuses on providing every creative aspect of their client’s needs. Some of the works of these companies range from creating advertising materials for their clients’ businesses, make product labels and designs, as well as, help their clients strategize for a more successful business management process.

In order for these companies to be able to reach more clients that they can serve, they must also advertise themselves, not only through billboards and in newspaper pages but also online. This can easily be achieved if the company will have their very own creative agency website.

Elements of a Creative Agency Website Template

The collection of website templates online are beyond countable which requires a lot of patience and time-dedication from the person who will need a site for his business company. To help in easing out the process of choosing an appropriate creative agency website template, the following elements must be noted and checked in every potential design:

  • Editable: A creative agency website template should be available to be edited and customized fully in order to make the site personalized to the specifications of the agency company. It must either be in an HTML5 format or in PSD format which are recommended design formats for website templates.
  • Menu pages are included: A website template with a number of menu items on the navigation bar should also have each item be clickable or at least be presented into another website page as part of the template. This allows the client to see what the rest of the menu items’ designs are for him to decide on ideas regarding what he will compose and incorporate inside each of it.
  • High-resolution images: The purpose of a creative agency website is to advertise the agency and showcase their works or expertise to their clients, and this can effectively be done by using photos or videos of the agency’s previous projects. Although a website template only consists of temporary photos and image placeholders, these must still be in high-resolution to raise the visual impact of the site to the clients.
  • Web-safe fonts: Every desktop or computer is made with different specifications, especially to the types of fonts which can be viewed in web pages. This is why when it comes to choosing a website template, the font-family and the styles that are used must be web safe or those which are widely used throughout the web rather than what a single computer can decode. The fonts “Times New Roman” and the “Arial” font-families are two of the most common fonts to consider in making any type of website.

9+ Creative Agency Website Templates

Designing a website from scratch is easy, however, having a ready-made template to use as a guide would be a better option to choose. This is why we have made and collected several varieties of creative agency website templates for companies in the creative industry who are in need of a well-crafted and trendy site:

Creative Agency Service Company Website

creative agency service company website template
File Format


Creative Agency Website Sample

creative agency website template
File Format


Design Agency Portfolio Website Template

creative design agency portfolio website template
File Format


Creative Design Agency Website

creative design agency website template
File Format


Creative Web Design Agency Template

creative web design agency template
File Format


Creative Agency Website Example

free creative agency website template
File Format


Full-Service Agency Website Template

full service creative agency website template
File Format


Creative Agency, Portfolio and Multipurpose Website


Travel Agency Website Template


Creative Advertising Agency Multipage HTML5 Website Template


Creative Website Template for Agency


One-Page Agency HTML Template


Marketing Agency Multipage HTML5 Website Template


Steps to Make a Creative Agency Website Template

Constructing a creative agency website template can be intimidating to some, but with these steps below, anyone can begin creating their own template:

1. Choose what editing software to use: There are a lot of online and offline editing software applications which can be used for building a website template. One of the most used is Adobe Photoshop which results in creating a template in PSD format.

2. Open a new or blank sheet and incorporate a website grid: When opening a new sheet, the size must be specific onto what will the pixel sizes of the website be. In addition, a website grid can also be obtained online where options can be seen ranging from 9 grid layouts to 12 grid layouts. Website grids serve as a guide for determining the proper layout of each section of the site template.

3. Create layers: Begin by adding a background and turning it into a layer. Make sure that the background will not overwhelm the other designs which will be placed onto the template. Then add layers for the navigation, content, and the footer which are the three basic sections of a website. In the navigation, the menu items will be listed along with their links.

The content is also known as the body of the website where the introduction of the agency will be placed with the service details and other presentations. Lastly, the footer will be for the social media addresses, contact information, and the office address of the agency as well as a copyright and trademark indication for protecting the agency’s brand.

After the three steps are followed, the created template must be saved in an editable format so that it can easily be used whenever a website will be built or whenever there are updates for the agency’s website design template.

Simple Tips for an Excellent Creative Agency Website

The three tips for an excellent creative agency website is to customize, purchase, and update.

  • Customize: Yes, a company can use a free or a paid website template, however, they must not only customize the obvious and basic parts of the website but also all other elements specifically the graphical ones. Some of the elements to be changed are the border designs and the icon sets used in the site.
  • Purchase: Building and maintaining a company website requires not only the technical skills of a developer or a client but also the financial capabilities in being able to purchase high-quality components for the site. On the other hand, there are always some stock photos around the internet which are free to be used yet it is more effective to hire a freelance photographer to do the job in capturing compelling images and videos solely exclusive for the agency only.
  • Update: After the company website it made, updating and constantly checking for errors and trouble-causing portions must be executed. In addition, the creative agency’s website must also be up for the latest trends in the world of technology especially if the goal of the company is to help clients in starting their own online businesses and e-commerce websites.

Types of Creative Agency Website Templates

Creative agency website templates can be categorized based on what they are composed of or what their building blocks were. If the templates were made using any type of editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, then it will be categorized as a PSD website template or a website design template in PSD format, while a template made by coding HTML and CSS is called as an HTML website template which will be saved in an HTML5 format.

Another set of categories wherein a creative agency website template can fall into would be based on its ability to retain its function and ability to adapt to the different types of devices. If a creative agency website template will retain its appearance and layout on any device, then it is a website template in a fixed layout.

On the other hand, a website template which uses percentages for its sizing and layout is a fluid website, and an adaptive website layout uses media queries to resize immediately for phones and other small devices. While the combination of both the characteristics of a fluid layout and an adaptive website layout is known as a responsive website template layout.

Among the mentioned template layout categories, the responsive website layout is the most used since it caters both the size concerns for large and small screen usage

Creative Agency Website Template Sizes

There are two common sizes that web designers and developers prefer to use when it comes to creating templates, especially for the creative industry business companies. The first size is the “1024×768” size while the second one is the “1366×768” size. Both sizes allow designers to incorporate high-resolution components into the site, however, the latter offers greater width space compared to the “1024×768”.

Creative Agency Website Template FAQ’s

Which is a Better Format to Choose for a Creative Agency Website Template: HTML5 Format or PSD Format?

The format that one must choose depends on his ability, knowledge, and skills in web designing. However, comparing the two formats, an HTML5 format allows the user to immediately use the template rather than having the need to convert the template into codes when using the PSD format.

Why Convert a PSD Formatted Website Template Into HTML5 or HTML?

The reason for this is because a PSD formatted template is merely a design which is not suitable to be launched as a website since there will be no technical functions to be incorporated such as Javascript codes and other languages needed to run a full website.

Whether a creative agency website template will be in PSD or in HTML format, the important thing is that the website fits the user’s needs and preferences for his business company and that the template can be efficiently edited or customized by the user. Moreover, the services of professional individuals who know deeper about building a business website by using the template are also beneficial especially in lessening the time in making the site and in ensuring that the site will be hosted successfully online with less to none errors and glitches.

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