17+ Property Inventory Templates – Word, PDF, Excel

If you are a real estate agent or own a rental business then you must have faced the elephantine task of logging in your properties, the owners’ details, rental details, payment dates etc.These property inventory templates can cover all your necessities, no matter what you are renting out starting from apartments to the furniture and carpets in your apartments.

property inventory template

You can directly download these amazingly customization x ls templates for creating the inventory for rental property and get started with cataloging. Most of these ready to use forms come with common fields such as item description, quantity of each item, condition on arrival and condition on departure. However the item description is completely personal and hence customization with as many row insertions as required.You can also verify Home Inventory Template.

Inventory Checklist Template in iPages

inventory checklist template in ipages Download

Simple Inventory Spreadsheet Template in Excel

simple inventory spreadsheet template in excel Download

Property Inventory Template Free Download

property inventory template free download

Simple Home Property Inventory Spreadsheet

simple home property inventory spreadsheet
This is the best template to make sure you have the condition of all the items in your house recorded. Using a Simple Home Property Inventory Spreadsheet Template, you can document everything on paper about your household items starting from the purchase date of your refrigerator or television to their present state.

Rental Property Condition Inventory Documentation Download

rental property condition inventory documentation download
This Rental Property Condition Inventory Template can be used by landlords to make their tenants give remarks about the present condition of the property, item by item. Just opt for one and rid yourself of future hassles.

Verification of Household Property Inventory Template PDF

address of property inventory template pdf
This is a verification document in essence. It contains a list of all the items present in a house including doors and door knobs, the condition of which needs to be remarked upon by a tenant. Verification of Household Property Inventory Template is a simple document with ample user-friendliness.

Property Risk Assessment Inventory Template

property risk assessment inventory template

Furnishing Property Inventory PDF Template

furnishing property inventory pdf template
A Furnishing Property Inventory Template is used for the purpose of documenting the status of a furnishing item in a house once at the time of a tenant’s check in and once when they check out. This template is required to be filled out by the tenant and submitted to the landlord.

Property Survey Inventory Document Free Download

property survey inventory document free download

Information Guidance Of Property Inventory Template Download

information guidance of property inventory template download

Simple PDF Template to Download Property Inventory

simple pdf template to download property inventory

Free Printable Home Inventory Checklist PDF

free printable home inventory checklist pdf

Excel Equipment Property Records Inventory Template

sample equipment property records inventory template in pdf

Free Personal Property Inventory Template

free personal property inventory template

Personal Property Inventory Template

personal property inventory template

Addressing of Property Inventory Template In Pdf

sample address of property inventory template in pdf

Download Rented Property Inventory And Utilities Template

download rented property inventory and utilities template

The detailed description of the condition of each item may require column or row merging which is completely feasible with these templates. More fields like devaluation, costs incurred can be added according to necessity. The font style, size and color can be all customized.More kinds of Inventory Templates include financial details like tenant security deposit, tenant credit check, installations before tenants move in etc. More letting inventory templates are available for easy storing of other crucial information such as basic information of tenants, reference check, guarantor application, tenancy agreement, offer letter from tenant, etc. These templates are simply the best when it comes to house inventories.

> Utility of property inventory templates:

Being a real estate dealer is not an easy job. You need to sell properties to clients, which includes huge investments. And once the deals are over, you are required to keep records of who you have sold your properties to, payment dates, what part of the price they still need to pay to you etc. All this can be painstakingly difficult if you are not good at making inventory lists. And that is why using a template can help. These templates also help other property owners like landlords who give properties on rent. No matter, which out of these two you are, you can benefit a lot using property inventory templates.

> Conclusion:

Go for any of these Property-Inventory-Templates to make landlordship easy. There are loads of them available online. All you need is to download the one that matches your requirements. There are hundreds of free templates also available online. You can opt for them if you think being on a limited budget is the wisest thing to do. Never be worried about their print quality as these templates make sure you never face disappointment in regard of anything. So, just go for them. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!