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13+ Bar Inventory Templates

The bars are separated by wine, beer, liquor to calculate to the total count and unit price, so it must need bar inventory templates to provide a bill for the customer. Excel inventory templates help you create the right perfect sheet inventories that look best and can be easily understood. The inventory must hold the pricing items, costs based on and desired cost of each liquid, etc. Therefore, you have to search for the right website to download the template.

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Printable Inventory Spreadsheet Template in Excel

File Format
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Numbers
  • Apple Pages

Size: A4, US


Every inventory needs to keep a record of the goods that are being received, stored, and delivered. The above template is a simple yet formal spreadsheet that comes in white, and royal blue is a great pick. It can be to keep stock of equipment, food, chemicals, grocery, and other assets. It is very easy to edit and can be easily customized to fit all your needs. Check it out now!

Inventory Checklist Template in Apple Pages

File Format
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Numbers
  • Apple Pages

Size: A4, US


A bar inventory is usually in the form of an excel sheet, and it helps hold all the price details in place properly. Even it supports to go with the formulas to calculate the total amount and total product that using inventory template are sales out on every day. The above template is one such template that will be of great help, and this way, you do not need to take the stress of creating one from scratch.

Free Bar Inventory Template

File Format
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  • PDF
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs
  • Excel

Size: A4, US

Free Download

If you are in search of an inventory sheet that you can use for your bar business, then you are in the right place. The above template is one such template that can be of great help to you, and you can use it for your bar business. This is designed to keep track of or liquor brands and other drinks in your establishment. Not only is it easily editable, but it can also be customized to suit your needs. You can also take a look at the food inventory templates available online so that you have a brief idea on how to create the perfect inventory for your food business.

Sample Liquor Inventory Sheet

How to Create a Bar Inventory?

Step 1: Goals and Objectives

The first thing you need to do before you create an inventory is to know is what are your goals and objectives. This way, you can make a better analysis of your inventory, since the budget also plays a major role in the inventory. There are many free inventory templates available online for you to choose the best out of the lot to make your inventory in the right way.

Step 2: Consistency in your Inventory

Make sure that there is consistency in your inventory. This way, you can follow the same pattern every time you make the inventory. Make a schedule as to when you will be creating the inventory. This could be weekly, monthly, or annually. This way, you will know where all you need to make the changes that are necessary to do so.

Step 3: Choose the Right Method

Pick the method that suits you best. Usually, in some bars, the managers have one person shouting the names of the liquor present while the other replies with the number and count. There might be many other ways to make it more effective for your bar. Check the basic production inventory template for more detailed information on how to create the perfect inventories for your production services.

Step 4: Train Your Employees

It is very important that you train your employees in the right way so that they can work without you being around during the inventory charge always. This also includes you teaching them to keep an eye out for specific issues or recording any spills or breakage of liquor bottles. Inventory reports help you keep a proper check on your inventory in brief.

Step 5: Review

Make sure that you take the inventory when the bar is closed only. This way, there is no confusion about any of the liquor missing or slips in or out while you are counting them. Once you are done, review it again, just so you have not missed any product that must have been left out.

Excel Format Bar Inventory Spreadsheet Download

Wine Inventory Template In Excel Format

Alcohol Distribution Inventory Template Document Download

Liquor Control Inventory Worksheet

Elements of a Bar Inventory:

The following elements are very important for a bar inventory:

  • Interest charged on the investment financially on the inventory
  • Cost of insurance
  • Rental or ownership related costs of the store which covers the inventory
  • Cost of the personnel and the equipment engaged
  • Any outdated technology that should be mentioned
  • Wastage, deterioration of stock, breakage of bottles, etc.

These are the basic components of the inventory. Inventory templates in Excel can help you create any kind of inventories you need. This will save you time and energy as you do not need to create any from scratch. You will just have to download, edit, and customize it to meet your needs and requirements perfectly.

An Excel Format Wine Collection Inventory Template

Alcohol Inventory Template In PDF Format

Beer Inventory Excel Template

Alcohol Beverages Stock Transfer Inventory Template PDF

Bar Beverage Excel Format Inventory Template Download


Inventory basically refers to the goods and materials that are held in stock by any business. It is very important that first, you classify the inventory into the parts it is to be divided. Equipment inventory templates will help you create the right inventory for your business, no matter which industry you work in, especially to keep a check on the equipment you have. This includes raw materials, finished goods, goods for resale, the types of stocks, the rate of production, etc. These components will help you understand how to make the right inventory for any business you need to make one.

Sample inventory templates can be of great help in case you are stuck on choosing the right template for your business to help you keep count of the goods and materials you have in stock. Keep a check on your inventory every now and then, so you will know whether the products are getting used correctly or not.

General FAQs

1. What is the Bar Inventory?

Bar inventory is a way of keeping a check on the goods and materials that a bar holds. Inventory management is a way to keep and specify the shape and placement of stocked products. It maintains a check on finished goods and also the ones that almost about to finish.

2. What is the purpose of an Inventory?

The purpose of storing an inventory is to make the products that are finished available for sale. Selling activity cannot be stopped, or there shouldn’t be a shortage of products either. Hence, businesses store inventory or stock-keeping despite the costs of holding one.

3. What is an Inventory item?

An inventory item is a separate product that must be specified in stock. If your company sells items/products, you can track an inventory. An inventory item is a product that can be resold and tracked in a balance sheet.

4. How often should a bar take an Inventory?

An inventory should be taken in a week, two or a month, or as often as possible. You must decide in advance as to how often you will take the inventory, but sure to keep them consistent. For most bars, it is recommended that an inventory be taken weekly for accuracy.

5. What are the components present in an Inventory?

Since inventory is a business asset, it has its unique value. In an inventory, the following components must be added:

  • Assets and values
  • Raw materials and work in progress
  • Finished goods
  • Goods for resale
  • Capital cost
  • Storage space cost.

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