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An outline is the most mandatory when you have to come up with a program, plan or presentation. It could be your marketing plan or upcoming speech or a college essay or a novel and many such presentations. The outline offers a skeleton for your piece and makes it sure that it does not get deviated from the standard format. There are Outline Templates that enable you to create the outlines easily with a readymade draft.

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> Project Outline Template


Before you take to work on your upcoming project, you must create a project outline so that your project stays within a proper framework and structure. You can take help from a project outline template that will enable you to clarify the project goals, the steps or processes to be taken and the deadline. (9+ Project Outline Templates)

> Presentation Outline Template


When you have to create a presentation, the foremost thing to do is to draft an outline. The outline will signify the points to be included in introduction, the media to be used for presentation, the facts to be stated to convey your message and the gist for conclusion. You can take help from a readymade presentation outline template. (8+ Presentation Outline Templates)

> Novel Outline Template


A novel is a detailed project and it’s not impossible to lose out on the track in between if you don’t follow an outline. In fact, you should know that there various forms of novel outlines, based on your style of novel writing. If you need help in formatting a novel outline, go for a customizable novel outline template. (6+ Novel Outline Templates)

> Resume Outline Template


Your resume plays an important factor in your selection by the potential employers and hence you have to be really methodical with your CV presentation. There are various styles to present a resume but all resumes must be drafted based on a resume outline template or structure so that you can be proper with the proper placement of your points. (13+ Resume Outline Templates)

> Book Outline Template


You must prepare an outline before you start writing your book. A book outline template would offer you insights on how to proceed with the book in proper order- what to include in the introduction, how many chapters to be included, the themes to be highlighted in each chapter, where to place acknowledgements etc. (6+ Book Outline Templates)

> Speech Outline Template


If you are trying to prepare a stunning speech, you must start with a speech outline. To help you here, you can go for speech outline template samples today that tells you how to start the introduction, where to enter the main message of your speech and where to include the call for action. (9+ Speech Outline Templates)

> Research Outline Template


A research is a detailed affair and hence needs a proper planning for successful execution. This, in such a  situation, it’s ideal to commence with a research outline template that will cover a full view of your research proposal, your chosen topic or angle, the references to be studied, the questionnaire & the other needed aspects. (10+ Research Outline Templates)

> Chapter Outline Template


A chapter comprises of several parts and hence you must follow a chapter outline template to ensure that all the parts are included and placed in proper placements. The outline will offer a standard layout for your chapter including the introduction gist, the themes to be covered, how many paragraphs to be included & conclusion summary. (7+ Chapter Outline Templates)

> Biography Outline Template


If you are planning to create a biography on a great personality, it’s smarter to proceed with a proper outline of the presentation. A biography outline template points out the main points to be included in the book- introduction, information on personal life, timeline, the accomplishments, notes of the author & references. (10+ Biography Outline Templates)

> Business Plan Outline Template


Are you about to create your business plan and don’t know where to start from? The experts always advise to go for a business plan outline template here that will assist with a perfect plan layout– which will further help you to clarify the business objectives, the markets to target, the marketing plans etc. (10+ Business Plan Outline Templates)

> Persuasive Speech Outline Template


A persuasive speech is meant to inspire a call for action for a problem. If you have to offer a persuasive speech, you should prepare the speech based on a standard persuasive speech outline template– that tells you how to initiate an attention-grabbing start followed by establishment of problem, your solution & gradually the final call for action to audience. (9+ Persuasive Speech Outline Templates)

> Course Outline Template


A course outline offers a synoptic view of the structure and program of a course. The outline enlighten the students on the topic they are about to learn here, what skills or academic background would be appropriate for the course, the semesters and course duration.  A course outline template will help you in formatting your course outline easily. (10+ Course Outline Templates)

> Sermon Outline Template


Though many people do not bother to follow an outline while preparing a sermon passage, yet it would be wiser to follow a blueprint. A sermon outline template offers the basic framework for your passage and makes it sure that it does not get deviated from the main message or theme. (10+ Sermon Outline Templates)

> Screenplay Outline Template


Before you start scripting your screenplay for a film, you should take some time to create a screenplay outline. It will help you with a proper arrangement of the sequences and without an outline you might unmindfully skip on some sequences in the midway. If you need help in writing a screenplay outline, a screenplay outline template would be helpful. (7+ Screenplay Outline Templates)

> Script Outline Template


When you sit to prepare the script for a play or a movie, you should create a script outline first. A script outline template will help you to create the basic skeleton of your script- highlighting on the change of scenes, entry and exit of characters, climax – so that it gets easier for you to elaborate the script later. (9+ Script Outline Templates)

> Marketing Plan Outline Template


If you are about to devise your marketing plan, you must create a marketing plan outline first. Marketing plan outline template will offer the basic picture of the entire marketing campaign so that you can be clear about the marketing goals, the campaigns to be taken, the audience to be targeted and other important aspects. (8+ Marketing Plan Outline Templates)

> Body Outline Template


A body outline is really helpful whenever you are about to draw a full human body. A body outline template presents the fundamental layout of a full body with the head, limbs, neck, hand & feet. It offers a bare minimum model for you so that you get a standard cage to place the different body parts in proper places. (25+ Body Outline Templates)

> Proposal Outline Template


Presenting a service proposal to a potential client is a serious thing and hence you must proceed with an outline so that you don’t miss out on points in the final presentation. You will get proposal outline template samples today that offer you a basic proposal layout so that you can understand about the points to be included in a standard proposal. (7+ Proposal Outline Templates)

> Training Course Outline Template


A training course outline offers a synoptic overview of the entire course for the aspiring students- stating the academic qualification needed for the course, the topic to be covered in the course, the duration of the course, the semesters and so on. If you need help in creating such an outline, take to a Training course outline template. (12+ Training Course Outline Templates)

> Program Outline Template


A program outline is the blueprint or basic layout of any program- be it a course or an event. If it’s for a course, the program outline template will offer the basic details on the scope of the course, the semesters and educational requirements. The program outline for an event will state the purpose of the event, the presentations, venue, time etc. (9+ Program Outline Templates)

> Report Outline Template


Do you need to compile a report with your research findings? Well, you must prepare a report outline first so that your final presentation stays in proper order. A report outline template will offer a brief on the theme of the research, the introduction of the report, the respondents studied & the facts discovered. (10+ Report Outline Templates)

> Dissertation Outline Template


Are you about to start your dissertation and looking for tips? Well, you should commence with a dissertation outline here so that you can be proper with all the needed chapters. A dissertation outline template will be handy as it would offer you a fair layout on the introduction, what to include in the chapters, how to summarize conclusion etc. (10+ Dissertation Outline Templates)

> Lesson Plan Outline Template


Are you a teacher looking to start a new lesson? Well, it would be better if you prepare a lesson plan outline beforehand that will help you with a proper structuring of the lesson- with highlights on the theme of the lesson, the learning to be imparted through the lesson and its duration as well. (12+ Lesson Plan Outline Templates)

> Literature Review Outline Template


Literature review is usually a detailed chapter. You should proceed with a literature review outline where you will enter inputs about the introduction, the books reviewed and a gist on the points that show their relation with your research theme. A literature review outline template will help you with a pre-structured outline. (8+ Literature Review Outline Templates)

> Autobiography Outline Template


You must start your autobiography with a proper outline that will begin with a gist on points for introduction, data on your family and early life, your years of struggle, achievements, any life-changing situation and finally conclusion & acknowledgements. If you want to have a clear view on the ideal outline for an autobiography, an autobiography outline template would be helpful. (8+ Autobiography Outline Templates)

> Meeting Outline Template


Arranging a meeting is a huge thing and hence it’s smarter to follow an outline here so that you are always on track. A meeting outline template will offer a brief layout on the venue & time of the meeting, the theme of the meet, the issues to be discussed and the speakers. (10+ Meeting Outline Templates)

> Human Body Outline


Do you have to draw a complete human body? Well, many amateurs start with the eye or face but the expert advice is to create a human body outline first. This will ensure a proper skeleton or blueprint of a human body and will ensure proper placement of the intricate parts. (17+ Human Body Outlines)

> Essay Outline Template


Creating an essay is a crucial affair as it carries grades and hence you have to be really proper with all the points. The best idea here is to follow an essay outline template that will advise you on how to prepare the introduction, points to highlight in the body, the paragraphs and gist for conclusion. (10+ Essay Outline Templates)

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