It is one of the HR department’s responsibilities to oversee and maintain employee records. Employee record helps in tracking any of the employee's performance, achievement, absences, and more. It is a documentation of their conduct at work. To help you have an organized record sheet, offers high-quality and professionally made employee report sheet templates. All of our templates are easily editable and 100% customizable in all versions of Microsoft Word (.doc), Publisher (.pub), Excel (.xls), Apple Pages, and Google Docs. It is also printable for the convenience of our lovely customers! It unquestionably saves time and effort. So, what are you waiting for? Download our employee report sheet templates now!

What is an Employee Record Sheet?

An employee record sheet is one of the employer's forms that documents the employees' performance inside the company. It serves as a supportive data in case any work-related occurrence happens, just like termination. With a record sheet, the employer or HR can track the employee's absences, tardiness, and overall performance.

How to Make an Employee Record Sheet?

One of the main importance of employee records and files is how you have data of the people who are under your responsibility. These people are meant to be trustworthy and capable of doing the work that you assigned. With the help of the employee record sheet, you can see the profile information of the person. In case he/she commits an offense or any other matters that need a background check, the record comes in handy. More importantly, it tracks the performance of the employees, both training and actuality. That way, the employee also gets an idea of what area he/she can improve. To guide you, here are some helpful steps in making an employee record sheet.

1. Choose a Credible Software or Program

There are many trustworthy software and programs that you can pick. If you want a more convenient software, you can use MS Word or Publisher since those are the most accessible editors out there. If you are using Mac, you can use Apple Pages. Choose a program that suits your capability and produces your expectations better for the record sheet.

2. Design a Format

Determine the type of employment record sheet that you are making. The records can be for an attendance sheet, employee information, payroll, timesheet, quality records, and many more. Specify which type you are aiming for and design a format that you can easily understand. The format is the framework of your sheet; it serves as a template for future use. With that being said, you can also refer to's sheet templates to see if you have any format that favors your preference.

3. State the Needed Details

Afterward, insert the information that the employees need to fill-out. Necessary details such as the name, address, age, birth date, employment background, and more should be included in the record. The information solely depends on the type of employee record sheet. For attendance, you must include the official work days and non-working holidays. Everything must be specific for the convenience of the HR (Human Resources) and the company. If every detail is specific, the people can go through the records smoothly without any confusion.

4. Finalize the Employee Record Sheet

After accomplishing the record sheet, finalize everything and recheck for any errors and unnecessary information. Make sure that everything is polished, especially the format to avoid future interruptions and confusion. After settling the record sheet, save the outcome and print it in a high-quality printer. You can now use the employee record sheet for your current applicants and employees, as well as for the upcoming ones.

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