9+ Summary Report Templates

One way of explaining and listing down the vital information of a comprehensive story line or book is having a project report template to be able to have the synopsis of the whole plot of the story. Online you can have it in example format so you can have the basis for shortening the each part of the event in just few paragraphs telling the main events and lessons of it. Many students will find it a lot practical to them using this report template as it will give them the idea of what should be included in the summary and the insights they have learned in reading a book or story.

Sample Audit Summary Report Template

audit summary report

hse.ie This template consists of a sample audit summary report. Every company goes through a yearly or quarterly audit. The auditors file a report of the entire audit. This template can be used to record a summary of that particular audit for a quick view by the concerned authorities.

Free Business Summary Report

business summary report

nikeresponsibility.com This report consists of a summary of a business report. A company’s business report is of vital importance. This report includes the financial of the company, its performance, its future plans etc. It is a good idea to summarize a business report for a quick view. This template will help you do that.

Conference Summary Report Example

conference summary report

iasociety.org This template consists of a sample summary report of a conference. This template is in a PDF format. A summary will help you to know the gist of the entire conference. IT mainly includes the important information of the conference. You can download this template to get an idea.

Sample Discharge Summary Report Download

discharge summary report


Free Executive Summary Report Download

executive summary report


Sample Financial Summary Report Template Download

financial summary report

toyota-global.com Every company and very business records their financial information. Every once in a while a meeting is held to discuss the financials of the company. During these meetings, it is very helpful to create a summary of the financial reports so that you can go through it in a quick glance.

Gaming Summary Report Example

gaming summary report


Sample Investigation Summary Report Template

investigation summary report


Free Periodic Summary Progress Report Download

periodic summary progress report


> Uses and Purposes of Summary Report Templates

These summary report templates can be used to create a summary or a synopsis of various reports. For example, if a student is going for an examination, it would help him to read a summary of the chapter containing important information rather than the entire chapter. Similarly, if you are giving a presentation on a certain topic in your company, it is better to prepare a summary of your presentation so you can go through it quickly and just keep in mind the important points. These templates will help you do that. You can download these templates and get an idea on how to create a summary of a report.

Target Audience of Summary Report Templates

These templates don’t have a fixed target audience. They can be used by anyone who wants to create a summary report for themselves. It can be used by a student to create a summary report before exams, or an employee to create a summary of the presentation he would be giving. It can also be used by the treasurer of a company to create a summary of the financial report of the company and present it to the concerned department. It can also be used by auditors to create a summary of the audit reports of various companies.

Benefits of Summary Report Templates

Sometimes it is advisable to summarise a particular information to save time on going through a lengthy report. These summary report templates will help you get a gist of the entire information in a lesser time and will save you a lot of inconvenience. Making a summary report will also help you in remembering a small detail without having to go through a lengthy report and searching for the information. These templates can be used for any purpose. These templates are in PDF format. You can download these templates for free and get an idea. If you want to create a summary of a report and don’t know how then these templates are for you. These are sample templates and they will give you an idea of how should a summary report look like. You can download these templates for free and use them as is or edit them according to your requirement. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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