How to Make a Daily Schedule and Stick to It


Whether for work or just your daily life, it might be wise to have some kind of daily schedule. This is important, particularly in the case of an employee work schedule, as having a schedule represents a more orderly, regulated lifestyle where each hour of your time is accounted for.

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Like a vesting schedule, having a general daily schedule provides you with a set routine that can keep your activities structured and regulated so as to improve the quality of your time. After all, using a schedule in general allows you to make sure that as much of your time is spent as productively as possible.


Steps for Making a Daily Schedule

When making your own daily schedule, you can always rely on aids like free schedule templates, but it always pays to know the steps yourself.

  • Find a basic template that lets you divide each day by hour, and with space for notes for each hour.
  • Assign each daily task to a specific hour every day so as to give each task its own time.
  • Space out your tasks so as to avoid overwhelming yourself with all the tasks you have to do.
  • Also dedicate some periods for break and meal periods so as to rest between tasks.

Ways for Sticking to a Daily Schedule

While you might use schedule templates to make a daily schedule however you see fit, the question of sticking to the schedule remains. Some steps for doing just that include:

  • Choose consistent times for your tasks. This makes it easier to become used to a routine.
  • Also choose a consistent time for waking up, so that you can begin every day at the same time.
  • Make sure your schedule is somewhere easily accessible so you can refer to it regularly until following it becomes second nature.


Reasons for Sticking to a Schedule

While you should be able to see the benefits of relying on daily schedules made with schedule templates, particularly schedule templates in Excel, there are several concrete reasons why you should stick to a schedule, such as

  • You can organize all your daily tasks. A schedule allows you to find a defined system for accomplishing all your tasks in a timely, efficient manner that you can memorize for ease of use.
  • You have improved time management. You can optimize time for finishing your tasks so as to get more work done in less time.
  • You can determine optimal work hours. This way, you can find out which hours would be best for you to accomplish your tasks, allowing you to more easily play to you strengths.
  • You can optimize your free time more easily. Managing your time also allows you to optimize time for rest and leisure activities so as to give yourself time to rest before going back to work.

This advice could well go some way to helping you create and use your own daily schedules so as to help you maximize your work done per day. After all, making optimal use of your time can only be a benefit for all your work.

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