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7+ Pregnancy Risk Assessment Templates – PDF

Being pregnant is not an easy phase for a woman who will soon become a mother. It involves too many hormonal changes and you have to deal with how your body changes with it too. Pregnancy is probably the most sensitive state a woman can be in. It is one of the most beautiful experiences, but it also can be the most challenging, from the moment you conceive until you are ready to deliver. You may also see fire risk assessment templates.

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You become very moody and find yourself harder to satisfy, especially when it comes to food. Whether you like it or not, expecting hurts. That’s a known fact, and the pain you experience during delivery is just about half of what you will be subjected to, for your first few months. Not that it’s a reason to be discouraged because it is very much so rewarding when you finally see the life, in the flesh, that developed inside you for nine months. Knowing what your rights as an expectant mother, could make the experience a little easier, and the bump a little lighter, especially if you are someone who is currently employed. You may also see risk assessment form examples.

Sample Mothers Risk Assessment

Expectant Mother Risk Assessment

Pregnancy Risk Assessment

Birth by the Numbers

In 2006 alone, there was a record-breaking total of 317,168 births. That counts for 7.4 of all the births in the country. In America, giving birth is expensive and known to be on the painful side. People have this common misconception that the only way a working mother can survive her pregnancy is through the drugs and painkillers that the doctors provide. But there’s more to it than just being able to take the pain away, after working long hours 4-6 months before you are due. As far as pregnancy goes, the law is on the expectant mother’s side. Companies have existing policies to make sure that they comply with existing federal and local safety standards set by the government in assessing the risks involved by having an employee who is expecting. You may also see risk assessment templates in PDF.


Giving focus on education and nutrition for the baby in the womb, most people tend to be more attentive and you are more comfortable because you can still enjoy being at home and being at work to tide your way into having a baby on top of the assistance you will receive from pregnancy benefits. With healthcare and hospital fees being so costly these days, you need all the financial help you can get, no matter how prepared you think you are. Then again, you do not have to deal with it alone. You have your family and your husband. You have the government and you have your rights. Knowing what they are and what they cover to get protection and support you before giving birth, will help a lot. You may also see sample risk assessment forms.

Why Do Pregnant Women Employees Need Risk Assessment?

Risk assessment for most conditions is very important when you’re pregnant. Do not forget about situations that make your pregnancy even riskier and the safety of your unborn child vulnerable. That’s more than just the scare of having allergies, or your diabetes. It could be that you are expecting not one but two babies. In this case, do not settle for less than medical help by someone who has a license and trusted in the field. You may also see a checklist of risk management.

1. Because it is Important

It could be that your working environment in general, somewhat puts you in a tough position or it could be that the type of tasks you have to accomplish at work, the job normally require for you to finish, doesn’t help you in making sure that both you and the baby inside you stay healthy. It could be all of these and more, that’s why workplace risk assessments are especially pertinent since you might be subjected to different hazards, even in the safest workspaces. Most of the time, your manager and those who are in charge in your company would only have good intentions. But even then, they still can’t be sure that everything involved in their operations is safe enough not to put your sensitive condition in a whole new danger.

2. Because the Law Says So

Every business is mandated by law to protect their employees’ safety and well-being, therefore, all employers must also implement procedures for general risk assessments of specific risks which their staff are inevitably exposed to, in the workplace, as well as the risks posed to other entities that are affected by association to the business, like partners, guests, clients, and contractors. Furthermore, since companies are becoming more open to the employment of women from the front lines to the top of the corporate ladder, they would naturally have a member or staff of childbearing age, working for them. This means the work involved could put these expecting and new mothers at risk for many reasons. The general assessment should then be able to monitor and evaluate the risks out of working conditions, procedures and processes of an otherwise a normal or regular working environment, including chemical and physical factors, especially for goods-producing businesses.


In the event of the risk assessment proving a specific risk, the management must do everything necessary, in their capacity to remove the risk or prevent the pregnant employee’s exposure from it. You, as an employee, must also be informed about what risks they have uncovered and the measures the company is planning to take, to ensure your safety. You may also see project assessment templates.

Ideally, the pregnancy risk assessment should be partially completed the moment the employee notifies the management of her condition, with a written document about her pregnancy. This should be reviewed 3-6 months on your second trimester, depending on what the law or certain state regulations require. 6-9 months into the pregnancy, the second review should also be done and the third should be completed before reporting back for duty, with the fourth being undertaken after returning to work. Certain companies may need a fit to work notice from the doctor if necessary. You may also see risk assessment forms in PDF.

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Annual Report

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring Sample

Risk Assessment for New Mothers

Women conceive and it is never easy. While the idea of having a version of yourself in a little less than a year or so, is quite nice, it is challenging to carry a child in your womb. It involves a great amount of care on your part, a good doctor to be had, and certain processes at work to be completed so that you can make sure you deliver a healthy baby. You may also see IT risk assessment templates.

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