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3+ Employee Record Change Forms Templates – PDF

One thing that is constant in this world ever since its existence is change. Changes in the human body as it ages, changes of preference in about anything, change in the genre of music and there are even changes in trends as time flies by. Change happens by choice and because it cannot also be contained. With this as a fact, employees around the world should also expect change to happen to them in their workplace and even, their very own personal information whether they had seen it coming or not.

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If one is in this type of situation, he or she should notify the HR to ask for a Change of Employee Information Form. It is one of the easiest things to understand and do if the situation calls for a change in information. In this article, we will inform you what compromises of the form and what are the necessary procedures one should take in order to complete a change in information. We will also show you templates of this form to give you additional help in visualizing what generally it would look like.

Employee Record Change Procedure

Employee Personal Information Change Form

Request for Change Form

If one’s personal information has changed, he/she needs to tell the HR immediately so that his/her records would change. Changing information is as easy as pie because he or she only needs to fill out the necessary things that have changed. Basically, he/she will just receive another personal information form and submit it to the Human Resource Department depending on how companies would handle these certain types of situation. Changing the personal information form should be done as soon as the change of one’s personal information to avoid any hassle in documentation and identification scenarios. Simple things like changing the cellphone number or email address are still so important.

The Employee Information Change Procedure

Companies would give out a procedure on what to do if one’s personal information has changed. They will also state in their procedure why it is deemed necessary to change your information in the form if it really did change in your life. These are generally the procedure one has to go through when one needs to change his/her personal information or record for the company:

  • Purpose of the procedure. This is so easy to understand since it only will state that the purpose of this procedure is to guide someone whenever the situation calls for a change in one’s personal record.
  • Responsibilities. This is where the procedure paper would state what are the responsibilities of the employee who needs to change his/her information and the other office departments that are responsible for handling records of every employee in the company.
  • Employee Responsibility. It has been mentioned here many times that once information of an employee changes, so should his/her records in the office to avoid confusion and misunderstanding in the future. If one would not fulfill this task if the moment calls for it, he or she will face some issues along the way especially when officials would ask for personal records.
  • Payroll Administrators Responsibilities. They are the ones responsible for submitting the necessary changes made by the employee and make sure that everything is accurate.
  • Authorization. The employee signed the change of information form should let whoever is in authority of the records to also sign the said form in order to avoid confusion of records as one might forget or stumble upon an old record.
  • Schedule. In this part of the procedure, it would state how long the employee should submit the changes so that it will have a faster and smoother transaction with the people who will be responsible for submitting the record after the employee is done.
  • Records. Once everything is done, the payroll admin should keep the records in a secure location so that it won’t get lost. One of the worst things that could happen is if a fire struck the company and all the records went off as well. With that, persons in charge should keep a digital information of every employee in the company especially the ones who just filled up a new form because some of their personal information has changed. This would also include the old information but should be labeled as an old record to not be confused in identifying which is current and which is not.

Employee Name Change Request Form

Get it Done as Soon as Possible

If you’re a woman and already has a newlywed husband, then we congratulate you. But as you’re already in this part, we encourage you to change your personal information, may it be in the office or in the government, immediately so that you will avoid any misunderstandings that will manifest later on in life when you will deal record cases and situations. This goes along with other employees in whatever information that has changed about them. Take the initiative to change to avoid being hassled.

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