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The human resource, or HR, is the department in any company that is responsible for hiring people and managing them. They are tasked to provide the best working conditions for the employees. Human resource consultants are the people carrying out this job. There is so much to gain from this line of work. Human resource consulting can also be a good business to venture into in the future. It just needs the right basic business plan to get things started.

Human Resources Business Plan

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Human Resources Consulting Services Plan

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Human Resources Business Plan 2016-2018

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Writing The HR Consulting Business Plan

Any business that is planned to be founded must be put into writing. The simple business plan is the foundation that details all the things the business needs so it can push through. To sum it up, here are the steps in writing a human resource consulting business plan:

1. Write the keys to success.

The keys to success in the human resource consulting business plan sample is how you imagine the company to be. For example, a key to success can be providing people with the best service while giving reasonable compensation to the people doing the job. This goal needs to be achieved in time.

2. State the mission.

The mission means what your company wants to do to achieve the keys of success. It is the method of how your company is set to operate once you establish yourself in the business market. Make the writing clear and concise in this part. There is no need for overflowing and flowery words when stating the company’s mission.

3. Objectives.

The objectives of the business plan should be as extensive as its first three years of operation. Just like the mission statement of the company, the objectives must be clear and concise. Be specific and realistic in achieving the goals that you want to achieve. This is a longer part to write, since it includes the first three years of operation. Think about the goals your business wants to achieve and narrow it down to the most doable ones.

4. Write the company summary.

In the company summary, you state who owns the company and when it was founded. State the specialization your business does and how it reaches out to its potential customers. The startup summary, which states the area of the whole office and the equipment is has, should also be included. The services that the company provides must also be put into detail. You may also see consulting business plans.

5. Write the market analysis.

The market analysis include the target market of the company, and the strategy that it plans to implement. The marketing strategy is a detailed portion of the business plan, in which it shows how the business will be marketed to the people.

Human Resource Consulting Business Plan Template

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How To Be A Human Resource Consultant

Being in the human resource department entails a lot of responsibility. You are tasked in hiring, interviewing and giving job offers to potential employees. People in the field of human resource need to know how to read through people’s actions and see if they can contribute something to the company. Becoming a human resource consultant is as easy as these steps:

1. Earn a degree

The first step into becoming a human resource consultant is by getting a degree in college. Psychology and business administration with a major in human resource is a good degree program to enroll yourself into when you want to work in this field. While at school, study hard and do your best while you can. Search for job possibilities related to being a human resource consultant and take a look at how these companies establish themselves.

2. Spend some time in internship

Internship can do so much if you want to be an expert in whatever field you choose. Send application letters to the human resources department of companies and wait for feedback. If you have been accepted, immerse yourself and observe how the department works from day to day. This sheds light on the reality of being in the department. Apply your skills in it by doing certain tasks assigned to you by your supervisors. Learn the most basic ropes in the field of human resource and see how you can fit yourself into it in the future.

3. Get some job experience

It is a common thing to get job experience after earning a degree. This time, send your resume to the human resources department of your prospective companies. Find out the salary range that they offer. If more than one company offers you a job, review their offers and working conditions before getting the job. When you start working, you need to learn more on how the department works. Put your knowledge gained from school and internship into application. To sharpen your skills, gain years and years of job experience before moving your way up.

4. Work your way up

As you gain more experience in your job, you need to slowly work your way up. Aim for the promotion that you need to achieve. Master all the tasks and skills needed for the job. Help out the younger ones who just got their start in the human resource department. There are a lot of ways to move up from your current position, as long as you don’t sacrifice your integrity and dignity along the way.

5. Do your job better each day

Whatever position that you are in, you should do your job better as each day goes by. Being in the human resource department and a consultant at this rate puts you in so much stress. The only way to combat it is being able to do your job properly and more effectively. The job always requires you to have a sharp eye on details and reading through people’s emotions and actions. You may also see startup business plans.

Human Resource Consulting Services Proposal Plan

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Functions Of The Human Resource Department

The human resource department commonly functions as the recruitment arm of the company. They hire and screen potential employees. We tell you they have lots of job to do than just hiring people. You may also see non-profit business plans.

Here are the other functions a company’s human resource department has:

1. Orientations

When an employee is newly hired by the company, the HR gives him an orientation. It is a session that makes the employee understand about the company, it’s mission and vision, what it sets to do in the business market and its goals for the future. The employee is also given an orientation on his job description by his bosses. He gets to do some tasks on his first day and his bosses expect a lot from him. You may also see business plan in word.

2. Job safety

The human resource department ensures the safety of its employees by providing a safe working environment. This involves making sure that the office building is safe from natural disasters and has emergency exits in case of a calamity. Workplace injuries are also covered in the safety of the job. The human resources should address any injury taking place during work hours. First aid must be provided to the injured employee and medicine if he does not feel well while he is carrying out some tasks. They also have to manage a smooth flow of the employee’s working conditions. You may also see business plan guidelines.

3. Handling of compensation and benefits

The human resource department are also tasked to handle the compensation of the employees for the work they do. The benefits employees get for working in the company is also under their wing. Issues on compensation are handled by the HR department and they also track the leave credits and applications of the employee. The leaves taken by employees can directly affect the amount of compensation they get when payday comes.

4. Handle employee relations

It is inevitable for offenses to be done by workers during office hours. The human resource department hands out an employee handbook to make employees understand the rules and regulations of the company. In the handbook, every kind of offense with its corresponding sanctions can be read. When major offenses are done, the HR talks to the employees about it and try to settle the feud as much as possible. If the employee has done a very grave offense, it usually results to termination. You may also see market analysis business plans.

5. Give training to employees

The HR department is responsible for giving training to employees for their growth and development. They arrange all the details so all the employee can do is prepare and attend the event. A series of training will benefit the employee a lot. This makes him perform his job better and be motivated to do every single task assigned to him. For employees seeking promotion, the HR has tasks for them to develop their skills.

6. Complying with labor laws

There are labor laws that the nation has set when it comes to the working force. All of these laws must be studied and complied by the HR department to ensure the well-being of the employees. Non-compliance of the labor laws result to major consequences and backlashes such as massive resignation of employees and loss of motivation to do their jobs every single day.


Working in the human resource department as a consultant needs a lot of preparation, emotional resilience and patience. It is not easy to handle people and be caught up with the tasks related to working and all the conditions it entails. You may also see business operational plans.

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