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8+ Environmental Assessment Templates – PDF

Contrary to what people think, the land does not take care of itself. You cannot allow such a philosophy to get stuck in your mind, especially if you are in the corporate world, or when you are working in a non-profit organization. As such, it should prove that the land needs some tilling and that we need to conserve our natural resources. You may also see risk assessment templates.

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Businesses need to find ways of addressing and managing the effects of certain business decisions that would have a big impact on the environment and our already struggling ecosystem, with climate changes taking over discussions across the globe and how the economy at large would be able to fight it. Being able to come up with strategies that makes an industry more competitive is good. But being able to come up with business strategies focusing on sustainability and managing the environmental impact of business operations is definitely better.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment Guidelines

Environmental Assessment Sample


Often people do not realize the intrinsic and economic value of the world we live in. It has been easy to take environmental analysis and assessment for granted, yet the benefits it provides to an organization cannot be overstated. The effects of being able to address issues in business that affects the environment will make your company perform even better. Countries have been banking on proper management of environmental resources, for sustainability. True enough, the strategies in carrying this out may have differences. But the fact that it helps provide for future generations remains unchanged and unparalleled. You may also see assessment checklist templates.

The end goal remains to be providing enough resources for future use. Resources need to be managed and it is the only way to keep the trust of major stakeholders. Because knowing the company is committed to being environmentally concerned are a good sign to them and their investment. Its added benefits, when employees are provided awareness, is something they can use to their advantage. It allows them to be ethically concerned, knowing that being sustainable is something they need, no matter their modern approach to staying competitive and at the same time environment-friendly. You may also see assessment templates.

Awareness provides adequate results in managing environmental issues since it helps people understand the philosophy behind policies that seek sustainability. Poor training and poor assessment undermine good intentions behind company policies. This generates too much dependency on company resources that have the risk of running short. Remember that not everybody understands the concept behind the effects of the environment to the reputation of a company and its overall success.

Commitment to this will be better demonstrated once proper training and analysis are carried out. You will make your front liners gain more knowledge about dealing with issues related to your resources and you would also find that different establishments use different means of promoting environmental awareness to its staff. Strategies differ, depending on what is at risk. It is better if you can also pinpoint the specific problems, so you will be able to think of better approaches. You may also see assessment form examples.

Final Environmental Assessment


Companies have a social responsibility to the community and that includes making sure that the decisions they make will not damage the surroundings. That there will be enough resources left for those who may still need it, and in doing so, everybody gets to have their share of the benefits. Especially when employees are better informed about the effects of energy, water, and all other resources to keeping a company in good shape. They give this systematic approach, in reducing the negative impact of the environment to a firm. Doing it in different ways like routine energy conservation and such processes helps them manage overall costs in a year. It may sound so simple, but it needs proper management to get it done successfully. Costs are even lowered by other strategies like implementing recycling programs. You would not believe that your business can save thousands of dollars on production costs just by the number of materials recycled. You may also see assessment forms in PDF.

Environmental (Impact) Assessment

Environmental concerns have affected the whole world and not only the global economy. It is an issue and a challenge that every country individually and all nations collectively are facing because the consequences of not addressing it, is always far, far greater. This is why assessment of impact in various industries have become an important tool that can be used to determine and manage issues concerning the environment. Impact assessment is required in many countries to get a license allowing them the implementation of large-scale projects, although it is also useful for more advanced companies to provide awareness and communication in making internal decisions, identify and mitigate risks in operations and involve stakeholders, as well as business partners. The need for environmental assessments for companies is on a global rise, with many countries making it a compulsory requirement, notably South African countries where laws associated with the environmental impact are very strict to protect and preserve their natural resources.

Assessments are usually performed on a project site or place where a new product or development is being done, or when a company is planning on another site, branches or project extensions, to assess the effects of these developments on the environment and identify risks, as well as think of ways to manage risks that have been identified. This isn’t performed by one person only, but rather a report on the assessment is produced by a group of environmental assessment professionals. The assessment will then have to include the following:

  • Determine possible environmental effects of the current project being undertaken.
  • Come up with a proposal for measures to manage adverse effects.
  • Anticipate or predict whether or not there will be significant effects to the environment even with the risk management measures.

Who Remains in Charge of the Assessment?

An environmental assessment study isn’t just for anyone who can write company reports like a pro. There are several variables and factors to be considered to come up with a comprehensive assessment report. It is a complex document that normally the design engineer will decide whether or not you need one based on the scope and kind of project being proposed. There are also times when the government can require an environmental assessment as compliance for existing local and federal laws, hence it will be someone authorized who will inform other agencies if and when their participation to the assessment is needed, especially if it is a large-scale project. The environmental expert will be in charge of data-gathering, conducting interviews and do the necessary research for the impact zones. Only then will he be able to identify the potential environmental effects and measures to manage those effects and mitigate risks, should there be any.

Environmental Concerns in Business

Most of the time, the environmental issues remain associated with the business production of raw materials, water and gas emissions, especially from factories of goods-producing industries and industrial waste. These are long-standing issues. They have existed since the laws required businesses to comply with certain standards that made them change equipment and procedures. Trying to meet standards imposed by the government isn’t easy while also trying to change rules in an effort to be more environment-friendly and do what is morally and socially right. These decisions and changes cost a lot of money for businesses who want to implement measures in protecting the environment and get back the expenses from hopefully being able to touch base with old and new consumers out of implementing environment-friendly policies. You may also see needs assessment templates.

1. Waste

Many companies deal with the manufacture or production of goods. Unfortunately, at some point in the production process, waste is also produced. We have existing laws and being considered environmentally law-abiding citizens, businesses cannot dump their byproduct anywhere, so they must think of other ways at its disposal. Many are coming up with better recycling programs, some are selling factory waste to other manufacturers that can put them to good use and generate profit. Whichever is more economical and helpful, it still costs handling hours, development of procedures and other resources that would, in one way or the other, also cost money and cause a delay in operations. You may also see business assessment templates.

2. Raw Materials

Naturally, manufacturers use raw materials to produce their goods. Usually, these materials are made of natural resources like wood, in the case of furniture and many others. This requires a business to take measures in replacing the use of these materials. For example, instead of trying to deplete forests, sellers just buy from growers of Christmas tree farms. As a result, the business is forced to spend more on higher raw materials, and rightfully so. You may also like project assessment templates.

Protocol on Environmental Assessment

Rapid Environmental Assessment

Strategic Environmenal Assessment

What is Environmental Assessment?

People need sustainability, especially in the workplace, no matter how passing or trivial and irrelevant it is. Sometimes, you just do not see the impact it has on the business. But overall, without the proper management of environmental resources, stakeholders tend to steer clear of small business deals, from helping the organization grow and you risk losing profit in the process. Going ahead of your business competitors in establishing a strong environmental responsibility can make your business stand out by a mile. It’s not just a responsibility. Doing your part in helping preserve the environment is also an opportunity for things greater than profit.

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