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Gift inventories are used in different kinds of processes by various entities. Some gift inventories are used to list down gifts received by an individual, while others are created to record all items in a gift shop. Making sure what kind of gift inventory you need is the first step in making a well-curated gift inventory document.

We have a number of gift inventory templates available in Doc and PDF. You can use them as reference should you need to create one for your offers listing, contributions, or gift materials stock presentation. Other than that, we also have downloadable samples of Store Inventory  and Track Inventory templates.

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Closet Inventory

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Shop Inventory Format

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Inclusions of Gift Inventories

Even if there are various kinds of gift inventories, the content structure and formatting of this document are pretty much the same. Some of the essential information that should be present in a gift inventory are as follows:

  • The purpose of usage of the specific gift inventory
  • The gift or gift item listing
  • The description of the gift present in the list
  • The quantity of the particular gifts listed in the document
  • Other details that are essential to be added to various gift inventory lists.

Guidelines in Creating a Gift Inventory

Since there are different gift inventories for different functions, creating a specific gift inventory may be confusing. Some of the guidelines to help you have an easier time in creating a gift inventory are as follows:

  • Identify the kind of gift inventory that you would like to create.
  • Organize the data.
  • Check if all the necessary information (item names, dates, prices, items in sources, recipients) is present and accurate.
  • Include formulas to automate calculations.
  • Make the format of your gift inventory easy to understand.

Other than our gift inventory templates, our Printable Inventory Templates and Retail Inventory samples are also available for download.

Thank You Gift Inventory in PDF

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Gift Inventory Format

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Kinds of Gift Inventories

As mentioned above, there are different kinds of gift inventories. A few samples of gift inventories are as follows:

  • A thank you gift inventory is a document one can use in order to keep track of all the thank you gifts one needs to give or has given away. This could be used by individuals (maybe newlywed couples thanking their guests) or establishments (NGOs thanking donors for contributions).
  • A gift closet inventory is the listing of the gift items that an individual or any other entity has stored. A gift closet inventory usually includes the kind of gift present in the storage, the number of items that can be gifter to people, the name of the people to whom the gifts are for and the occasion where the gift will be given.
  • A gift shop inventory is the document used by gift shops to identify their stocks and displays. This allows them to assess which gift items are needed to be restocked. It can update them with the remaining items they have which can be used to counter study the sales of the business based on item purchases.

Aside from our gift inventory templates, we have other kinds of Inventory Tracking Templates and Inventory Spreadsheet Templates which you may use as reference.

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