A summary provides the reader with an overall comprehension of a larger body of work in a condensed, concise format. A work of literature, media, or history can be understood on a fundamental level with the help of a summary that has been written effectively. summary

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Summary Definition and Meaning

A summary is a sentence or paragraph-long snippet of the primary literature or kind of writing.

Only mention the major concepts, and don’t give away the whole storyline of a book.

What Is a Summary?

A summary provides a condensed description of another work in the form of a paragraph. This description should include sufficient information for the reader to comprehend the subject of the summary, while also highlighting the author’s comprehension of the subject matter. You may describe the storyline of a novel or a television program, as well as an academic thesis and the reasons that support it.

10 Types of Summary

Article Summary

A critical reading of the original academic article is required to compile the information that goes into an article summary, which is a condensed and focused work on one specific article. Even though article summaries are frequently brief and rarely contribute a significant component to your overall score, they are an excellent indicator of both your reading and writing abilities. The purpose of your professors assigning you to summarize articles is to assist you in developing fundamental skills such as critical reading, summarizing, and clear, structured writing.


Executive Summary

A brief portion that is included in a longer document, such as a business plan, investment proposal, or project proposal, is known as an executive summary. Its primary purpose is to provide investors and other stakeholders with a concise summary of crucial information on a business plan, such as the description of the firm, an analysis of the market, and information regarding financial matters. It comprises some background information, a condensed analysis, and a conclusion, in addition to a brief statement that addresses the problem or proposition mentioned in the attached documents.


Summary Report

A summary report is a concise written communication that can serve several functions, depending on the circumstances. The capability to convey information in a style that is succinct, logical, and easy to understand is a valuable skill, one that is appreciated in education as well as business and community settings. It is the process of analyzing a certain problem, coming to some findings, and offering some suggestions.


Summary Sheet

summary sheet lets you and your team spend less time digging down crucial information, ramping up on projects, and reporting on critical KPIs, which in turn enables you to execute more effectively and make smarter choices more quickly. It is a fantastic method for sharing ideas for diversifying instruction with kids as well as the parents of those students. It makes it possible for a teacher to be aware of the differentiation tactics that the student appreciates the most and to concentrate on them while avoiding the strategies that are loved the least.


Research Article Summary

A research article summary is a piece of academic writing that is intended to present the conclusions of a research paper to a specific audience in a manner that is condensed but still clear. When you’re trying to write a good research summary, you need to find and highlight the most important aspects of the study, then distill the information so that it’s easier to understand for the person who will be reading it. When you are preparing a research summary, the first thing you need to do is collect specific knowledge about the subject at hand.


Recap Summary

recap summary succinctly describes anything by focusing on the most important aspects of particulars. You may become successful by writing a blog in which you summarize episodes of your favorite television series. Some television programs begin with a review of the events that transpired in the previous episode. This allows viewers to get caught up on what has transpired in the plot up to this point.


Project Status Summary

Your projects’ status reports provide up-to-date information on their progress at regular intervals. Project reports should be clear and succinct in their presentation of high-level information on the status of the project. This allows members of the team to gain a quick understanding of what is taking place inside the project.


Project Executive Summary

project executive summary may include the following sections: an overview of the project’s scope and any restrictions, a summary of the project’s resources, a high-level explanation of the change management strategy, a description of the project’s primary deliverables, and so on. The executive summary of the project is typically the last part to be prepared and the first part to be read, reflecting the nature of summaries more generally. Documents related to project management, such as a project proposal, statement of work, or project charter, should be accompanied by it.


Payroll Summary

A snapshot of an organization’s payroll responsibilities for a certain period can be obtained from the payroll summary reports that are generated. It provides information on each employee’s pay earnings, tax withholdings, benefit deductions, and taxes owing by the company. This information is broken down by employee.


Meeting Summary

A meeting summary is an informal alternative to the meeting minutes that are typically taken. It is common practice to send an email as a follow-up or summary of the meeting. This email provides a high-level summary of the conversation that took place and acts as a helpful reminder of the responsibilities that have been delegated to various individuals on the team.


Summary Uses, Purpose, Importance

When we are providing a summary of an item, including our ideas might be simple and come off as being natural. However, a summary is not the place to voice these kinds of thoughts. Only the most important aspects of an article should be highlighted in a summary.

To provide an overview

The objective of a summary is to offer readers a succinct overview of significant details or intriguing information, excluding any expression of the author’s opinion in the process. The abstract of a scientific study, a description of the narrative of a movie, or a synopsis of a novel are all examples of summaries, which provide a concise overview of the most important aspects of a piece of writing or another type of media. A summary is a useful tool in many different types of writing.

To understand the main point

Because the ability to demonstrate comprehension of the primary ideas presented in a required reading or watching can be demonstrated through the writing of a summary, your professor may ask you to write a summary so that she can evaluate how well you’ve grasped the content. This can be helpful for school-related activities, like as studying for an exam or researching a topic for a paper. However, it can also be useful in day-to-day life when you meet literature on themes that you find personal, professional, and fascinating.

To include important general ideas from the main source

You might also summarize when the broad concepts from a source are crucial to include in your work, but the specifics presented in the same section as those key ideas aren’t needed for you to make your argument. In this case, you would just need to summarize the primary ideas. For instance, technical materials or in-depth research could go into a great deal more detail than you are likely to want to support a point that you are making for a general audience.

To double-check what you understand

If you can summarize the concepts contained in the book, you probably have a strong grip on the material that is being presented in the text. Another benefit of summarizing is that it is a great way to double-check that you comprehend a text. This can be helpful for school-related activities, like as studying for an exam or researching a topic for a paper.

To inform your reader

The purpose of a summary is to provide the reader, who has not seen the presentation or read the material, with an understanding of what the content is about. It provides an explanation of the paper’s objective or central concept and a synopsis of the supporting arguments that develop that concept. The reader will then have a better idea of whether or not they will find it helpful and whether or not they want to read it.

What’s in a Summary? Parts?


First sentences should hook readers. Then, name the author and article title in your opening paragraph. Your topic phrase or thesis statement should be the last line or a few sentences, explaining what you’ll elaborate on.

Body Paragraphs

A subject sentence, which introduces one of the supporting arguments and comes at the beginning of each of the body paragraphs, has to be written first. Unless your professor has expressly requested a more succinct summary, each of the author’s supporting ideas ought to be presented in its body paragraph. You are going to talk about those supporting reasons and either clarify them or compress them inside the body paragraphs of your essay.


At the beginning of your conclusion, you should begin by restating the topic phrase or thesis statement that you established in your introduction regarding the primary focus of the work. Be sure to restate this using different language from what you first said. This part will assist you with articulating the overarching significance of the author’s arguments as well as the overall content of the essay.


How To Design a Summary

1. Choose a Summary Size.

2. Decide on the purpose of the summary document.

3. Select a Summary Template.

4. Customize the template and add all the necessary details.

5. Finalize and download.

6. If you need to create a receipt in another app, see this reference.


Summary vs. Introduction

A summary is a record that is written in the reader’s own words that give the key points of a piece of writing such as an article that was published in a newspaper, a chapter from a book, or even the entire book itself.

An introduction will often provide a brief explanation or summary of the document, as well as identify the scope of the work.

What’s the Difference Between Summary, Analysis, and Essay?

A summary is a document that omits details and reader perception.

An analysis is something that develops conclusions based on facts.

An essay is defined in multiple ways, merging with those of a letter, paper, article, pamphlet, and a short novel.

Summary Sizes

Summaries of different sizes exist, and each one is for a specific purpose or is considered the standard in a specific country. Know the different summary sizes and make sure to pick the best or most appropriate one for you.


Summary Ideas and Examples

Good summaries are thorough, concise, coherent, and independent. We offer a selection of summary ideas and examples which also have printable templates to assist you in developing or writing one.

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How to write an executive summary?

An executive summary should explain the report’s aim, important points, results, conclusions, and recommendations.

How to write a book summary?

Writing a book summary involves taking notes while reading, writing the main takeaways, and summarizing the information.

What is an executive summary for a report?

An executive summary summarizes a research report or other document to save readers time and help them understand its general content.

What should be included summary?

A summary should include details that are essential to the author’s argument or major point.

What is a project summary document?

A project summary document is an overview that summarizes a project’s current status.

How to write a summary of a research paper?

Describe the research question, why it’s interesting, the hypotheses investigated, the techniques and what was measured, and the results.

What does discharge summary mean?

Hospital doctors write hospital discharge summaries which include why you were hospitalized.

What is a summary of a proposal?

A proposal summary, often termed an executive summary, provides a succinct overview.

What is summary writing in table of contents?

Summary writing involves summarizing a text in your own terms.

What makes an effective summary?

A good and effective summary has thorough, concise, coherent, and independent content.