14+ Training Course Outline Template – DOC, PDF

These days, more and more people want to develop and hone their skill sets to be better adjusted in work, business or research. From high school students to engineers and doctors, everybody needs that extra bit of help to fine-tune their skills and work experience which is why a number of training courses have different roles depending on their requirements. To help make work easier for you, we have a collection of sample outlines that you can use to attract people to your course.

training course outline templates

Free ACCA Course Outline Template PDF

free acca course outline template pdf

This is a detailed outline of an ACCA course training where you get the entire breakup of the course of study, including points on the main aim of the syllabus, main capabilities, study guide, learning materials, etc.

MBA Course Outline PDF Download

mba course outline pdf download

This is a fall training outline on an MBA course that starts with off with a brief abstract of the various levels of courses. The entire syllabus has been divided and categorized into a table format for easier grasp. You can take a look at our training assessment templates

Free Course Outline Example Download

free course outline example download

This free outline template outline example here offers a precise outline of the course with highlights on all the important parameters such as course description, the readings required as well as assignments & evaluation method.


How to Create a Training Course Outline:

  1. Cover Page – In the cover page, you can insert your college or institution name along with its logo. The name of the course should be highlighted at the center of the page so everyone who is reading will know what course the training outline is dealing with. After the course name, you can mention the name of the individuals who have prepared the course outline and approved it.
  2. Introduction to the Course – While coming to the next page i.e. the introduction page, specify the name of the instructor along with the days and timings for that particular course at the topmost section of the document. Then, go on to give a brief description of the course with the learning outcomes, goals and objectives of the course.
  3. Allotting of the Grades – Once you are done with the previous steps, lay out the terms and conditions under which grades will be allotted to a student. You will have to mention details such as attendance, marks, assignments, homework, class participation, debates, presentation and any other factors that you find suitable. You can make use of tabular columns so that it is easier to read through the factors that can impact the student’s grades.
  4. Syllabus/Course Format – This section will help the students have an idea of the various topic involved in the subject that they’ll have to cover. You can also mention the materials and the author’s books they can refer to. Place the contents of the syllabus in a table format. The duration of hours to complete a specific topic or course should also be mentioned along with the credits allocated.
  5. Class Schedule – The purpose of the class schedule is to inform students of what time their class will go on and where they can attend the sessions. You can put it out weekly wise or monthly wise. Some outline template in PDF is given on our website which can be downloaded for free.
  6. General terms/Guidelines – In this step, mention the important rules or points that a student should follow. This could be in term of plagiarism, cheating, assignment due dates, presentations and so on. You may place this at the beginning of the document or towards the end of it.

After completing all of the above steps, go through them once again to see if you have included all the necessary information pertaining to the course. You can add or remove any of the above steps as per your convenience or requirements.

Project Management Course Outline Free

project management course outline free

This is a free and detailed outline of a project management course that concentrates on all the vital points of the course such as the objective, readers, prerequisites, course description, duration, and plan.

Free Financial Management Course Outline Sample

free financial management course outline sample

This course outline template presents a comprehensive picture of an effective financial management course outline where you have highlights on course prescription, the program details, course advice alongside the goals that are to be achieved by the course & learning outcome.

Business English Course Outline PDF Format

business english course outline pdf format

Download this Business English course outline template that is meant for high-intermediate students to help improve their written and spoken business communication skills in a PDF format. Here, the marks based on criteria such as homework, assignments, etc are given. Certain important guidelines that are to be followed by the students for the course are mentioned in detail along with the course content.

Human Resource Management Course Outline

human resource management course outline

The above-shown HR management course outline takes a broad view of Human Resources while introducing the prevailing theories that inform the discipline. It will introduce the students to current HRM concepts, skills, practices and will detail both hands-on HR applications, and high-level strategic thinking within the field.


Free PDF Entrepreneurship Course Outline

free pdf entrepreneurship course outline

Leadership Training Course Outline Template

leadership training course outline template

Effective Course Outline Template

effective course outline template

The effective course outline template presents a brief on the importance of the course outline along with the significance of the syllabus which is further followed by pointers on the basic goals to be achieved by a learner-centred syllabus.

Graphic Design Course Outline

graphic design course outline

Software Engineering Course Outline

software engineering course outline

Computer Science Course Outline

computer science course outline

Civil Engineering Course Outline Template

civil engineering course outline template

Download Sfu Course Outlines PDF

download sfu course outlines pdf

Why Do You Need Training Course Outlines?

Training Course Outlines are essential as they will help you frame the details of the subject you are talking about. By using our outline template samples, you can devise a training program or some sort of schematic on which you want to base your lectures. We have an awesome collection of training assessment templates in case you have to fill in a review for your students.

  • These templates encourage you to prepare and structure your course by specifying the key points.
  • They assist you with the account of the various skill sets you want to hone and also help you build a general guideline for the entire span of the course.
  • Most importantly, these templates help you keep a record of the time frame in which you must operate.

So, don’t wait any further! Check out these outline examples and download them now!

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